Virginia “America First” Activists Hang Banner In Arlington With Powerful Statement For Democrats

(Tea Party 247) – This week, a group of conservative activists in the state of Virginia, where the state’s Democrats recently gained the majority in the state legislature and the governor’s mansion, hung a sign with a very bold message over Key Bridge in Arlington. The sign’s message? “Mass immigration turned Virginia blue.” Well, there […]

Neo-Con Never Trumper Has Disturbing, Fascistic Suggestion For What To Do With Parents Who Won’t Vaccinate

(Tea Party 247) – Republican strategist and known neo-con and Never Trumper Rick Wilson recently made a very disturbing call for what exactly should happen to parents who do not vaccinate their children and seek to inform others of the dangers thereof. These are exactly the kinds of issues that separate the RINOs from the […]

Afghani Migrant Gets Sickenly Short Sentence For Molesting 5-Year-Old Girl

(Tea Party 247) – The left has a very sick and twisted form of bigotry towards people who they place on the intersectional scale of privilege and accountability. They view Muslim migrants as apparently so subhuman, they don’t even need to be held accountable for their actions. If you truly thought of Muslim migrants as […]

Figures: New Muslim Democrat State Lawmaker Is Going To Jail, Facing Huge Fine

(Tea Party 247) – Gosh, I sense a trend here. Muslim Democrat princesses, Reps. Rashida Tlaib (MI) and Ilhan Omar (MN) have both found themselves embroiled in campaign finance violations during the first year of their tenure in Congress. Embezzling funds, it appears, is popular among trailblazing female Democrat politicians. Movita Johnson-Harrell, a Democrat from […]

The Sick, Anti-White Brainwashing New Jersey Schoolkids Are Now Subject To

(Tea Party 247) – A high school elective course in Westfield, New Jersey is now being introduced to teach students how horrible white people are. The class is called “Power, Privilege & Imbalance in America.” It is based in the Marxist Frankfurt school philosophy of “critical race theory” and will “providing curricula that emphasize the […]

Watch: $120K Duct-Taped Banana Trolled With “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” Graffiti…This Is Crazy

(Tea Party 247) – The bizarre case of a duct-taped banana “art piece” being sold for $120,000 has taken an even weirder turn, if that were even possible. As we recently reported: Modern day art is a scam. If you don’t believe me, you will after you’re done reading this. In Miami, Florida, an “art […]

Baltimore Mayor Has Creepy Warning About What Is Happening To Young Girls In His City

(Tea Party 247) – This is highly disturbing. When you think of the Democrat cesspools that are most major American cities, you think of homelessness, drug use, violent crime, and the self-perpetuating, self-destructive leftist policies that make it all possible. But young girls getting snatched up by white vans so that their organs can be […]

Latin Kings Street Gang Is Having A Really Bad Day Thanks To ‘Operation Throne Down;’ Here’s What Happened

(Tea Party 247) – Gang activity is a huge problem for a lot of urban areas, particularly when it comes to places located near the southern border. Liberals will no doubt label anyone who says this a racist, but that doesn’t change the facts that many of the gangs in those areas are headed up […]

Want To See What Happens When A Nation Goes Socialist? Look How Many Venezuelan States Went Dark In Latest Blackout

(Tea Party 247) – There are several Democratic socialists in our government who keep trying to push a narrative that says socialism is the best governmental system in the world and we as a nation should transform America slowly into one of these nations bit by bit. This means taking money from the rich, who […]

There’s Been A New First For Cosmo UK And It’s So Absurd Your Head Is Going To Explode

(Tea Party 247) – Do you know what the most hilariously ironic twist in all of human history is? Feminism fought to bring equality to women — or so we’re told — to give the female sex an opportunity to shine on their own without the need or help of men. To prove women are […]

New Agency Being Created By French Government Could Have Serious Repercussions For Freedom Of Speech

(Tea Party 247) – We’ve talked over and over again about how important freedom of speech is, not just for Americans, but for all human beings who understand the importance of the free exchange of ideas to the progress of humanity. Without the ability to debate ideas, we cannot find the truth. Without truth there […]

German Antifa Radicals Prove Their Goal Is Violence With New Threat To ADF Member Of Parliament

(Tea Party 247) – If you don’t think the radical left-wing movement that’s become known as Antifa is a full blown terrorist organization, you’re not really paying attention to their organizational structure and messaging strategies. Oh, and you’re totally ignoring the violent behavior they’ve engaged in countless times, not only here in the United States, […]

Russian President Vladimir Putin Took Aim At Political Correctness Over The Word ‘Mother’ In Paris; Here’s What He Said

(Tea Party 247) – Political correctness is a scourge on societies all across the globe, not just here in the United States. The concept of trying to tip toe through the tulips to try and avoid offending someone or hurting their feelings is causing a massive stagnation in the forward progress of human culture. And […]

“Woke” Art Lovers Buy This Piece Of Art For $120,000 – Wait Till You See It…

(Tea Party 247) – Modern day art is a scam. If you don’t believe me, you will after you’re done reading this. In Miami, Florida, an “art installation” has sold for $120,000. You’re probably thinking that it must be some kind of well-done portrait or sculpture, but you’d be wrong. The “art installation” is actually […]

Sick: Britain’s First Transgender Couple Has Disturbing Plans For Their 5-YO

(Tea Party 247) – We are surrounded by utter insanity. Literally, insane people are running loose everywhere, affecting social change in the most bizarre and unusual of ways. In no other period in human history have society’s mentally afflicted been so powerful in affecting the very fabric of their societies. Say what you will about […]

