Huge: Trump’s Pardon For Former Governor Blagojevich Sends This Message To The Deep State

(Tea Party 247) – President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of former Illinois Governor Blagojevich this week, but it could be less about “Blago” than we think. The Gateway Pundit explains that it really has everything to do with Comey, Mueller, and Fitzgerald. As was reported yesterday, President Donald Trump commuted former Illinois Governor Rod […]

Listen: Tulsi Gabbard Goes Scorched Earth On DNC Establishment After Rule-Change That Favored Bloomberg

(Tea Party 247) – While you don’t hear much about her these days, decidedly anti-establishment Democrat Tulsi Gabbard is still running for her party’s nomination for president, and she’s not planning on quitting anytime soon. Her chances of winning the nomination are pretty slim, but we should nonetheless be listening to what she has to […]

The UK Finally Makes The Change To Immigration Policy They Desperately Need

(Tea Party 247) – The United Kingdom will finally be barring entrance to non-English speaking migrants and unskilled workers, according to a post-Brexit immigration plan presented by the government. While one certainly sympathizes with everyone anywhere who wants to move to a great kingdom like Briton to pave their way for a better life, the […]

Flashback: Former AG Sally Yates Lied To Congress…Why Isn’t She In Prison?

(Tea Party 247) – American patriots are absolutely sick and tired of the two-tired, crooked justice system in our country. This is why we elected Trump. But we never dreamed we’d realize the full extent of it by way of how the Deep State would go after Trump and his associates. In May of 2017, […]

Alert: The FBI Is Now Raiding Businesses Linked To….Biden’s Brother? This Is Huge!

(Tea Party 247) – Last month, FBI agents raided the home of a CEO of a bankrupt hospital chain as well as one of the hospitals in Pennsylvania. Why is this important? Because this company is central to accusations of corruption against James Biden, brother of former Vice President Joe Biden, or as WND calls […]

Joy Behar Drags Holocaust Survivor Into Debate About The Border, Instantly Regrets It

(Tea Party 247) – Joy Behar, co-host on “The View,” is definitely one of the most obnoxious left-wing females to ever land a television talk show host gig, a fact she has proven time and time again with her constant Trump bashing and on screen arguments with Meghan McCain. However, her latest stunt on the […]

Boy Scouts Make Shocking Announcement That Proves If You Go Woke, You Go Broke

(Tea Party 247) – The Boy Scouts of America have filed for bankruptcy in light of hundreds of lawsuits being filed that allege sexual abuse within the organization, which is super disturbing and scary for any parents who have enrolled children in the program and entrusted leaders and other individuals with the safety of their […]

If You Don’t Think Islam Is Trying To Take Over The World, Just Look At What The Most Spoken Language Is At Swedish Municipality Preschool

(Tea Party 247) – It’s not very politically correct to these days to tell the truth about the religion of Islam, particularly since the left has picked up on the trend that adherents to this religion are spreading throughout the globe and have decided to target this demographic for inclusion in the Democratic Party voter […]

Sen. Tom Cotton Calls China Out For Refusing To Hand Over This Crucial Evidence Linked To Coronavirus

(Tea Party 247) – Senator Tom Cotton is one of the only, if not the only, public official in the United States who is calling China out for the suspicious circumstances surrounding the inception and spread of the deadly coronavirus. The virus’ epicenter has been in the large city of Wuhan, where the communist government […]

Here’s What Brought Jews And Chinese Officials To Gather And Pray At Jerusalem’s Western Wall

(Tea Party 247) – On Sunday, hundreds of worshipers gathered at the Western Wall in Jerusalem to pray for an end to the outbreak fo the coronavirus and for those who are currently battling the deadly illness. Chief Rabbi of Safed and president of the Rabbinical Community Association, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, and the Israeli branch […]

Atheist Richard Dawkins Makes Shocking Statement Promoting Eugenics…This Is Sick

(Tea Party 247) – There is a dark and disturbing period of Western history which the pro-abortion left likes to pretend never happened. This is because it is where the origin of their obsession with killing babies really lies. LifeSite News explains: Eugenics, which was practiced far more widely in both Great Britain and in […]

“60 Minutes” Openly Lies To The American Public About Crowdstrike

(Tea Party 247) – On Sunday night, 60 Minutes attacked President Donald Trump as well as reliable pro-Trump news site The Gateway Pundit in what TGP is calling “another shoddy hit piece.” According to the program, Crowdstrike was correct in their assessment that the DNC was hacked by the Russians in 2016. However, all they […]

Unhinged Dem Socialist Senate Candidate Reveals Disturbing New Campaign Logo

(Tea Party 247) – The left is truly unhinged. Not only are they wildly out of touch with average Americans but they have nonsensical delusions about what’s best for the country and how to achieve it. Democratic politicians have been utterly obsessed with destroying Trump and silencing conservatives since Trump was elected President in 2016. […]

Imprisoned Christian Father Being Tortured For This Insane Reason In Communist Cuba

(Tea Party 247) – The communist nation of Cuba has been caught “torturing” an imprisoned homeschooling father and pastor and it’s up to Americans to urge Congress to pass a resolution condemning the communist regime, according to the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). HSLDA’s senior counsel and director of global outreach, Mike Donnelly, says […]

China’s Coronavirus Pandemic Could Affect Americans In This Shocking Way

(Tea Party 247) – There’s a good reason why China seems to literally get away with murder despite global organizations who are dedicated to watching for human rights violations around the world. Most Americans are blissfully unaware that the majority of our pharmaceutical drugs and medicines are manufactured in China. What would Americans do without […]

Georgetown University Executes Massive Purge Of “Offensive” Books On Account Of Student’s Feelings. Yes, Really.

