Check Out The Massive Impact Of The Wall That President Trump Promised And Delivered

(Tea Party 247) – President Trump may well be the first President in US history to make promises during his campaign and actually follow through and keep them after being elected. In 2016 when Trump was campaigning, he made a lot of big promises, the most popular among his voter base was his promise to “build the wall.” This promise was so popular that it became a trademark chant of supporters at any given Trump rally, right along with “lock her up.”

President Trump said he was going to build a wall and President Trump built a wall. It may go down as one of the crown jewels of his administration. The positive impact the wall is having has already been dramatic and that is good news for America.

Not only did the actual construction of the wall provide jobs for dozens of laborers but it’s actually doing what it’s meant to do and that’s keep illegal aliens out. The wall that workers have been building for three years now, spans a 126-mile portion of the United States’ southern border and while it isn’t quite complete yet it has already proven to be a highly effective replacement for what stood, or didn’t stand at all, before.

As Homeland Security Reporter for The Washington Examiner, Anna Giaritelli, noted the border has actually “physically changed” as a result of the promises President Trump made to back projects along the 2,000-mile strip of dividing land between the US and Mexico.

It also makes the job of border patrol much different including the way in which they use infrastructure to conduct their national security mission.

Yuma Border Patrol has always has some kind of physical barrier in use but it was literally in shambles until President Trump came along and gifted them with the new and much improved wall.

“Yuma sector was the beneficiary of a lot of infrastructure back in the ’06 timeframe,” Border Patrol’s Head of the Yuma Region Anthony Porvaznik said referring to the Secure Fence Act 2006 that became law during the George W. Bush administration.

Despite the Secure Fence Act being made into law it still took agents a year to receive the funding to implement it. In that year more than 1.5 million illegal immigrants were apprehended. For reference, during last year’s border crisis there were 1.1 million illegal immigrants arrested. Needless to say, 2006 was a rough year for border patrol.

One major issue of the past was the fact that in many areas there was no physical barrier at all which allowed for illegal immigrants to drive vehicles right into the US.

“Two thousand, nine hundred drive-through vehicles came through Yuma sector alone in one year,” says Porvaznik. “We caught maybe one out of 10 of those, if that. So we have no idea what got away at that point because there was no fence.”

The biggest problem with illegal immigrants driving vehicles over is that those vehicles aren’t just bringing in adult illegal immigrants. They’re used to bring in children who are sold or traded into child sex trafficking rings. Also massive amounts of illegal and dangerous drugs can be brought into the country that way and we’ve all seen the devastating effects that these drugs have had on the US.

The border wall is an impressive accomplishment of the Trump administration and we’d wager that Border Patrol agents are loving it and therefore loving President Trump.

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