Watch: Newt Gingrich Says “There Was No Question” All Of The Contested States Were Stolen In 2020 Election

(Tea Party 247) – The radical left desperately wants Americans to just forget about the stolen 2020 election and move on. While many of these states’ legislatures have worked to pass tighter laws protecting elections, only one state legislature has had the courage and tenacity to get to the truth of what really happened and […]

VP Kamala Harris Storms Out Of First Meeting With Mexican President On Border Security; He Accuses Biden Of Creating Coup

(Tea Party 247) – When Donald Trump was president he managed to have a very good working relationship with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Unfortunately, now that Joe Biden is occupying the Oval Office, along with his minion Vice President Kamala Harris, we can all but kiss that awesome relationship goodbye. According to Gateway […]

US Census Bureau Confirms Major Discrepancy In Total Number Of Voters In 2020 Election

(Tea Party 247) – The 2020 presidential election was a complete charade. It had the appearance of a free and “secure” election but in reality it was a well-organized effort to usurp the presidency of the United States. Tens of millions of Americans know the election was not legitimate and we aren’t just going to […]

Witness From Maricopa County Testifies Dominion Ran The Whole Election; County Officials, Observers, Never Had Access Or Passwords

(Tea Party 247) – Months ago, on November 30, 2020, Jan Bryant, a Maricopa County elections witness, testified before the Arizona legislature. Bryant, who has a very strong background in project management, stated that she was shocked to see the things she witnessed during the 2020 election in Maricopa County. A new report from Gateway […]

Disabled Veteran Savagely Beaten By Armed BLM Protesters During Portland March

(Tea Party 247) – A disabled veteran was hospitalized for serious injuries after a group of armed Black Lives Matter terrorists beat him savagely during a march in Portland, Oregon. According to Infowars, Joe Hall, a 53-year-old handyman, went on to provide detailed descriptions concerning how the group of BLM protestors, armed with AR-15s and […]

Daughter Of President Biden’s Chief Of Staff Signs Letter Asking DOJ To Stop Audit In Arizona

(Tea Party 247) – It seems the Biden administration and everyone who works for the current president are pulling out all of the stops to try and bring the audit in Arizona to a screeching halt. Can’t have the American people finding out that the 2020 election was a sham and that the Democratic Party […]

Michigan Attorney DePerno Files New Findings Alleging 1,061 “Phantom” Ballots Found In Antrim County 2020 Election

(Tea Party 247) – The fraud that took place during the 2020 election has been obvious to those of us with working brains but for the Americans who gobble up the mainstream media’s lies and disinformation, undeniable proof is required. Even then, it’s hard to say if they will even be capable of recognizing the […]

Watch: Christian Pastor Dragged To Jail For “Inciting” People To Go To Church In Violation Of COVID Rules

(Tea Party 247) – We went from “two weeks to slow the spread” to full-blown Communism awfully quick. First we were told to dutifully wear our masks because “masks save lives,” now it turns out that masks, as we’ve known all along, don’t do a darn thing. We’re now being told to be good citizens […]

Watch: Men Get Into Armed Standoff With BLM/Antifa Mob Who Interrupt Their Kentucky Derby Dinner

(Tea Party 247) – Brand new video footage coming out of Louisville, Kentucky shows a raucous mob comprised of BLM/Antifa protesters doing what they do best, attempting to interrupt a group of folks trying to enjoy a nice meal during the ever popular Kentucky Derby horse race held last weekend. According to Infowars, a demonstration […]

President Trump Issues Statement Asking “Where Did These ‘Votes’ Come From?” In Reference To Massive Early Morning Ballot Drops In Key States

(Tea Party 247) – In the months since the 2020 stolen election, there seems to only be one state with a legislature determined to expose the truth. The Arizona Senate Republicans have been adamant in their fight for election integrity. They haven’t just chalked 2020 up to a loss and focused on future elections. They’ve […]

Breaking: AZ Audit Director Says Dominion Refusing To Comply With Subpoena And Won’t Turn Over Password To Their Machines

(Tea Party 247) – There are many forces trying to stop the 2020 election audit going on in Maricopa County, Arizona. The Democrats have sent a mob of lawyers to the state in an effort to find any infraction of the law they can, the Secretary of State of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors […]

Healthy 15-Year-Old Boy Dies Of Heart Attack Just Two Days After Taking Pfizer Vaccine