(Tea Party 247) – You know who bans books? Communists. Banning books is the equivalent to government sanctioned thought. If you are prohibited from ideas, you can’t think anything except what the tyrannical government imposes on you. That’s the idea behind it, at any rate, since authoritarian regimes tend to view their citizens as easily […]

Movie Featuring Liberals Killing Conservatives, “The Hunt,” Is Back On Schedule To Hit Theaters

(Tea Party 247) – A horror movie featuring liberal “elites” with guns (a “fantasy” movie, actually) hunting conservatives for fun is back on track to be released to audiences after months of delay. The movie, aptly called The Hunt, was canceled after a series of mass shootings over the summer and President Trump calling attention […]

Guns Are Banned In The UK…How Is Gun Violence On The Rise?

(Tea Party 247) – It looks like the United Kingdom is finding out that criminals don’t follow the law. Something that conservatives around the world have known for quite some time. Apparently, liberals just have to learn the hard way, although they don’t seem to ever really learn at all. According to a Breitbart report, […]

Is Liberalism A Mental Disorder? One Survey Is Revealing The Not-So-Shocking Truth

(Tea Party 247) – Is liberalism a mental disorder? A recent survey certainly seems to support this idea. While conservatives joke and laugh about liberals being crazy, the truth is, they really do have a higher likelihood for having been diagnosed with a mental disorder, at least that’s what one survey has uncovered. Liberals and […]

Jewish Harvard Club Member Assaulted By Muslim At Club – What Happens Next Is Unbelievable

(Tea Party 247) – Muslims are quickly infiltrating all corners of American society. Liberals have given them an inch and they’re running with it, taking mile after mile. Thanks to the left, Muslims in America have become emboldened and even when they’re in the wrong, all they have to do is insist they are right […]

After US Exit From Paris Climate Accord, Guess Who’s Leading The World In CO2 Emission Reduction?

(Tea Party 247) – While the climate alarmists on the left would have you believe otherwise, President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords made positively zero negative impact on their relentless quest to save the world from impending doom. This impending doom, as we’re constantly reminded, is due to carbon emissions, […]

Pastor Stands Up To Defend Rights Of The Unborn; The Response From Viriginia Dems Is Absolutely Shameful

(Tea Party 247) – If you ever want to know how evil and wicked liberal politicians really are, all you need to do is stand up boldly in front of them and proclaim abortion as the murder of innocent children. Their true colors, the actual depth of vile rebellion against God, will rush to the […]

Jussie Smollet Is Probably Sweating Bullets As Nigerian Brothers Entangled In His Case Say They’re Ready To Testify

(Tea Party 247) – Life for disgraced Hollywood actor Jussie Smollett, the man who allegedly faked an attack on himself for the sake of claiming it was racially motivated to help further his career, is about to get a whole lot harder. Earlier this week, Smollett found out that a special prosecutor in Chicago was […]

If You Thought Coronavirus Was Terrifying, What Until You See This New Virus In Brazil With A Genetic Profile Never Seen Before

(Tea Party 247) – Scientists in Brazil have found a brand spanking new virus with a genetic profile they’ve never seen before, a discovery that is causing fears to rise, especially in light of the horrific situation with the coronavirus unfolding right now in China. The coronavirus has already killed quite a few people in […]

CNN Just Made A Shocking Admission About Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign

(Tea Party 247) – The 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary race has not at all gone as expected by many individuals in the political sphere. The vast majority of folks were convinced early on when former Vice President Joe Biden, a man who served two terms in the White House under Barack Obama, would easily […]

What Iranian Sailors Shout About U.S. And Israel Is Deplorable In Every Way; The Reason For The Hate Is Even More Disturbing

(Tea Party 247) – It’s not exactly a shock to hear about members of Iranian military shouting curses and other negative comments about the United States and our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel, as the Islamic nation has been doing that for decades now, yet, for some odd reason, it still infuriates those […]

Video: President Trump Slays The DOJ Over Their Recommendation In Roger Stone Case; Here’s What He Said

(Tea Party 247) – President Trump spoke with the press on Tuesday where he shared his thoughts about the current recommendation put forth by the Department of Justice concerning the case of Roger Stone, his former campaign adviser, stating that the believed it was “an insult to our country.” The Justice Department is apparently seeking […]

Emails Reveal John Huber Heaping Praise On Rosenstein Before Being Chosen To Lead Fake Probe Into Clinton Foundation; Here’s What Was Said

(Tea Party 247) – Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group that has dedicated themselves to getting to the truth of the most important issues in government and pursuing accountability for those who violate our Constitution and sacred principles, has obtained a whopping 382 pages of documentation that show former DAG Rod Rosenstein’s (pictured above) communications […]

Guess Which Insufferable Teen Climate Change Alarmist Is Getting Their Own BBC Show?