Don’t Believe Twitter Is Censoring People? Check Out What They Just Wrote Into Their New Terms

(Tea Party 247) – Twitter has become notorious over the last several years for “shadow banning” folks who say things they aren’t particularly fond of, a practice the company and many leftists have denied actually exists. However, if you’re a conservative who has dared to share your worldview or mentioned a controversial opinion, you’re well […]

The Epstein-Clinton Plot Thickens As New Information About Epstein’s Ranch Comes To Light

(Tea Party 247) – The Clintons are the most notorious liars in America. It has become obvious to anyone following along that the Clintons had the most to gain from the death of Jeffrey Epstein, which is how we know Epstein did not kill himself. Naturally, liar and former President Bill Clinton claims he has […]

Swedish Man Insults Muslim Who Threatened To ‘Take Over Your F***ing Country;’ What Happens To Him Afterward Is Absolutely Absurd

(Tea Party 247) – We live in a world where justice has been flipped upside down, a period in time where the victim of a crime, particularly if he’s a minority or one of the left’s favorite demographics to pander to, can get away with a crime while those who might oppose those type of […]

George Zimmerman Sues Martin Family, Attorney For $100 Million Over False Witness Testimony

(Tea Party 247) – George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed teen Trayvon Martin in 2012, is now suing Martin’s parents, family attorney, the attorney’s book publisher, and prosecutors who tried his case for $100 million, alleging malicious prosecution and conspiracy. Zimmerman claims he was defamed when a witness was allowed to […]

California Farmer Caught Up In Legal Battle Over… Soil Being A Pollutant?

(Tea Party 247) – The United States federal government has turned into a mob of money-grabbing bureaucrats with zero regard for the real people who live in the United States. The many, many liberal policies, codes, and laws that have been placed on ordinary citizens is absolutely egregious and can be back-breaking for many business […]

New Book Reveals The Truth About Jeffery Epstein And His Ties To Israel

(Tea Party 247) – It has been long suspected that Jeffery Epstein (who did not kill himself) was using his position of wealth to trap people of power into compromising situations. The whole premise behind his pedophile ring was to get evidence of powerful people engaging in sexual relations with minors so as to be […]

What Happened To This Poor 11-Year-Old Girl In Pakistan Is Exactly Why We Don’t Want Sharia Law In America

(Tea Party 247) – There’s a lot to fear from a legal system like Sharia Law, especially for those of us who prize freedom and individuality, not to mention morality which is the backbone of any free society. A good example of why we absolutely must be applying our best efforts to fighting against the […]

Popular Drag Queen Story Hour Author Reveals His True Colors By “Liking” This Instagram Post…

(Tea Party 247) – When are we going to collectively wake-up as a society? Sure, there’s a big chunk of people, perhaps the majority of people, who look at the LGBT agenda and Drag Queen Story Hours as wrong and immoral but the ones who seem to be in charge of it all, are all […]

James O’Keefe Hints At New Project Veritas Bombshell As We Get Closer To Next Dem Debate

(Tea Party 247) – There are few organizations more dedicated to revealing corruption as Project Veritas, headed by founder James O’Keefe. His latest bombshell involved ABC anchor Amy Robach going off about how she had the Jeffrey Epstein story years ago and the network killed it (no pun intended). That was a huge revelation and […]

Sweden Makes Way For Migrants By Displacing These Vulnerable Citizens

(Tea Party 247) – Sweden has a migration problem. This has been obvious for several years now by the increases in violent crimes such as grenade attacks and rape. Yet, their migration policies continue to stand unchanged. Not only does nothing seem to be changing in the way of policy but it appears migrants are […]

Residents Of Brunei Banned From Celebrating Christmas, Sultan Warns Of Jail Time

(Tea Party 247) – In the tiny, obscure nation of Brunei, Christmas has been outlawed. The little country, located on the island of Borneo, is under rule of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (pictured above) who introduced the Christmas ban back in 2014 along with stricter criminal laws based on the tenants of Sharia law. The Independent […]

You Won’t Believe What Trans “Jessica” Yaniv, Who Tried To Force Women To Wax His Genitals, Is Upset About Now

(Tea Party 247) – Transgender woman, i.e. biological man “Jessica” Yaniv first gained notoriety when he filed a lawsuit against several female estheticians who refused to wax his fully intact male genitalia. He has also gotten some attention for allegedly harassing an underage girl online as well as trying to organize a topless youth swim […]

So Creepy: Greta Thunberg Being Taught As Religion In Swedish Schools?

(Tea Party 247) – Swedish schoolchildren are being taught to defend the climate alarmist arguments of Greta Thunberg in a course about “religious knowledge,” according to news outet Samhällsnytt and being reported on by Summit News. Kids are also apparently being asked to mock her opponents. Samhällsnytt reported that the teen climate activist is being […]

Guess Who Is Triggered That Police Killed The Knife-Wielding London Bridge Terrorist?

