11 Million Illegal Aliens Will Become Citizens Under Joe Biden’s New Plan

Democrats seem to struggle with the idea that illegal aliens have done something illegal. In school, we’re taught at a very young age that the word “illegal” means that someone broke the law. However, Democrats have chosen to ignore that word when it comes to illegal immigrants.

In the United States, if someone does something illegal, they’re prosecuted. They lose some of their rights, too. Depending on the illegal offense, they may have to pay fines, go to jail, and participate in public service hours.

With the Democrats leading the charge to help the “poor” immigrants who have come from Mexico, Central America, and beyond, they’re not actually prosecuted. In fact, many have been placed in sanctuary cities where they can hide from the law. Meanwhile, they want to use taxpayer dollars to provide illegal immigrants with better housing and healthcare than they provide actual Americans who are in the country legally.

Joe Biden, the former VP, and current Democratic presidential candidate has been relatively silent about his plans regarding immigration. For quite a while, he followed in Obama’s footsteps. That stopped, though, once the Hispanics reminded him that Obama had the reputation for being “Deporter in Chief” due to the number of deportations that happened under the Obama administration.

Now, Biden is talking about a new plan that would help to legalize 11 million illegal aliens so that they would become US citizens.

Before we talk about this plan, let’s look at the basics. Illegal aliens are being rewarded with citizenship. They got to break the law and are being rewarded with the very thing that they were after all along with not even a slap on the wrist.

Imagine if the country were to treat other people who committed crimes the same way the Dems are treating illegal aliens. Did you kill someone? No problem, we’ll help you hide the body. Did you rape someone? No problem, we’ll issue the morning-after pill. Did you rob a bank? Well, you must be broke so let us give you some of the money since you were so good at your robbery skills. We simply cannot aid in breaking the law, yet Biden’s new plan is going to reward millions of people who have broken the law.

If Biden thinks that this will fix the immigration problem, he needs to get a new panel of advisors. It will only lead to bigger problems as more people will want to become citizens – and the country simply cannot afford to have that many new citizens enter the borders, especially ones that don’t speak the language, have not been vaccinated, and don’t have any higher educations to offer the economy anything in return for their citizenship.

Biden’s “roadmap to citizenship” plan involves sending $4 billion of aid to countries in Central America. If that idea sounds familiar, it’s because he stole it from Beto O’Rourke’s plan. He also plans on providing zero funds to the border wall. What it would do is provide protection for those illegal aliens brought over as children as part of DACA or the “Dream Act.”

According to the plan, if elected, Biden would work with Congress to “modernize” the system and keep families together to help nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants get citizenship. A Yale-affiliated study said that the number could be much higher. If Biden’s figure of 11 million is based on the number of actual illegal aliens currently residing in the US, the study shows that it could actually be 22 million or more.

What’s even better about this plan of Biden’s is that there are very minimal requirements to enter the roadmap. This means that people simply have to pass a background check and have their taxes up-to-date. Otherwise, there’s not much else. Those who know that they have been breaking immigration laws for decades and will have no legal or repercussion come against them.

This may not be the best way for Biden to get elected, however. Many legal citizens who have had to work and goes through the proper protocol for citizenship are angry. They are not supportive of DACA. They are not supportive of Biden’s new plan. It makes it too easy for those who have broken the law. Millions of people should be deported, not granted immediate citizenship.

Biden needed something, though. With all of the controversy surrounding him, Ukraine, and his son, he needed something to give the Democrats so that he could get ahead in the polls. He may now jump ahead of some of his competition, but it’s going to come at a considerable cost for America as a whole if he gets elected.