(Tea Party 247) – Greta Thunberg is one personality who doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Despite the fact that she is a high-schooler and doesn’t have a bit of collegiate level education behind her, all the liberals in the world have united in hailing her as the single most authoritative voice on […]

Anti-Semitism Alert: Former NY Dem Lawmaker Kicked Out Of Rashida Tlaib Event

(Tea Party 247) – Former Democratic New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind was recently kicked out of a Rashida Tlaib event entitled, “A Global Crisis: Refugees, Migrants, and Asylum Seekers – Lessons from the Prophet Muhammad,” being held at Rutgers University when he attempted to call her out for her “blood libel” against Jews and her […]

Department Of Defense Following China’s Lead By Setting These Up Near Major Cities…

(Tea Party 247) – The coronavirus is taking the world by storm. While we have yet to understand the full gravity of the situation in China thanks to deceptive reporting from Chinese authorities and their complete inability to handle the growing crisis, the rest of the world is bracing for impact. Oddly enough, all travel […]

After 15 Years, Judge Rules To Strip Terrorist Of His Citizenship

(Tea Party 247) – The United States seems to have a vetting problem. Time after time, Muslim immigrants are being exposed to be the people who many Americans believe them to be in the first place. Thanks to liberal immigration policies and the irrational fear of being considered “mean” or “intolerant,” way too many people […]

Democrats In Arizona Propose Legislation With Chilling Implications For “Assault Weapon” Owners

(Tea Party 247) – An “assault weapon” isn’t a thing. I know this, you know this, every sensible human being who understands what guns are and how they work knows this. It’s just a term that gun-grabbers on the left have used to slap on to any gun that looks extra scary and shootey (especially […]

Coronavirus Deaths Surpass 1,000 On This Record-Setting Day For Deadly Virus

(Tea Party 247) – The official number of deaths being attributed to the deadly coronavirus surpassed 1,000 on Tuesday (that is, if you believe the communist Chinese government’s official numbers, otherwise numbers could be much higher). This disturbing new milestone in the evolution of this scourge was also coupled with another new record, the deaths […]

Sick: Muslim Migrant Gets Absurdly Short Sentence For Raping Young Girl…You Won’t Believe This

(Tea Party 247) – Europe is completely collapsing. It’s amazing to think this continent survived two world wars only to be taken down by their own misplaced cultural obsession with acceptance and tolerance. They’re allowing mass numbers of people into their country who have no desire to conform to Western, Judeo-Christian ways. As rape and […]

Who Is The Ruthless Cabal Willing To Do Anything To Stop Bernie Sanders?

(Tea Party 247) – The highly suspicious chaos which promptly followed the Iowa caucuses last week have brought to light again some very real and serious concerns about the Democrat establishment and a possible repeat of 2016. As journalist and editor Max Blumenthal explained on a recent installment of Robert Scheer’s “Scheer Intelligence,” the animosity […]

Why This Deranged Florida Man Was Just Arrested Outside The White House

(Tea Party 247) – Although no one in the media seems to care, the President of the United States faces frequent threats of violence from his deranged (albeit rather disorganized and inexperienced) radical enemies on the left. As the Deep State continues their relentless assaults on his historical presidency, triggered and hysterical plebs are also […]

Breaking: Did These Doctors Just Discover The Cure For Coronavirus? This Is Huge

(Tea Party 247) – If you’re worried about the coronavirus, you have every reason to be. The deadly illness, which originated in Wuhan, China, and has already killed close to 1,000 people, takes the lives of 2% of its victims and is spreading around the globe. While it doesn’t appear to be spreading at the […]

The Chilling “Assassination” Attempts On NYPD Officers Expose The Horrors Of Dem-Run Cities

(Tea Party 247) – Two members of the New York City Police Department were shot over the weekend in a series of what are being described as assassination attempts. The gunman who was suspected for being behind both incidents first fired on two officers who had been sitting in a parked vehicle and then stormed […]

Communist Chinese Government Initiates Chilling Measures To Control Spread Of Coronavirus

(Tea Party 247) – As the thread of the deadly coronavirus spreads around the globe, the way the nation of origin–China–is responding to the crisis exposes the true extent of their tyrannical and inhumane manner of governing their people. The communist government, which has an atrocious human rights record as it is, has sparked skepticism […]

The Sinister Truth About The Coronavirus And China’s “Trojan Horse” Is Shocking

(Tea Party 247) – As if the coronavirus pandemic couldn’t get any more ominous. Now that it has become painfully obvious the Chinese government is lying to the rest of the world about the gravity of the outbreak, the truth seems to be going from bad to worse by the day. While thousands of Chinese […]

He’s Back! James Woods Freed From “Twitter Jail,” Wastes No Time Taking Political Shots

(Tea Party 247) – James Woods has made himself a conservative legend on Twitter, which is what led to his being put in “Twitter jail” for almost a year. Now, Woods is back and he isn’t wasting any time picking right back up exactly where he left off. He took his first shot at the […]

What Do The Globalist Agenda And Declining Birth Rates Have To Do With Each Other? Just Ask Finland.

(Tea Party 247) – Birth rates all around the world are plummeting and while leftist globalists and environmental zealots believe this is a good thing, we can assure you, it is not. Massive drops in population will cause highly unfavorable population structures in a couple decades which will eventually lead to economic collapse. Thanks to […]

Guess What Happened When A 6-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome Made A Gun Gesture With Her Hands?

(Tea Party 247) – Liberal have been running public schools into the ground for decades and their policies just tend to create confusion and trouble especially where lock-step liberally-minded educators and administrators are concerned. Such is the case in Pennsylvania where one parent is saying her daughter’s school called the police on her 6-year-old (pictured […]

Suspicious Bank Activity Leads To Epstein Theory No One Saw Coming – #EpsteinStillAlive?