(Tea Party 247) – 21st-century progressives are absolutely insane. Their policies lend themselves to all manner of lawlessness, including the very conspicuous fact that this past weekend’s stabbing spree on the London Bridge was perpetrated by a man who had already been convicted of terrorism and was released early by a bleeding-heart parole board by […]

Sick: ESPN Host Attacks Former MLB Player For Teaching His Kids About Their Rights

(Tea Party 247) – Who even watches ESPN anymore? It’s not like there aren’t plenty of SJWs out there who would fawn over their constant stream of anti-American rhetoric, but I don’t think those SJWs like watching ESPN. Why can’t they just say in their lane and talk about sports? They’ve claimed they’re going to […]

Are There Hours Of Footage Of Epstein’s Dirty Lairs? Mysterious Hacker Could Blow The Lid Off The Whole Thing

(Tea Party 247) – Just when you think the Jeffrey Epstein case couldn’t possibly get any weirder. According to an explosive report from Infowars, shortly after the pedophile billionaire’s mysterious (and highly suspicious) death at a Manhattan detention facility, a shadowy figure approached several attorneys and the New York Times with some supposedly incriminating evidence […]

China: What Happened To This Man When He Criticized Police On Social Media Will Give You Chills

(Tea Party 247) – A disturbing video out of China shows a man being brought in and interrogated by authorities after he criticized the police on social media. Keep this in mind the next time someone claims to live under fascism in the United States while freely bashing our country, our president, and our police […]

Predictable: Here’s How An Anti-Brexit Christmas Movie Performed At The Box Office

(Tea Party 247) – Once again, SJWs learn the hard way that if they want to inject all their supercharged political opinions into their work, they shouldn’t expect it to resonate with audiences. Especially by putting their supercharged political agenda in a Christmas movie. An anti-Brexit Christmas movie which Summit News reassures us really is […]

Feminists Attack Pro-Life Doctor’s “Cruel And Inhumane” Attempts To Help Women Save Their Unborn Babies

(Tea Party 247) – Feminists in Spain are up in arms over the dastardly work of a pro-life doctor who is giving free ultra-sounds in the hopes that women will decide not to murder their unborn babies. It’s almost too backwards and crazy to believe but alas, it is true. The Activist Mommy reports: Dr. […]

Group Of “Cheery” Activist Grandmas Celebrates Maine Making Abortion More Accessible

(Tea Party 247) – Just when you thought you’ve seen it all. A group of radical, leftist grandmothers are lobbying on behalf of the abortion industry in Maine. The group, Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights (GRR), would apparently prefer to see fewer women becoming grandmothers by denying future grandbabies the right to life. Activist Mommy reports: […]

Liberal Lunacy Alert: Law Student Gets Expelled For Posting Flyers That Said This…

(Tea Party 247) – American colleges have become completely overtaken with liberal lunacy. It just seems to be getting crazier and more outlandish by the day. Now, a student has been expelled from Oklahoma City University for posting flyers that said “It’s Okay To Be White.” His only crime was posting flyers saying that it’s […]

Liberals Want To Save The Planet But Who’s Going To Save Us From The WiFi?

(Tea Party 247) – We live in the future. A hundred years ago it would have been impossible for people to imagine the level of technology we have achieved today. While all of this technology certainly makes life easier, it may be coming at a huge cost: our health. Amazingly, we have all the information […]

New Report Shows Half Of All Weapons Offenses In North Carolina Are Dropped; The Reason Why Will Make You Furious

(Tea Party 247) – There’s a lot of talk these days among both Republicans and Democrats concerning the topic of criminal justice reform, which seems to be code speak for social justice, as the people who seem to benefit most from these kind of “reforms” aren’t the innocent folks who receive additional protections from wrongful […]

Terrorists Hatch Plot Involving Car Bombs And Suicide Vests; Then Dutch Police Change Everything

(Tea Party 247) – Radical Islamic terrorism is not just an American problem, it’s a whole world problem, a fact that ISIS has made abundantly clear by the amount of terrorist plots and attacks that have been carried out on European soil over the last several years. While many of these plots have succeeded, there […]

This New Amazon Show’s Premise Concerning White People In MAGA Hats Is Well Beyond Disturbing

(Tea Party 247) – If you happen to be someone on the right, you’re probably used to being called a “Nazi” by our gloriously awesome friends on the left. That is, after all, the only word they seem capable of tossing out when they realize they can’t actually defend their horrific worldview when facts are […]

What Swedish Towns Are Having To Do To Accommodate Migrants Is Beyond Shameful

(Tea Party 247) – One fact of reality that liberals don’t seem to grasp when it comes to the whole idea of just allowing immigrants to waltz right into the country is that the vast majority of them would require welfare assistance, including food stamps and medical care, in order to survive. There aren’t enough […]

Brand New Poll Of Young Americans Reveals An Absolutely Terrifying Truth That Will Make Liberty Lovers Weep For The Future

(Tea Party 247) – If you’ve been paying attention to the news in America over the last decade or so, then you’ve likely noticed an alarming trend unfolding before our eyes that demonstrates the future of liberty in this country is in a whole lot of danger. Kids, the future of our nation, are growing […]

What Strippers Used On Drugged Up Hunter Biden At NYC Strip Club Is Truly Disgusting; You Just Have To See For Yourself

(Tea Party 247) – It seems as we move further along down the impeachment inquiry rabbit hole, more and more information about former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter comes to the surface. And then it’s promptly ignored by the mainstream media due to the fact the elder Biden is the leading Democratic contender for […]

Teacher Supports Drag Queen Visiting School; Check Out Horrific Thing He Said About Parents Having A Say In Raising Their Own Children

(Tea Party 247) – When a person has a child, they are given a responsibility before God to care for that blessing by providing for his or her basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, and love. But the role of a parent is so much more than that. God also requires parents to be in […]

Et Tu, Chick-Fil-A? Check Out Who The Christian Owned Chicken Restaurant Is Donating To Now

(Tea Party 247) – Chick-fil-A has become something of a heroic business entity among Christians and conservatives due to the fact the company is owned by believers in Jesus Christ who have stood boldly on their proclamations of faith, facing persecution due to their stand on traditional marriage and keeping the store closed on Sundays […]

Massachusetts Police Department Rolls Out The Latest In Law Enforcement Technology….