(Tea Party 247) – The COVID-19 farce has been a methodically manufactured “pandemic” from the beginning. Globalist organizations like the WHO and the CDC along with the leftist elites and their media sycophant lapdogs, the COVID “crisis” changed life as we knew it, possibly for good, in America. Now, however, we’re faced with a real […]

Horrific Video Shows Police Forcing Special Needs Girls To Be Vaccinated In New Statewide ‘Operation Homebound’ Program

(Tea Party 247) – A horrifying new video coming out of the state of California shows LAPD officers forcibly administering a coronavirus vaccine to a trio of women who are special needs and were resisting the shot. According to the folks at Infowars, the video footage shows an extremely scared special needs woman trying desperately […]

Emails Expose How Milwaukee Shared Government Election Data With Far Left Groups Proving Massive Ballot Harvesting Operation

(Tea Party 247) – While all eyes are on the Arizona audit, it’s easy to forget that the fraud and corruption that took place in the 2020 presidential election was going on in many other states all around the country. One such state is Wisconsin. Unfortunately, Wisconsin is not being led by Republicans with the […]

Report: Melinda Gates Was “Furious” About Bill’s Relationship With Infamous Sex Trafficker Epstein

(Tea Party 247) – Unless you’re completely disconnected from social media sites, you’ve heard the news that Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced. We’re all supposed to care very deeply about the personal lives of Bill and Melinda Gates so today we’re reporting to you that their divorce just may be linked to Jeffery […]

Swiss Diplomat Who Represented Biden Admin Interests In Iran Found Dead After “Falling” From 17th Floor Balcony In Tehran

(Tea Party 247) – The Biden crime family is one of the most corrupt families on planet earth. They flew under the radar for so many years because of the left’s control of the establishment and also because Joe Biden was Obama’s Vice President and Obama could do no wrong. The crimes of the Biden […]

San Diego County Board Of Supervisors Votes To Spend Millions Of American Tax Dollars On Attorneys For Illegals

(Tea Party 247) – Illegal immigrants are flooding our southern border because Joe Biden basically promised them a pampered life paid for by the American taxpayers. Free food, free housing, free education, free healthcare, free this, free that and free everything. Who wouldn’t want to come to the US at any cost? Despite the fact […]

Awkward: Biden Laughs At Abysmal April Jobs Report As He Tries To Justify It

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden is, without a doubt, the worst president this country has ever seen. As if it isn’t bad enough that he has opened our southern border creating a massive crisis unlike anything America has ever seen and has implemented dozens of anti-American measures by executive order unlike any other president […]

Latest COVID Vaccine PSA Devolves Into Doctors Yelling “Shut The F**k Up” And “Get The Vaccine”

(Tea Party 247) – With the COVID ordeal came the insistence that Americans must live their lives by the words and guidance of the “experts.” Of course, the only “experts” that are acceptable to listen to are the ones approved by the left and, guess what? They’re all saying the same thing. Dissent is no […]

AZ Sec. Of State Katie Hobbs Runs Away After Reporter Asks Her Why She’s “Working So Hard To Shut The Audit Down?”

(Tea Party 247) – The efforts Democrats and RINOs are going to in order to stop the 2020 election audit in Arizona should be raising some serious red flags for every single freedom-loving American. If the election was truly legitimate and the “most secure” in US history then why on earth would anyone want this […]

“Aren’t You Tired Of This Tyranny?!” Maskless Man Being Thrown Out Of Costco Asks Crowd — They Respond “No!”

(Tea Party 247) – Over the course of the last year, the federal and state governments have been conditioning the masses into blind obedience and submission. The entire COVID ordeal has been blown epically out of proportion. Actual science has never justified the measures taken to supposedly “flatten the curve” or “stop the spread.” Not […]

Sidney Powell: America Is Now A ‘Communist Regime’

(Tea Party 247) – One of the main attorneys who fought hard to have evidence of voter fraud from the 2020 election reviewed and examined by the courts — and unfortunately failed — had some rather harsh things to state on the state of our nation under the leadership of President Joe Biden. According to […]

Scientists Are Using Scalps From Aborted Children To Make ‘Humanized Mice;’ The Real Shock: Fauci Is Funding It

(Tea Party 247) – You probably don’t need another reason to strongly dislike Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s supposed top medical professional when it comes to infectious diseases. After all, he’s gotten everything about the coronavirus wrong from day one and has joined in with the chorus of tyrannical voices in the government to stifle […]