(Tea Party 247) – Americans have not been fooled by the apparent “suicide” of notorious sex trafficker and pedophile, Jeffery Epstein. While the media has pushed the narrative that Epstein killed himself in his jail cell, most Americans are of the belief that #EpsteinDidntKillHimself. There is only so much cover-up the wealthy elites of the […]

Arkansas State Senator Takes To Facebook Over Sesame Street’s Latest Controversial LGBT Guest Appearance

(Tea Party 247) – Recently it was announced that gay activist, actor Billy Porter would be appearing on an episode of Sesame Street, apparently to teach children not to be bigots and how to be “inclusive.” Nothing gets that message across quite like the constant inundation of the LGBT agenda everywhere our children look. If […]

Illegal Immigration Plagues Europe – UK Border Patrol Break Single Day Record For This…

(Tea Party 247) – Thanks to liberal immigration policies all around Europe, migrants from Africa and the Middle East believe it’s their right to travel freely wherever they so please. While they are aware there are still some laws in place, they know the benefits greatly outweigh the risks if they can just make it […]

Virtue-Signaling: Vermont Middle School Student Activists Raise This Flag In Statement To The Country

(Tea Party 247) – The public education system in America has become a liberal stronghold over the past several years. The education system has always been an epicenter for liberal intellectuals looking to make the world a better place through virtue signaling and misinforming students but in recent years, the push to blatantly indoctrinate students […]

Shots Fired: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Takes Heat For Her Suggestion Nancy Pelosi Might Be A…

(Tea Party 247) – Democratic infighting is reaching a fever-pitch. Conservatives are enjoying the show while lifelong Democrats are growing weary of the party’s inability to behave like adults. Not only are their immature antics turning off voters but their inability to reign in the rogue, Marxist loving socialist Dems has become concerning to average […]

Chinese Woman Attacked In NYC For Wearing Face Mask – Here’s Why It Wasn’t Racism

(Tea Party 247) – Since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, the media has been busy lecturing all of us that it’s racist to point out the fact that the virus may have potentially come from Chinese people eating what has been called “bat soup.” Despite the fact that researchers have found that the coronavirus […]

Actress Jameela Jamil Responds To Critics Of Her Role In New LGBT Show By Suddenly Proclaiming This…

(Tea Party 247) – Super “woke” actress and longtime LGBT activist, actress Jameela Jamil, is responding to criticism of her being cast in a new LGBT-focused TV show by now identifying as “queer.” That’s one way to shut up critics. Jamil is set to be a judge on a new HBO dance contest show called […]

Here’s What YouTube’s New Pledge To Viewers Really Means…

(Tea Party 247) – YouTube is making an effort to become a more “reliable” news source by committing to remove election-related videos they deem as being “manipulated or doctored” with the aim of influencing voters. In other words, they are going to continue to censor and remove conservative content but now it will be under […]

Taiwan News Reports Cast Doubt On Chinese Government’s Coronavirus Figures

(Tea Party 247) – Taiwan News is reporting that the rising numbers of those infected by the deadly coronavirus are “astronomically higher than official figures” from the Chinese government. According to the online news outlet, “Tencent may have accidentally leaked real data on Wuhan virus deaths.” Their story asserts that Tencent accidentally “showed confirmed cases […]

What Pope Francis Is Now Calling For On A Global Scale Is A Dream Come True For Socialists

(Tea Party 247) – It seems that the Catholic Church is going through a pretty rough season within the leadership structure of their organization. That’s a fancy way of saying the pope is compromising on a lot of important issues that could have serious ramifications for governments across the world and of course here in […]

Transgender Student Files Lawsuit Against School; The Reason Why Is Ludicrous

(Tea Party 247) – A transgender student from the state of North Carolina has decided to file a lawsuit against the local high school claiming that the institution’s bathroom rules caused a kidney disease she has suffered with since birth to become worse, due to the fact she was not allowed to use the boy’s […]

Another Classic TV Show Abandons Integrity To Shamelessly Indoctrinate Young Children…

(Tea Party 247) – Another one bites the dust. Just like that, a beloved classic, Sesame Street, has succumb to the aggressive and perverse LGBT agenda. As if children need more LGBT bombarding than they already get on a regular basis, especially children who attend public schools. The mass LGBT indoctrination of children continues on […]

What OC Sheriff Is Blaming For Increase In Repeat Crimes Among Illegal Aliens Will Make Liberals Cry Foul

(Tea Party 247) – Trying to talk truth and facts with liberals about the harsh realities of illegal immigration is like trying to explain quantum physics to a brick wall. Which is to say it’s pointless, though the brick wall probably still listens better than the vast majority of Democrats. The biggest issue with illegal […]

The Reason MSNBC Analyst Gives For Low Voter Turnout In Iowa Caucus Is The Most Absurd Thing You’ll Hear All Day

(Tea Party 247) – When it comes to making excuses for failure, the Democratic Party of the modern era completely lacks originiality and creativity. Why say that? Because every single time they screw up, they blame said screw up on the exact same thing. Racism. It’s become very, very predictable. In fact, to illustrate said […]

What Greek Government Planning To Do To Stop Illegal Aliens From Invading Their Country Will Make Liberals Howl With Rage

(Tea Party 247) – There’s definitely no greater hot button issue in America today than that of illegal immigration, and for good reason. Illegal aliens threaten the very fabric of our society by assaulting our laws, abusing our generosity, and committing violent crimes that destroys the peace and safety of our communities. Now, that’s not […]

What Communists In China Have Started Cracking Down On Will Make You Thank God You’re An American

(Tea Party 247) – Here in the United States, we tend to take freedom of religion for granted. It’s a concept woven so deeply into the fabric of our society that it’s just a given that a person can believe whatever they want and practice their religious beliefs without government interference or persecution. However, not […]

If It Seems To You Like The Iowa Caucus Debacle Has The Deep State Written All Over It…You’re Right