(Tea Party 247) – Law enforcement agencies all across the country have been trying out new technologies in pre-crime efforts and in an attempt to curb crime in general. Essentially they are laying the groundwork for a police state to be ushered in. Now, police in Massachusetts are officially using robot dogs. Summit News reports: […]

Watch: Triggered College Students Offended By Thanksgiving

(Tea Party 247) – America is the greatest country in the entire world. There is no other country to which people flock by the millions each year to live in. The problems we face on a regular basis pale in comparison to the oppression, violence, poverty, and misery much of the rest of the world […]

AOC And Sanders Unveil Plan To “Decarbonize” America – What They Actually Mean Is Much Worse…

(Tea Party 247) – Idiotic House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and delusional presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have unveiled their latest plan to depopulate America and rid the planet of pesky humans. Sanders has always fashioned himself to be the savior of the entire planet with his grand plans to miraculously get all the countries of the […]

Liberal Immigration Policies Lead To Bedlam At U.K. Movie Theater

(Tea Party 247) – Leftist immigration policies and the complicit liberal media are ruining western societies one-by-one. Americans need to be paying attention to what’s happening in Europe; if we allow our immigration policies to become as liberal as many European countries this will be our fate. Violent crimes are on the rise all across […]

“Not Going To Go Out Like A Punk” This Law-Abiding Jamaican Gun Owner Just Showed Us Why Everyone Should Be Armed

(Tea Party 247) – A Jamaican man living in Miami who is a member of the NRA and lawful gun owner just reminded Americans exactly why it is so important to be armed, and that we can and must always take the self-defense of our family into our own hands. The man, 60-year-old Donovon Stewart […]

Photos: Shocking New Look Into Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island”

(Tea Party 247) – We now have a disturbing look into the lair of accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. New photos obtained by the New York Post reveal, for the very first time, how Epstein spent his time at his notorious “Pedophile Island” with all the underage girls he flew down there. Epstein, who was convicted […]

Another Farmers’ Revolt Takes Over Major European City…The People Are Fighting Back!

(Tea Party 247) – We have reported previously on large-scale revolts organized by European farmers who have driven their tractors to major cities to protest restrictive “green” policies that would destroy their businesses and their livelihood. This time around, farmers have assembled on the Avenue Foch near the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe […]

CNN Contributor Claims It’s “Terrifying” That Trump…Complimented A Dog?

(Tea Party 247) – Trump derangement syndrome is a very strange thing. Even the most minute detail of Trump’s day-to-day behavior can trigger an outburst. Like Trump’s praise for a trained special forces K9 who helped take out a terrorist. Routine presidential duties for most, a “terrifying” incident of white supremacy, or something, to those […]

UK Court Bans Protests Of LGBT Curriculum…At Muslim-Dominated School? Intersectional Clash!

(Tea Party 247) – Well, here’s a story about the collision of progressive and multicultural values in Europe in which the High Court in the UK has decided to place the importance of indoctrinating young children with pornographic sex-ed curriculums above the importance of rolling over and allowing radical Islam to take over their country. […]

This Masked Home Invader Picked The Wrong House…

(Tea Party 247) – There is something that do-gooder gun-grab supporting voters completely don’t get about gun ownership. That is, aside from the fact that they’re supporting something that violates the very core of our constitutional rights. No, the same people who think that the guns of law-abiding citizens should be taken away won’t think […]

As Blue Counties Give Sanctuary To Illegal Aliens, More Counties In Virginia Are Doing This

(Tea Party 247) – More counties in Virginia have declared “Second Amendment Sanctuary” status this week in some serious pushback to the promises of Gov. Ralph Northam (D) and the recently-elected Democrats to implement strict new gun control laws. Earlier this month, Breitbart News reported that the Appomattox County Board of Commissioners passed a “Second […]

Tova Noel, Epstein Guard, Offers Up Details On The Night Of Epstein’s Death

(Tea Party 247) – Looks like one of the guards on duty the night Jeffery Epstein did not kill himself is willing to cooperate with a federal investigation into Epstein’s death. Though, before we get our hopes up, this is likely just smoke and mirrors. The guard is reportedly only supposed to give information on […]

Just Two Years Ago, Joe Biden Was Broke As A Joke, Now He’s Loaded; Here’s How That Happened

(Tea Party 247) – While the left and their pets in the mainstream media have all of their attention focused on President Trump and removing him in office through impeachment over a “quid pro quo,” a man who actually did do a quid pro quo while in office, former Vice President Joe Biden, is almost […]

Is The ‘Deep State’ Attempting To Become The Secret Fourth Branch Of The Government

(Tea Party 247) – One of the most basic facts we all learn in elementary school — way back before liberals destroyed the education system — is that our government is split into three branches, a separation of powers that is meant to keep any one branch from usurping complete control of the country and […]