New Report Reveals ‘External Devices’ With Up-To-Date Vote Totals Were Allegedly Taken Offsite Every Night During Election By Maricopa County Or Dominion Employees

(Tea Party 247) – A new report coming from the Gateway Pundit has revealed even more corruption coming out of the Maricopa County election team or possibly Dominion Voting Machines. Dr. Kelli Ward posted a tweet on Wednesday that said devices that contained data during the election in Maricopa County were taken offsite on a […]

Tucker Carlson Enrages The COVID Cult After Questioning Vaccine Death Rate

(Tea Party 247) – The COVID vaccines are controversial for a number of reasons but the most significant one is that they are causing otherwise perfectly healthy people to die. Every vaccine has risks but none quite like the emergency-use COVID vaccines that haven’t even been tested on animals. We don’t even know the full […]

Maricopa County Didn’t Have Admin Access To 2020 Election, Which Means They Ceded Ownership Of Election To Outside System Provider

(Tea Party 247) – The more time passes, the more evidence we seem to unearth that proves there was massive voter fraud happening in key battleground states around the country during the 2020 presidential election, especially in Maricopa County, Arizona. According to a new report published by Gateway Pundit, the Maricopa County Election Team recently […]

White House Admits It Shut’s Up Biden

(Tea Party 247) – Not only is Biden an illegitimate president, he’s not a very good one. As a matter of fact, he’s easily the worst president in US history. Of course, that opinion varies greatly depending on what side of the aisle someone is on. Gone are the days of US presidents actually being […]

Honeywell Leaks Out Tech Details For Several Fighter Jets And A Bomber To China; Biden Gives Them A Gentle Rap On The Knuckles

(Tea Party 247) – Honeywell just received a $13 million fine for giving away the technical drawings for several jet fighters and a bomber to Communist China. The drawings were for the F-35, F-22, and the B-1 bomber along with several others. But, in a move that will not surprise a single soul who knows […]

California Town Bribes High School Students Into Getting Covid Shot With $10K Raffle

(Tea Party 247) – Despite the fact that healthy, young people are not at any great risk for COVID-19, they are being urged to do their part and get the experimental vaccines anyway. They have a much greater risk of experiencing short and/or long term adverse reactions to the vaccines than they do from COVID, […]

Biden’s DOJ To Interfere With Forensic Audit Of Maricopa County Ballots

(Tea Party 247) – It seems the Democrats are truly terrified of the results from the Maricopa County forensic audit being published in the public eye because they are pulling out all of the stops to ensure that this project is not completed and their dirty deeds remain hidden in the dark. According to Gateway […]

Democrats Have Settled Lawsuit Over Maricopa Audit With Only 9 Days To Go; Experts Set To Stop Signature Matching

(Tea Party 247) – After a very long lawsuit that had the Democratic Party taking a few victories in their ultimate goal of ending the forensic audit of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County, Arizona, liberals have now reached a settlement with the firm that is currently conducting the audit along with the Republicans […]

Disturbing Video Shows LA Woman Racially Abusing Police Officer And Calling Him A “Murderer”

(Tea Party 247) – Mental illness is the real pandemic in America. If only we could somehow address this incredibly prevalent issue, America just might be saved. Unhinged leftists clearly suffer from a range of mental disorders. Their behavior is reflective of that. A recent incident in Los Angeles has perfectly illustrated just how unchecked […]

Viewers Notice Strange Spot On The Side Of Biden’s Head As He Goes Completely Blank For A Whopping 8 Seconds Straight During Press Conference

(Tea Party 247) – Ever since Joe Biden announced that he would be running for president, it’s been clear as day that something is just not right with the man when it comes to his cognitive functions. We’ve seen many, many interview clips over the course of the last year where Biden went blank and […]

Unhinged CNN Host Suggests It’s “Time To Shun” Family And Friends Who Don’t Take The Vaccine

(Tea Party 247) – The shaming or punishing of dissidents is the hallmark of any good totalitarian regime and the oligarchy forming in America is no exception. There is nothing that drives the radical left more crazy than freedom-loving Americans who refuse to blindly bend and conform to their orders. It drives them insane when […]

Breaking: Soros-Funded St. Louis Prosecutor Kim Gardner Engaged In Repeated Acts Of Professional Misconduct In Failed Prosecution Of Eric Greitens