(Tea Party 247) – Well, well, well. Right out of the gate, and the Democrat Deep State establishment is screwing with the party primary for 2020’s presidential election. Did anyone call this? HuffPost reports on the firm that “botched” Monday’s Iowa caucuses: The tech arm of ACRONYM, a Democratic digital nonprofit group that has rapidly […]

Unidentified Refugee Who Claimed To Be Fleeing LGBT Persecution Deported When The Truth Comes Forward

(Tea Party 247) – The same leftists and expert strategists who are quick to critique President Trump’s border wall or his complaints about NATO allies not paying their fair share are the ones who will claim that “asylum” policies that don’t involve vetting are not the same as open borders and that only white nationalists […]

Old Video Of Chinese PM Visiting Mosque Makes Bizarre Claim About Coronavirus

(Tea Party 247) – Well, if this isn’t the weirdest story you’ve heard all day, I don’t know what to tell you. is reporting that a video is making the rounds on social media claiming that the Chinese Prime Minister visited a mosque, where he realized that the only way to protect from the […]

Hong Kong Unrolls Creepy Plan To Keep Track Of Suspected Coronavirus Carriers

(Tea Party 247) – Hong Kong health authorities have announced a typically Orwellian measure to keep track of suspected coronavirus carriers that can only have been thought up by Beijing. They have procured 500 electric trackers to place on individuals who have been suspected of being infected with the deadly virus which is sweeping the […]

West Point Forces Radical, Intersectional Leftism On Cadets…You Won’t Believe What They’re Pushing

(Tea Party 247) – Political correctness is a cancer that infected our nation. It started out with tongue-clicking and scolding but has evolved over the last few decades into full-blown Marxism. Across the country, in every facet of society, the insanity of transgenderism, homosexuality, and radical feminism seeks to sanitize our country from any remaining […]

Coronavirus Horror On The High Seas: Here’s What We Know

(Tea Party 247) – What a nightmare. As the global health crisis that is coronavirus continues to spread, passengers aboard a cruise ship have found themselves in a horrifying situation. According to the Epoch Times, Japan’s health ministry has quarantined a cruise ship that had arrived in Yokohama on Monday night after a male passenger […]

As Michael Flynn Lawyers Expose Deep State Corruption, Feds Try To Hit Him At New Angle

(Tea Party 247) – New evidence has come forward in the Deep State case against General Michael Flynn, the one-time Trump national security adviser who was framed as part of the Trump-Russia hoax investigation. Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, filed a 27-page brief on Wednesday in relation to what she called “egregious government misconduct” in the […]

“Annihilation:” Muslim Cleric Issues Chilling Fatwa For…Coronavirus?

(Tea Party 247) – There is a disturbing, violent side to the global spread of Islam that the left turns a blind eye to. Well, that’s an understatement. They’re in completely blind and willing denial of the outwardly radical nature of Islamic extremism, preferring to accuse white, Western Christian men of genocidal and tyrannical aspirations […]

You’ll Never Believe Elizabeth Warren’s Absurd Plan For Selecting A Secretary Of Education

(Tea Party 247) – Professional panderer and Presidential nominee, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, is up to her old tricks again. There is absolutely nothing practical or attractive about any of her actual policies so she has to resort to fabricating stories and pandering to her most zealous group of supporters: the LGBT community. Apparently, Warren believes […]

Poll After Poll Shows Trump Steadily Winning Over This Important Segment Of Society…

(Tea Party 247) – “The Democrats have let you down,” Trump has said to black voters. “They’ve dismissed you. They’ve hurt you. They’ve sabotaged you for far too long.” Now, President Trump has the distinct accomplishment of actually improving the lives of the black community, rather than just talk about it as past Presidents have […]

What Do The FBI, DOJ, And NSA All Have In Common? Starts With A “C” And Ends With “orruption…”

(Tea Party 247) – If you’ve been paying attention over the last four years, it has become painfully obvious that the entire Department of Justice is totally corrupt. While there are many who deny the existence of a “deep state” or claim that the “deep state” is just a conspiracy theory, the truth is, the […]

Study Of Coronavirus Confirms Truth About Origin The Chinese Media Doesn’t Want You To Hear

(Tea Party 247) – It has been suspected that bats, or more specifically bat soup, are the reason behind the current coronavirus outbreak yet Chinese media outlets, with directing from the Chinese Communist government, has largely been denying these claims and insisting that to make such a claim is “racist.” Apparently, even in China where […]

Dem Lawmakers Make NYC Crime-Laden Liberal Dystopia With New “Bail Reforms”

(Tea Party 247) – New York City is quickly being transformed into a real-life liberal dystopia akin to the fictitious crime-laden Gotham city. Thanks to genius new “bail reforms” and other criminal justice legislations, crime rates are sky-rocketing at unprecedented levels and the blame lays squarely with progressive New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his […]

WHO Director Demands Respect And Gratitude For Chinese Communist Dictator. Yes, Really.

(Tea Party 247) – The Chinese communist dictator, Xi Jinping, who is responsible for the ongoing detention, torture, and murder of millions of Chinese citizens, apparently is not being shown enough respect from the rest of the world. Despite the fact that Jinping is a brutal dictator who controls Chinese citizens with the use of […]

Coronavirus Mass Hysteria Leads To Surgical Masks Selling Out In UK. There’s Only One Problem.