Fiona Hill Gives Perfect Example Of Irony With Criticism Of ‘Globalist’ As ‘Anti-Semitic;’ Just Look Who She Writes For

(Tea Party 247) – As the current impeachment sham continues to unfold, the left is being further and further exposed as potential tyrants who want nothing more than to make the president suffer for daring to stand up for himself and for actually fulfilling the vast majority of the promises he made to voters to […]

TV Network Bans Use Of Word, ‘Uppity,’ The Reason Why Is Beyond Ridiculous

(Tea Party 247) – We live in an era of pure insanity pushed by the radical agenda birthed from progressive thought that has turned normal people into complete pansies who cannot handle any sort of criticism and are so easily offended that words are being banned from usage on television. One example of this comes […]

Black Students At Syracuse University “I Hate It Here!” As They Demand This…

(Tea Party 247) – College campuses are ground zero for liberal hysterics and lunacy. The effects of leftist ideas and indoctrination are having a really negative impact on what should be educational environments. Instead of being focused on academics, students are consumed by their precious feelings and making outrageous and idiotic demands of university leaders. […]

Democrats Are So Inclusive And Tolerant That Now They Won’t Even Date Other Dems

(Tea Party 247) – Being a liberal must be a truly miserable existence. Constantly demanding others to see the world the way you do is no small task and must require copious amounts of energy and dedication to the cause. It would also require you to think of others only in terms of their political […]

Another Bill Clinton Associate Arrested And Charged With Sex Crimes Against Children

(Tea Party 247) – The connections between child sex crimes and the Clintons just seem to continue to pile up. At this point, the American public seems thoroughly convinced that Jeffery Epstein did not kill himself. This is because the Clintons have developed a reputation for being ruthless assassins who take out any threats to […]

When You See What The Chinese Government Is Using On Christians As They Enter Church It Will Chill You To The Bone

(Tea Party 247) – There’s no bigger threat to the false worldview of communism than the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Christian faith requires that each and every individual live in obedience to the law of God, a law which states every person is to be individually responsible for himself and his family, not dependent […]

Population Control Has Always Been About Eugenics

(Tea Party 247) – While much of the world focuses on the microcosms of politics and international relations, humming quietly along in the background is a crooked scheme to control the human population on the planet with a decidedly eugenic aim. In the early 1900’s, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Institute became deeply involved […]

Rep. Jim Jordan Calls Dems Out On Why They Really Want To Impeach (Hint: It Has Nothing To Do With Ukraine)

(Tea Party 247) – Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), one of President Trump’s most ardent allies in the House, is calling out the impeachment inquiry for exactly what it is: An attempt to undo the will of the American people who voted for Trump in 2016 (and will do so again in 2020, no doubt). Jordan, […]

John Bolton Teases “Backstory” In Cryptic Tweet…What Does This Mean?

(Tea Party 247) – When John Bolton announced his resignation as National Security Adviser to President Donald Trump, the reactions were mixed, at best. In other words, most Trump supporters breathed a collective sigh of relief. Trump has always fought against interventionism, and the notorious warhawk often seemed misplaced in the America First administration. Democrats, […]

What This Teen Said One Year After Sex Change Will Break Your Heart

(Tea Party 247) – The newest pet cause of the left has been the adoption of transgenderism and how they are pushing hard to normalize this behavior now that they have managed to get same-sex marriage to be accepted by the state. However, despite their claims to the contrary, normalizing gender dysphoria, which is what […]

Black Activists In Philly Make Shocking Admission About Primary Perpetrators Of Gun Violence; Liberal Heads Explode

(Tea Party 247) – Liberals are a despicable bunch of race baiters that like to turn whole people groups against each other based on insignificant matters like the color of a person’s skin, what genitalia they have, or what country they hail from, only desiring to use these minority groups as a means of fattening […]

Anti-Trump Protester Asked To Denounce Obama For Deporting More Immigrants Than Trump; The Response Is Just What You’d Expect

(Tea Party 247) – If President Trump breathes, coughs, passes gas, or looks crooked at someone or something, you can guarantee there’s going to be some sort of protest rally put on by mentally unhinged radicals with severe cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome to demand he be impeached before he brings about Armageddon. Hilariously, many […]

Watch: Tolerant Liberal Students Have Epic Meltdown On California Campus

(Tea Party 247) – Would it even be a day in America without a ridiculous leftist tantrum? College campuses are rife with them nowadays. Anywhere conservative speakers are set to make an appearance you can bet there’ll be unhinged, lock-step liberal students just waiting to “resist.” They come out in droves to enjoy their freedom […]

Minnesota Father In Desperate Fight To Save His Son From Demented Mother’s Push To Make Him A Girl

(Tea Party 247) – The transgender lunacy in America is reaching a fever pitch as parents are forcing their children into a life of misery and confusion. As we have just recently seen in the case of James Younger, it’s becoming much easier for parents to force their children to live as the opposite sex […]

Insane: Drag Queen Guest Teaches At Texas School And Teacher Attacks…Parents?