(Tea Party 247) – St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has been nothing but a menace to the city. After doing absolutely nothing in the aftermath of the deadly George Floyd riots last year, Gardner also saw the city’s homicide rate reach the highest it’s been in 50 years. The George Soros-funded prosecutor blatantly rejected […]

Watch: Home Depot Shuts Down Entire Self-Checkout Area Because Of One Maskless Man

(Tea Party 247) – The mask tyranny in America continues. The government no longer needs to have mask mandates issued as Corporate America is now fully on board with the agenda. Even with mask mandates being lifted all around the US, businesses everywhere continue to force Americans to wear a mask in order to enter […]

Plaintiffs From Antrim County Have Introduced Brand Spanking New Evidence In 2020 Election Case; Experts Were Able To Compromise Data And Flip Votes

(Tea Party 247) – Michigan attorney Matthew DePerno has filed a bombshell of a new report in the current Antrim County 2020 election lawsuit that is currently underway. DePerno has come out and stated that his team of experts were able to prove that voting machines used in this election were very vulnerable to compromise. […]

Iran State TV Says Biden Paid Billions For Prisoner Exchange, But Of Course, They Are Denying The Whole Thing

(Tea Party 247) – Back in 2016, former President Barack Obama denied that he sent money to the terrorist nation of Iran, but, as with almost everything that came out of his mouth, this was a bald-faced lie. In reality, the Obama administration sent the country of Iran pallets stacked with cash, not to mention […]

House Reps. Jordan And Biggs Send Letter To FBI Director Wray Demanding Answers On “Illegal Spying”

(Tea Party 247) – Few and far between are the Republicans in Congress who are actually fighting for freedom and the American people. House Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is one of those Republicans and he and fellow patriot Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) recently sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray requesting information on the […]

Breaking: Former President Trump Has Launched Brand New Social Media-Like Website Called “From The Desk Of Donald J. Trump”

(Tea Party 247) – They can’t cancel you if you don’t let them. This is a phrase that many on the right in modern politics have come to adopt as the politically correct thought police attempt to erase the voice and influence of anyone who dares to have a different worldview than the extreme liberal […]

Watch: Tucker Carlson Reveals GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy And Liberal Strategist Frank Luntz Are Roommates!

(Tea Party 247) – Freedom-loving conservatives in America have noticed that while Republicans in Congress talk the talk, they rarely actually walk the walk. Time after time, Republicans drop the ball on fighting for the interests of the American people even though they oftentimes vehemently claim to be doing just that. How many times have […]

The Use Of Stingrays, Devices To Locate And Track Suspects Via Their Cell Phones, Is Used Around The Country. What’s Going On In Arizona?

(Tea Party 247) – Democrats are desperate to impede and obstruct the forensic audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election results any way possible. They have sent in a massive team of lawyers and activists to threaten, harass, and bully the audit company and volunteers working the operation. Prior to the audit even being able to […]

Top Australian General Says In Leaked Briefing That There’s A ‘High Likelihood’ Of War With Communist China

(Tea Party 247) – A top general in the country of Australia was caught during a briefing stating that there is a “high likelihood” of a coming war with Communist China. This information was released by an anonymous source. According to a brand new report from Infowars, the confidential briefing was obtained by the Sydney […]

Extension For Arizona Ballot Recount For 2020 Election Has Been Granted

(Tea Party 247) – An audit for the 2020 presidential election results in Maricopa County, Arizona, which is one of several states where Joe Biden won by an extremely narrow margin, which has caused tons of objections from lawmakers due to evidence that fraud was involved in the victory, has been granted an extension. According […]

Huge: Trump Is Planning A 2024 Presidential Bid

(Tea Party 247) – According to a brand new report published by Infowars, former President Donald Trump is currently in the middle of planning a 2024 presidential run. If the sources on this are accurate, and there’s no reason to doubt them, then listen up very carefully because you’re about to hear all kinds of […]

Stanford Student Government Candidate Urges “White People Need To Be Eradicated”

(Tea Party 247) – The left has created an environment where minorities are all innocent victims and all white people are evil racists. Hate and division in America are reaching a fever pitch and leftists aren’t backing off their inflammatory and false rhetoric. They claim to be fighting for “equality” but what they really want […]