(Tea Party 247) – Perhaps more infectious than the coronavirus is the panic and fear people experience over the thought of getting it. People are literally terrified of contracting viruses nowadays and rather than understand how to best allow our bodies to fight infections the way they are intended to, people run to the nearest […]

Triggered: Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force Made Up Of Too Many White Men

(Tea Party 247) – If liberals could just impeach President Trump for “lack of diversity” in his administration, they most certainly would. The left becomes absolutely triggered by the appearance of a room full of all white men, no matter the cause. In this case, CNN has taken issue with Trump’s coronavirus task force and […]

A Recently Released 1972 Interview With Bernie Sanders Has Resurfaced And The Politician He Gives Praise To Could Have A Negative Impact On His Campaign

(Tea Party 247) – Liberal politicians have been passing themselves off as crusaders for the racially oppressed for decades. The only problem is, when you look back through history, the same people claim to be the savior of minorities are usually the same folk keeping them chained up, metaphorically speaking. There’s a lot of hypocrisy […]

Peter Schweizer Goes Absolutely Atomic On Socialist Bernie Sanders, Annihilating Him In One Sentence

(Tea Party 247) – Peter Schweizer, a top contributor over at Breitbart News and president of the Government Accountability Institute, recently sat down with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow and discussed how Sen. Bernie Sanders, currently one of the top contenders for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, engaged in self-enrichment with his campaign funds. And […]

The State Department Has Issued A Travel Warning To China Over Coronavirus Scare And It’s Very Serious

(Tea Party 247) – As if the world isn’t already enough turmoil with all of the controversies going on with President Trump’s impeachment trial and various other issues unfolding around the globe, we now have to worry about contracting a super scary illness due to the spread of the coronavirus. Boy, 2020 sure came out […]

Brexit Party Bids Adeu To The EU; Here’s What They Said They’re Doing With The Union Jack Flag

(Tea Party 247) – Without a doubt, one of the biggest global news stories of the last few decades is the vote for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, an event that has implications not only for them but for all nations in Europe. This sort of thing sends the message that maybe, […]

While We Aren’t Looking, House Dems Quietly Vote To Support Chinese-Style Credit System

(Tea Party 247) – If you still need further proof that the Democrats in Washington are tyrants and communists, look no further. While the country is being distracted by the sham impeachment of President Trump, the House Dems voted against an amendment for a new bill proposal that would stop the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau […]

Epic: Tennessee Wants To Brand These Mainstream Media Outlets As Fake News

(Tea Party 247) – This is amazing. A State Representative in Tennessee is introducing legislation to officially designate notoriously fake outlets CNN and The Washington Post as fake news. Republican Rep. Micah Van Huss filed the bill Wednesday. The summary describes it as “A RESOLUTION to recognize CNN and The Washington Post as fake news […]

Alert: Global Coronavirus Model Has Dire Predictions, Here’s How Many Will Be Infected By The End Of February

(Tea Party 247) – A model predicting the number of coronavirus infections that could occur if the deadly outbreak isn’t contained shows that, based on current projections, there will be over 183 million infected by the end of next month. This is terrifying. Infowars reports: The chart, produced by data firm Bianco Research, shows that […]

WHO Declares Global Emergency As Coronavirus Continues To Spread Rapidly

(Tea Party 247) – The World Health Organization has declared the spread of the coronavirus from China a global emergency as the virus has now appeared in more than a dozen countries, including the United States. The dangerous virus has seen a tenfold spike in cases as of Thursday causing the WHO to declare it […]

Facebook Is Now So Determined To Ban Free Thought, They’re Censoring Private Messages

(Tea Party 247) – We knew that Facebook was desperate to keep anything remotely Christian, right-wing, or generally dangerous to the leftist status quo far, far away from their massive social network, but even this shocks us. The censor-happy Thought Police over at Facebook are now censoring private messages in a move that completely destroys […]

So, “Stargazing Permits” Are Now A Thing In This State (Can You Guess Which?)

(Tea Party 247) – Sigh. This is your country on Democrats. New York State is now requiring stargazing permits, something that boggles the mind to such a great degree, it’s even hard to know where to start. The government in New York State has gotten so inflated that they’re literally requiring that people apply for […]

Finally: The Phillippines Is Taking Coronavirus Very, Very Seriously

(Tea Party 247) – The Phillippines is NOT playing around when it comes to the coronavirus and is now deporting 500 Chinese citizens who arrived in their country from Wuhan, China, where the outbreak originated. The Chinese tourists were heading to Boracay for a vacation but are being forced to turn around and head straight […]

Watch: European Parliament Tries To Silence Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage’s Firey Anti-Globalist Speech

(Tea Party 247) – No friend of European bureaucracy, Nigel Farage delivered a fiery speech while waving the Union Jack flag during his final speech before the EU parliament on Wednesday. That is before his microphone was cut off. Farage’s remarks, which slammed the unelected body of bureaucrats ahead of the long-awaited and far overdue […]

Police Investigating Murder Of Pro-Mass Migration Finnish Woman. Guess Who Killed Her?

(Tea Party 247) – This is a case of not just painful, but deadly irony. Police in Finland are investigating the murder of a woman who was killed by her boyfriend. Sanni Ovaska, who had made a series of pro-mass-migrant posts on social media, was killed last week by her boyfriend, Hasan Alqina, who then […]

As Coronavirus Spreads, UK Schools Really Concerned About “Xenophobia.” No, Seriously.

(Tea Party 247) – It was only a matter of time before the collective insanity that is modern political correctness reared its ugly head in the face of the growing, Chinese-based Wuhan coronavirus. Summit News reports that the UK Boarding Schools’ Association is much more worried about the feelings of Chinese people than it is […]

Do Big Pharma Vaccine Companies Serve To Profit From Coronavirus Hysteria?