(Tea Party 247) – Leftist tolerance strikes again. A teacher at Willis High School in Conroe, Texas made a post on Facebook in which he claims parents don’t know what is best for their children and anyone who disagrees with the LGBT agenda, and the pushing of it on students in public schools, has are […]

Parents And Students Angry Over This New High School Transgender Bathroom Policy

(Tea Party 247) – Liberalism clouds the mind. Once people start subscribing to the lunacy of the left, their judgment and common sense seem to rapidly deteriorate. It just does not make sense that we should allow boys and men into bathrooms and locker rooms designated for women. No matter how much a man wants […]

What The ACLU Just Said About ‘Men Who Get Their Periods’ Is Totally Bananas

(Tea Party 247) – We are living in an unprecedented time in American history, and not for any of the right reasons. There’s so much pure nuttiness floating around the mainstream culture of our country it’s difficult to know where to begin taking steps to fix things. We live in a world where it has […]

London Bars Getting “Bleed Control Kits” As Knife Control Continues To Fail

(Tea Party 247) – Gosh, the UK is a mess. But don’t worry, diversity is their strength. So surely any day now, the magic of multiculturalism will kick in and it will all be sunshine and rainbows, right? SMH. 320 “bleed control kits” have been passed out to London, England bars as knife crime continues […]

New Hampshire Town Completely Neuters Christmas Because Two People Complained

(Tea Party 247) – In many towns, public celebrations of Christmas rarely have much to do with Christ. No, it’s all sparkly lights and Christmas trees, ice skating and Santa. Other than the “Christ” in the name, there are many very non-Christian ways to celebrate the commemoration of His birth and, sadly, modern culture tends […]

Texas Satanic Temple Hosts Bizarre “Menstruatin’ With Satan” Charity Drive

(Tea Party 247) – The Satanic Temple is hosting a very strange charity drive to apparently celebrate menstruation through charity. According to the San Antonio Current, a local chapter of the Temple is hosting a charity drive menstrual products for needy people. “Menstruatin’ with Satan is a campaign that aims to make menstruation products available […]

GLAAD Demands More From Chick-fil-A After They Cave On LGBT Issues

(Tea Party 247) – In the wake of a disappointing move on the part of famously Christian fast-food company, Chick-fil-A’s decision to stop funding Christian charities like the Salvation Army, GLAAD, one of the biggest LGBT groups in the nation is demanding even more. Because of course they are. Rather than accept that this company […]

Chick-fil-A Cedes To LGBT Pressure In Move To Pull Support From Christian Organizations

(Tea Party 247) – The pressure from the LGBT crowd has apparently become too much to withstand for Chick-fil-A. The chicken company has historically stood on the side of Christianity, conservativism, and traditional family values but now they are abandoning several Christian companies in favor of secular ones. It’s hard to imagine this has nothing […]

Kanye West Gives Stern Warning To Parents, “The Devil Stole” Entertainment Industry

(Tea Party 247) – A man who should know better than most of the evils of the entertainment industry is issuing a stern warning to parents to steer their children clear of this “indoctrination.” Kanye West has been boldly declaring the truth of God’s word in every platform he can secure which, considering he is […]

Watch: Prince Andrew’s Reaction When Asked If He’s Ever Had Sex With Underage Girls

(Tea Party 247) – Prince Andrew gave a bizarre interview over the weekend, the first since the pedophile to whom he has been quite reliably linked was found dead in his cell in the Manhattan Metropolitical Correctional Facility this summer. Said pedophile, of course, is Jeffrey Epstein, who was awaiting trial on charges of sex […]

The Menu Change The Pope Just Made To Accommodate Muslims

(Tea Party 247) – I wouldn’t expect to go into a mosque and have them prepare me a feast full of juicy pork, so why on earth is the Pope making sure that feasts he serves to Muslims are halal-friendly? For World Day for the Poor this week, Pope Francis made sure that any followers […]

Guess How This Murderous ISIS Leader Was Treated When He Arrived In Europe?

(Tea Party 247) – An alleged leader of ISIS who has been accused of beheading an imam and killing women and children was granted the sainted status as “refugee” when he arrived in Europe, it is now known. F. Hassan joined ISIS in 2014, according to prosecutors, who say that he deserted the Syrian army […]

Epic: German Farmers Shut Down Hamburg In Protest Of These Fascist Regulations

(Tea Party 247) – Environmental regulations are not only based on questionable science about the future of our planet, they seem to be suspiciously targeted at the global food supply that billions of regular, everyday people who can’t afford to fly around the world in private jets preaching depopulation, depend on. Well, the people aren’t […]

Swedish Police Try To Tackle Gang Violence With…Pizza?

(Tea Party 247) – Remember that time that the mainstream media mocked Trump for talking about all the issues Sweden was having with crime and violence in 2017? Yeah, about that. As violent crime and grenade attacks–yes, grenade attacks–continue to skyrocket in the Northern European nation, authorities are responding to the rise in crime by […]

Insanity: The Pope Trying To Protect The Environment By Threatening Damnation

(Tea Party 247) – If you thought that Pope Francis was a looney liberal, you’ve seen nothing yet. On Friday, Pope Francis stated that he’s considering making it a sin to be un-environmentally friendly and yes, this is a real story. The Wall Street Journal writes: Pope Francis, who has made the environment a signature […]

Cross-Dressing Man Hosts Nude Swimming Party With Children Being Admitted For Free

(Tea Party 247) – The perverted cross-dressing man, Jessica Yaniv (pictured above), who became infamous for suing salon workers for refusing to give his man parts a Brazilian wax has successfully thrown a nude swim party, in which minors were admitted for free. This is not a joke or satire. DC Clothesline reported prior to […]

Soros Demands Fox News Ban Trump Ally Joe diGenova After diGenova Drops Truth Bomb

