Florida Bank Latest To Join In Trump Purge: Closes Account With No Explanation As Other Institutions Geared To Follow

(Tea Party 247) – The full weight of the terrified corporate elite is slamming down on former President Donald Trump as it becomes all the more obvious he has a more powerful influence on the minds of the American people than ever now that the Democrats hold power.

They’re terrified.

In the latest jaw-dropping move, a Florida bank has inexplicably ended their relationship with the longtime businessman and now former POTUS over the same tired yet dangerous narrative being employed by his enemies to tarnish his historical presidency and enigmatic and massive following.

Bank United announced it had cut ties with Trump where he had previously held two money-market accounts holding somewhere between $5.1 million and $25.2 million in worth according to Infowars.

“We no longer have any depository relationship with him,” a Bank United spokesperson said in a statement, providing no further explanation.

Professional Bank, another Florida bank, also issued a statement announcing they would also be ending their relationship with Trump and also failed to provide a reason.

Previously, Signature Bank in New York and Deutsche Bank had ended business with Trump.

“Signature Bank was overt in their opposition to the former-President and his allies in Congress in their dissolving of ties. An official statement from the institution called for Mr. Trump to resign in his last days in office,” Infowars explains.

“Additionally, Signature Bank attacked the US Constitution through its threat not to conduct business with any lawmaker who objected to certifying the presidential election, a right bestowed on elected officials conducting the certification of Electoral College votes,” they add.

In 2016, a number of Democrats had challenged elector slates from the State of Alabama for then-President-elect Trump.

It is not clear if Signature Bank is doing business with those members of Congress, as it happens.

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