(Tea Party 247) – On Monday, the stock market was shaken by concerns of the spread of the new Chinese “coronavirus,” sending the S&P 500 down 1.57% and the Nasdaq down 1.89%. Yahoo News reports that while many companies could take hits as the virus considers to spread at troubling rates, one company stands to […]

Watch: Don Lemon And Snobby Leftists Guests Laugh Themselves To Tears Over This Disgusting Impression Of Trump Supporters

(Tea Party 247) – Anti-Trump leftists have a terrible habit of exposing their own biases and bigotry by constantly bashing those they perceive as biased and bigoted. Remember Obama dismissing all Republicans as those scared, sad little people who “cling to guns and religion” as they get in the way of Progress? Over the last […]

Epstein Madame Ghislaine Maxwell’s Emails Hacked. Here’s Why This Is Huge.

(Tea Party 247) – Will truth ever come to light in the mysterious and notorious case surrounding Jeffrey Epstein? In this technology era that we are living in, it would be impossible to believe that there wasn’t some trail leading to answers about Epstein’s death. It is also highly unlikely that there isn’t proof somewhere, […]

Kansas Researcher Revealed To Be Double Agent Working For The Chinese Government

(Tea Party 247) – After seeing so many action-packed, fictional movies about spies, we oftentimes believe spies only exist in the movies or TV shows but the truth is, spies and double agents have been around since the dawn of time and even in today’s technology era, people are still able to fly under the […]

UK Think Tank Calls For Opponents Of Terrorism To Be Silenced. No, Really.

(Tea Party 247) – A UK report has recently made the assertion that the British government is not nearly as harsh on ring-wing extremists as it is on Islamic terrorists and that just isn’t fair. The article goes as far as to say that the failure to punish and ban far-right extremist groups is “undermining […]

Britain’s Knife Violence Rates Destroy Liberal Narrative On Guns

(Tea Party 247) – Thanks to the liberal powers that be, the United Kingdom has become ground zero for knife violence. In their progressive pursuit to be a safer society by banning guns they likely did not anticipate sky-rocketing rates of violent incidents involving knives instead. Add to this, the left’s zealous desire to achieve […]

Democrat-Controlled VA State Senate Passes Shocking Laws To Further Advance LGBT Agenda

(Tea Party 247) – Now that the state of Virginia has become a liberal stronghold, Dem lawmakers are firing off progressive bill proposals aimed at furthering the LGBT agenda at rapid speed. Several pieces of legislation have passed through the Senate giving LGBT-identifying individuals special rights and privileges and forcing Virginians to play along with […]

You’ll Never Believe Who Stands To Make A Lot Of Money Off China’s Deadly Coronavirus Outbreak

(Tea Party 247) – The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in China is turning into a health emergency for the Chinese Government but could it all be part of a master scheme to control the population and push dangerous vaccines? Sounds too far-fetched? According to a report by InfoWars, that might be exactly what’s going […]

Lefties Have Epic Melodramatic Twitter Meltdown Over Joe Rogan’s Endorsement Of Bernie Sanders

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Rogan, who self-describes as pretty liberal and supports gay marriage, is being blasted by the left after he said on his podcast that he would vote for Bernie Sanders. Despite the fact that Rogan is mostly libertarian and openly supports gay marriage and universal healthcare, lefties are labeling him as […]

Nigerian Pastor Who Praised God In Ransom Video Beheaded By Violent Boko Haram

(Tea Party 247) – Christians in America have become way too comfortable and complacent. When we look around at the state of our current culture and society we truly have no one to blame but ourselves. We, as Christians, have stopped speaking out against sin and have slowly begun to accept what is wrong as […]

Chinese Government Takes Unprecedented Move In Quarantining 10 Cities In Wake Of Deadly Virus Outbreak

(Tea Party 247) – The outbreak of the coronavirus in China has gone from seeing one city, Wuhan, quarantined to a total of 10. According to the Chinese Health Commission, as of Friday there are 830 confirmed cases of the fast-spreading virus and 25 people have died. In the wake of the virus popping up […]

See What This Former Witch Has To Say About New Disney Show “The Owl House”

(Tea Party 247) – In today’s “anything goes” day in age, a lot of parents are becoming extremely complacent and lazy when it comes to what their children are being exposed to. With events like Drag Queen Story Hours and graphic sexual education programs being aimed at small children, a lot of parents think they’re […]

Add One More to The #ClintonBodyCount Here’s the Latest Victim of “Suicide”

(Tea Party 247) – According to an explosive report from True Pundit, an FBI agent who was said to have taken his own life last year was in fact involved in uncovering a massive Clinton foundation money-laundering scheme that was allegedly funneling billions out of the US Treasury. FBI Special Agent Sal Cincinelli was found […]

Laura Ingraham Has Damning Revelation About Anti-Trump “Whistleblower”…It All Traces Back to Hunter Biden, Burisma

(Tea Party 247) – On Wednesday night, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham dropped some explosive emails which link the alleged Ukrainian whistleblower to a 2016 meeting held by Obama administration officials to on corruption surrounding none other than the oil and gas giant, Burisma, where former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter served on the board. […]

George Soros Makes Very Telling Statement About 2020 Election From Davos…Is He Planning Something?