(Tea Party 247) – The left is, without a doubt, the party of hypocrisy. They literally can’t help but be hypocrites in everything they do and say. This past week, Lou Dobbs found himself in liberal hot water after a guest on his show, former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova, dropped some truth on self-professed “wanna-be” […]

14-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped In Germany; Here’s What Authorities Won’t Reveal

(Tea Party 247) – Liberalism is ruining the world one country at a time. One of the biggest cornerstones of the left is cultural relativism that basically dictates that all cultures are equal. As we know, and anyone with a half of a brain can recognize, that simply is not true. Some cultures are extremely […]

Warren, Gates, And The Left Plan To Usher In New Era Of Poverty And Disease On Your Tax Dollars

(Tea Party 247) – Illegal immigration comes with countless pitfalls for the American people. We lose out on jobs. We are forced to pay higher taxes to support programs that offer illegal aliens free housing, food, healthcare, and schooling. It exponentially weakens our national security. One aspect you might not think much about, however, is […]

New Law Set To Go Into Effect Next Month Has County Clerks Mounting A Revolt…

(Tea Party 247) – New York is continuing its transformation into a total liberal dystopia. In June, the “Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act” was passed by the state’s General Assembly. The amendment, passed with an 87/61 vote, would essentially give illegal aliens access to drivers licenses. How can anybody possibly think this is a […]

ISIS Bride Loses As Federal Judge Rules She Is Not A US Citizen

(Tea Party 247) – Hoda Muthana, the 25-year-old woman who was born in New Jersey but then traveled to Syria to join ISIS, has lost her day in court. She has tried desperately to play the victim and tug on heartstrings here in America so that we would foot the bill for her and her […]

Kissinger Warns Conflict With China Could Be “Worse Than World Wars”

(Tea Party 247) – There has always been competition between the US and China and recently with Trump’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese-imported goods, it seems as though the possibility of escalation between the two countries is not a far-fetched idea. Despite the fact that China is a major offender of violating human rights, with […]

11,000 Scientists Slaughtering Billions To Save The Planet. No, Really.

(Tea Party 247) – The climate change “crisis” is a myth. The climate has been changing for the entire duration of its existence. It goes through warming phases and cooling phases. This is nothing new and most definitely not worth the panic mode leftists appear to be in. On one hand, you have genuine lefties […]

Hong Kong In First Annual Recession Since Global Financial Crisis; Here Are The Details

(Tea Party 247) – Hong Kong has been in the news a whole lot lately, thanks in large part to the protesters there who have had their fill of communism and want to have the same freedoms that we have here in America. Who can forget those videos of protesters taking to the streets of […]

New Report Reveals The Real Motivations Behind The Deep State’s Witch Hunt To Impeach Trump

(Tea Party 247) – It’s no secret that the radical left has been on the warpath against President Trump since the very first day on the job, but what a lot of folks don’t realize is that it’s not just outspoken Democrats in Congress that have been working against the commander-in-chief. In fact, the biggest […]

Angry Atheists Are At It Again; Here’s What They’re Demanding This High School Football Coach Stop Doing With His Team

(Tea Party 247) – Christianity has been under attack in America by atheists for a long, long time. However, it’s only been in recent years that the wrathful god-haters have turned up the heat and launched a full-on assault against faith, attempting to eradicate expressions of Christianity from every part of the public square. We’ve […]

Elizabeth Warren Sells ‘Billionaire Tears’ Mugs Online; Hilariously, Guess Who Owns The Website

(Tea Party 247) – Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is proving each and every day why she absolutely should not ever be allowed to sit in the White House wearing the moniker of President of the United States. She’s not only a corrupt liar, but also completely ignorant of how economics works. Warren’s platform has […]

Google Paving The Way For America’s “Social Credit Score” System

(Tea Party 247) – This is the absolute last thing the world needs. Just as we have learned that Tech Giant Google has been collecting health data on millions of Americans, we have also learned that they will soon also be offering checking accounts in partnership with two major banking institutions. Yeah. This is not […]

Alert: Pentagon Official Issues Warning About China’s AI Drone Ambitions

(Tea Party 247) – Earlier this month, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper issued a warning during a speech on artificial intelligence at the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence public conference that China is exporting what he calls “next-generation drones” to countries in the Middle East, according to Flight Global. “Beijing has made it abundantly […]

Google Amassing Medical Records Of Millions Of Americans – With Zero Consent

(Tea Party 247) – Google is truly an evil corporation. Not only are they in the business of internet censorship of Americans and the suppression of information with the goal of election interference, but now they are entering the pharmaceutical arena. Google is becoming a full-fledged member of Big Pharma with their ambitions to produce […]

Women And Children Ordered Up Like Pizza In This Wealthy California Zip Code…

(Tea Party 247) – Human trafficking is a modern-day slavery epidemic. Women, children, and society’s vulnerable are being bought and sold all around the world, right in plain sight. As big as the problem is you’d think it would be a major story on every news outlet in America. Of course, this isn’t the case […]

Here’s What The Majority Of Americans Think About Bio Men Playing In Women’s Sports

(Tea Party 247) – In a recent Rasmussen Poll, it was revealed that the majority of Americans still don’t think trans female (biological male) athletes should be allowed to compete against biological women. The poll results almost perfectly mirror an earlier poll Rasmussen Reports conducted last spring. The LGBT crowd is undoubtedly left wondering how […]

Leftist Meltdown After ICE “Tank” Rolls Into Neighborhood

(Tea Party 247) – You just can’t reason with leftists. They completely lack the ability to utilize common sense and rational thinking. A day in the life of a liberal can’t possibly be complete without having some kind of over-the-top, unnecessary meltdown over something. This week it was over the presence of ICE in a […]

The Animated Disney Classics Now Getting Slapped With Trigger Warnings

(Tea Party 247) – Disney just launched their new Disney+ streaming service, but not without giving a nod to the insufferable political correctness of our day by adding warnings in the descriptions of some of their classic animated films such as Dumbo, Swiss Family Robinson, Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier, and the original […]

Creepy: Does The Whistleblower’s Attorney Have A Disney Child Star Fetish?