Tennessee Woman Becomes Another Vaccine Victim After Being Paralyzed Following Second Pfizer Covid Shot

(Tea Party 247) – A Tennessee woman has become another victim of the vaccine “side effects” after having received her second shot and becoming paralyzed from her neck down. Imagine what else the virus has done inside her body. Nashville woman Brandy Parker-McFadden got her second Pfizer shot on April 16 and within one day […]

Breaking: Former Oregon Democrat House Speaker Arrested For Violating Human Sex Trafficking Law He Voted For

(Tea Party 247) – It sure seems as though the modus operandi for Democrats is hypocrisy. Operating with double standards and being an outright hypocrite are the hallmarks of any good, lockstep Democrat in 21st century America. Former Oregon House Speaker and current Clackamas Community College board member Dave Hunt was busted by the Portland […]

BLM Leader Arrested In Connection To A Man Murdered In His Home, Police Discover 42 Ecstasy Pills & Two Ounces Of Weed

(Tea Party 247) – According to Black Lives Matter, all the problems facing black communities in America are the fault of racist white people and supposed “white privilege.” This, of course, leads black people into the victimhood mentality and essentially excuses them from taking any responsibility for their own lives and futures. The radical left, […]

Top Investigative Journalist And Author Confirms He’s Reviewing 26,000 Hunter-Linked Emails

(Tea Party 247) – When the New York Post originally broke the story about the emails in Hunter Biden’s laptop, the left did everything in their power to hide the stories and run defense for Joe Biden. Joe Biden himself claimed that the stories were just “Russian disinformation” and a “smear campaign” on the part […]

New CNN Poll Shows 70% Of Republicans Don’t Believe Biden Legitimately Won Election

(Tea Party 247) – CNN revealed the results of a poll that was most definitely designed to make Republicans look like crazy conspiracy theorists who have been “brainwashed” by Fox News and President Trump. The poll they conducted found that 70% of Republicans don’t believe Joe Biden legitimately won enough votes to beat President Trump […]

Arizona GOP Leader Kelli Ward Rings Alarm Bell, Says Dem Secretary Of State Is Sneaking Operatives Into The Maricopa County Ballot Audit

(Tea Party 247) – Arizona GOP leader Kelli Ward has started sounding the warning bell concerning the Maricopa County audit, stating that individuals in the Deep State who work for non-for-profit organizations are being snuck inside the Maricopa County audit over the last several days. According to reports coming from Gateway Pundit, three radical left-wing […]

Mitt Romney Gets Booed And Heckled While Delivering A Speech At The Utah GOP Convention, Then Snaps At Delegates, Saying, ‘Aren’t You Embarrassed?’

(Tea Party 247) – Sen. Mitt Romney did not get the reaction he was hoping for when he delivered a speech at the Utah Republican Convention, as he was loudly booed and heckled by delegates during the event held in West Valley City. According to Gateway Pundit, Derek Brown, chairman of the Utah Republican Party, […]

“I’m In Trouble!” Biden Makes A Fool Of Himself After Not Being Able To Find His Mask

(Tea Party 247) – The Joe Biden regime is an all-out circus. It truly is an embarrassing time to be an American which is ironic considering how leftists whined and complained of their embarrassment when Trump was in office despite the fact that Trump was mentally competent. President Trump never shamed this country the way […]

BLM Activist Was Part Of Chauvin Jury After Stating He Could Be ‘Impartial.’ Tells Folks To Get On Juries In Order To ‘Spark Change’

(Tea Party 247) – One of the most precious rights we have as individuals is a fair trial where we will be judged by a panel of our peers, regular Americans. A fair trial is seemingly harder and harder to come by thanks to progressives who have continued to degrade the legal system as a […]

Holy Smokes! Fox News Actually Covers Election Fraud In Story About TX AG Ken Paxton Describing How Liberals Almost Stole Texas In 2020

(Tea Party 247) – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton conducted an interview with Maria Bartiromo’s “Sunday Morning Futures” program on Fox News, where he chatted about how the Democrats almost managed to steal the state of Texas in the 2020 election. Folks, this is a huge deal. Ever since allegations of voter fraud emerged concerning […]

Watch: Never-Trump RINO Cindy McCain Slams Maricopa County Election Audit, “The Election Is Over”