(Tea Party 247) – While attending a private dinner at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this week, notorious globalist philanthropist George Soros declared that the 2020 election will determine “the fate of the world.” He also slammed President Donald Trump as a “con man” and a “narcissist” who wants the world to “revolve […]

Northern California Gets Some Scary News About Wuhan Coronavirus; Here’s What’s Going Down

(Tea Party 247) – There’s nothing more terrifying than when an outbreak of a new and dangerous virus breaks out, especially here in the United States. While we have the best health care system in the world, there are still major threats to our health out there in other parts of the world that are […]

Trans MMA Fighter Who Was Born Male Gets Most Ironic Award Ever

(Tea Party 247) – Trans MMA Fighter Who Was Born Male Gets Most Ironic Award Ever Recently, in the left’s constant attack on the underpinnings of our free society, it was proclaimed that Fallen Fox (I have no idea if that’s a real name) is “the bravest athlete in history”, apparently not confident enough to […]

South Dakota Becomes Latest State To Introduce Legislation To Protect Children From This Medical Abuse…

(Tea Party 247) – The United States has been overtaken by the insanity of the LGBT agenda, especially the transgender ideology. It seems everywhere we turn more and more people are declaring themselves to be transgender, as if it’s some kind of vogue trend. The scariest part of the whole thing is that children, as […]

YouTube Shuts Down Two Conservative Broadcastings Of Trump Impeachment Trial – Who’s Really Rigging The Election?

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats presented their joke of an impeachment case against President Trump Tuesday in the Senate. The hearing lasted for hours as the Democrats tried to frame Senate Republicans as being biased and unfair while begging them to call witnesses that House Dems didn’t have the apparent nerve to subpoena during […]

Coronavirus Rapidly Spreading Through Chinese City – Hordes Of People Being Turned Away From Hospitals…

(Tea Party 247) – Thanks to society being completely inundated with vaccines viruses seem to be getting stronger and stronger and more resistant to medical intervention. Mild colds have transformed into serious illnesses that can even be life-threatening. China is currently seeing such a case as a mysterious and deadly new coronavirus has been spreading […]

Historian Slams Greta Thunberg for Ignoring These HUGE Climate Criminals

(TP247) – Historian Niall Ferguson is slamming pint-sized climate hysteria pusher Greta Thunberg and her climate hypocrisy at Davos, Sweden, quite astutely noting, “I don’t see her in Beijing or Delhi.” Thunberg gave another speech to the global elite this week at the World Economic Foreign (which, for some reason, she is attending), where she […]

The Chilling Legal Fate of A French Intellectual Who Called Mass Immigration An “Invasion”

(TP247) – Renaud Camus, a French intellectual, has been given a 2-month suspended prison sentence for saying that mass immigration into Europe is akin to an “invasion,” the very feelings of no doubt many Europeans and Americans alike. Camus can only spare himself the prison sentence by paying 1,800 euros to two so-called “anti-racist” organizations, […]

The Kansas Mass Shooting That the Mainstream Media Is Completely Ignoring…Because It Destroys Their Narrative on Guns

(TP247) – Just hours before tens of thousands of “white supremacists,” AKA law-abiding gun owners of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and creeds, marched on Richmond, Virginia to oppose proposed unconstitutional gun law, a man opened fire on a crowded nightclub in Kansas City, injuring 15 and killing one. So why isn’t the media foaming at the […]

Virginia Democrats Go Full Orwell In Wake of MASSIVE, Peaceful Gun Rights Rally…This Is Absolute Tyranny

(TP247) – Following the peaceful and huge gun rights rally on Monday in Richmond, Virginia, the gun-grab-happy Democrats in the state, who recently gained control of the state government, have decided to just go full Orwell. They’re trying to push a bill through the legislature that would criminalize dissent against the notorious governor or any […]

Here’s How Much Iranian Lawmaker From Soleimani’s Home Town Just Offered As Bounty For Trump’s Head

(Tea Party 247) – You know how the Democrats are always clutching their pearls over Trump’s “harmful rhetoric”? Railing on about how rude and uncouth he is and how he’s going to get us all blown up by a nuclear bomb for being so mean to the widdle dictators and tyrants overseas? About that. An […]

Joe Biden’s Plan For Illegal Alien Drunk Drivers Will Make You Glad He Can’t Beat Trump In 2020

(Tea Party 247) – Although the Democrats are repelling voters away from themselves the more they give credence to the far-left members of their party who openly want to turn the US into socialistic dystopia with an intersectional caste system, Joe Biden has, for some reason, been doubling down on these radical ideas despite claiming […]

Parents In England And Wales Will Soon Have No Choice On Their Children’s Religious And Sexual Indoctrination

(Tea Party 247) – Here in the United States, the disturbing, perverted, and utterly depraved trend of highly graphic sex ed classes has been spreading like wildfire through America’s classrooms. Children are exposed to information on things like blood play, bondage, homosexuality, and other topics that have absolutely no place in a public school classroom, […]

The American University That Is Subjecting Their Faculty To Orwellian “Pronoun Training”

(Tea Party 247) – Right now, in the United States, people of faith–or just common sense–are facing daily threats to their ability not to express their personal beliefs, but to express a simple truth. Calling a man a man or a woman a woman, if said person “identifies” as a member of the opposite sex […]

What The Media Won’t Tell You About How Clinton’s Impeachment Compare’s To Trump’s

(Tea Party 247) – Last week, patriots across America shared a collective eye-roll as Nancy Pelosi unveiled her ornate, commemorative pens for herself and her colleagues to sign the Articles of Impeachment against the president. Then the slow, dramatic walk through the Capitol Building to carry the articles, which no doubt could have been run […]

Virginia State Senator Has Bold Message For Gun-Grabbing Governor Northam

(Tea Party 247) – On Monday, thousands of Second Amendment advocates descended on Richmond, VA, to let the Democrat-majority know of their vehement opposition to the gun-grabbing measures the new left-wing government is proposing. Virginia State Senator Chase is calling on Governor Ralph Northam to Resign immediately, as well she, and every freedom-loving American should […]

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