(Tea Party 247) – A YouTube channel that allegedly belongs to the attorney of the anti-Trump CIA “whistleblower” behind the impeachment witchhunt shows us some odd viewing habits. The account seemingly used by attorney Mark Zaid features several “liked” videos about “Disney girls.” The channel, MarkSZaidEsq, has uploads of clips featuring the very same Zaid, […]

Creepy Statue Of Ancient God Of Child Sacrifice Erected In Roman Colosseum

(Tea Party 247) – The pagan idol of Old Testament times to whom babies were sacrificed, Moloch, has been erected at the entrance of the Roman Colosseum as part of a secular historic exhibition. This is the same ancient site where Christians were slaughtered in masse for refusing to denounce the Christian God and slaves […]

“Multiculturalism”? Eight Muslims In The UK Charged With The Same Heinous Crime Against Teenage Girl

(Tea Party 247) – Gang rape seems to slowly becoming a way of life in the once-great civilization of the United Kingdom, where the liberal commitment to “diversity is our strength” is turning out to weaken, not strengthen the nation. For far too long, the British police, known recently for such hits as encouraging citizens […]

Sprite Ad Celebrates Parents Helping Gender-Confused Children Bind Breasts, Wear Makeup

(Tea Party 247) – Last week, Sprite released an ad that appeared on Argentina’s social media platforms which depicted mothers helping their children to dress up in drag, wear makeup, or bind their breasts as they presumably got ready for “Buenos Aires Pride” which begins this month. #NoEstasSolx #Orgullo — Sprite Argentina (@Sprite_Ar) November […]

Rand Paul Sets the Record Straight About Trump’s Right to Withhold Aid

(Tea Party 247) – On Sunday, Senator Rand Paul gave a refreshing take on the claims that Trump arranged a “quid pro quo” with the government of Ukraine when he withheld aid to the nation prior to the phone call between Trump and Zelensky on which the Democrats’ sham impeachment is based. As Paul rightly […]

HONG KONG: Violence Increases As Freedom Fighters Refuse to Give Up

(Tea Party 247) – On Sunday, an independent journalist in Hong Kong captured the shocking moment a police officer shot a protester at point-blank range as the young man came to the aid of another activist who had been apprehended on a Facebook live video. Traffic police fired 3 shots of live round in Sai […]

Swedish Government To Invest $175,000 In Drag Queen Shows For Children

(Tea Party 247) – It seems to have happened overnight. One day we were all just going about our lives and the next we’ve found our entire society has been inundated with transgender propaganda. Suddenly we’re being called “bigots” and “intolerant” for simply choosing to life under the tenets of truth that dictate there are […]

“Queer Kid Stuff” YouTuber Shares Her Demented Ideology In A Delightful Webseries For Children

(Tea Party 247) – Children should not be worrying about things like sex and what gender “they really are.” It’s completely insane that we are even allowing children to entertain the idea that maybe they were born the wrong gender or that their bodies do not match their actual gender. As if there isn’t enough […]

Doctors Speaking Out Against Endocrine Society Sterilization Program Aimed At Children

(Tea Party 247) – The push to start children on puberty-blocking drugs and hormone therapy in order to “help” them express better their chosen gender is both dangerous and irresponsible. Unfortunately, the medical field has been usurped by frauds claiming to have the best interest of these children in mind despite the fact that they […]

Bill Gates Feebly Attempts To Minimize His Association With Jeffery Epstein

(Tea Party 247) – The wealthy elites only care about one thing: money. Where their bankrolls are concerned morals, ethics, or just being a decent human are shamelessly forsaken. The character of business partners is irrelevant as long as said business partners have the money to put up. Only when scandals come to the light […]

Thanksgiving Is Canceled – The Planet Is Depending On Us

(Tea Party 247) – Cancel culture strikes again. This time Thanksgiving is the unsuspecting victim. Although perhaps the holiday should have seen it coming, after all it inspires people to travel to be with their family where they then have lavish meals featuring ghastly CO2 producing foods. GASP! Shame on Thanksgiving and shame on you […]

Virginians Vote For Democrat Sex Offender To Represent Them

(Tea Party 247) – For every Democrat who’s ever said that President Trump is “too offensive” this one’s for you. Virginia conservatives have apparently given up the fight. After an abysmal loss to the Dems in the recent Nov. 5 elections, it looks as though things are actually much worse than originally thought. It’s bad […]

If Trump Declassifies These Documents It’s Game Over For The Dems…

(Tea Party 247) – Back in September of 2018 President Trump told John Solomon and Buck Sexton, of The Hill, that he would be declassifying and releasing all documents pertaining to the FBI, DOJ, and other intelligence agencies that prove what they all did wrong, whether ethically or legally, in the Russian probe. We all […]

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