(Tea Party 247) – Democrats and RINOs alike are desperate to keep the truth about the 2020 election hidden from the American people. Leftists and unhinged Trump haters just continue to deny the fraud and corruption and treat the American people like we’re all too stupid to see the truth for ourselves. Never-Trumper Cindy McCain […]

Watch: Trump Supporter Infiltrates Northern Cali Antifa Group, Finds Hit List Of Police And Republicans

(Tea Party 247) – Ever since the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Democrats and their puppet president have been gunning hard for conservatives and Trump supporters. Joe Biden even promised to deal with the “white supremacist” domestic terrorism problem America apparently has when he finally gave his first address with Congress earlier this week. The only […]

CA National Guard Ordered To Put Fighter Jet On Alert For “Possible Domestic Mission” To Intimidate And Disperse Lockdown Protesters

(Tea Party 247) – The COVID-19 “pandemic” has opened the door for tyranny in America like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Democratic state leaders and officials have been more than eager and enthusiastic to step up to the plate and behave like dictators rather than elected representatives. What we have seen over the course of […]

12 Armed FBI Agents Kick Down Door Of Couple’s Home In Search Of Pelosi’s Laptop In Case Of Mistaken Identity

(Tea Party 247) – The FBI is busy doing everything they can to protect their Deep State allies. Ever since the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, the nation’s top law enforcement agency has been working overtime to bring justice to America via the political persecution of Trump supporters. According to usurper Joe Biden and his band […]

Watch: Boris Epshteyn, Former Special Assistant To President Trump, Just Dropped A Huge Bombshell: “Freight Train Of Audits Are Coming!”

(Tea Party 247) – Former Special Assistant to President Donald Trump, Boris Epshteyn, recently sat down with Steve Bannon on his “War Room” show Thursday morning, following Biden’s speech to Congress on Wednesday night. According to a report from the Gateway Pundit, Boris, who has been following the current forensic audit happening in Maricopa County, […]

Evidence Proves The Israeli Intel John Kerry Shared With Iran Was Not In The Public Domain As Claimed By Biden’s State Department

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden’s special climate envoy, John Kerry, has found himself in hot water, though there won’t be any accountability for him or any of his associates, that’s just how the left’s double standards work. Recently it was revealed via leaked audio that during his tenure as Secretary of State under Obama, […]

Rudy Giuliani’s Son Speaks Out In Defense Of His Father And Warns The Corrupt Government Can And Will Target Anyone

(Tea Party 247) – The FBI conducted a raid on Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s home Thursday morning and proved to the US and the world just how corrupt our government truly is. Make no mistake about it. The raid on Giuliani’s home was nothing more than a political attack aimed at sending a clear message […]

Breaking: Arizona Officials More Than Double The Number Of Tables At Veterans Memorial Coliseum To Fast Track Audit

(Tea Party 247) – As hard as Democrats tried to stop the election audit from happening in Maricopa County, Arizona, the audit is moving forward as planned. Not only is it moving forward as planned, the efforts appear to be undergoing changes to expedite the process, which is probably a good call. Why not move […]

Busted: Judicial Watch Obtains Documents That Show CA State Officials Pressured Big Tech To Censor Americans’ Election Posts

(Tea Party 247) – How much truth has to come out about the 2020 election before Democrat voters in America will believe it? The election was stolen by massive scale fraud and corruption that came in a myriad of forms. It wasn’t just about the ballots. The Big Tech oligarchy played a major role in […]

Another Broken Biden Campaign Promise: Hunter Biden Still Owns Stake In Chinese Operation

(Tea Party 247) – There is absolutely no accountability for Democrats in the US. What’s even more alarming and pathetic is that their voters don’t seem to care. While they were hysterical over the supposed, alleged “crimes” and “wrongdoings” of President Trump, they don’t seem to care at all how corrupt the Democrats are. Liberals […]

BREAKING: Three Lawfare Organizations Are Now Petitioning Biden’s DOJ To Step In And Shut Down Maricopa County Forensic Audit

(Tea Party 247) – Democrats seem to be absolutely terrified of the forensic audit of ballots located in Maricopa County as they continue to try and find news ways to shut it down before the analysis is complete and results are released. Could that be because they know the truth is about to be revealed […]

Former VP Of Pfizer Drops Terrifying Bombshell On Vaccine Scheme: “Entirely Possible This Will Be Used For Massive-Scale Depopulation”

(Tea Party 247) – Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer, has sounded the warning bell over the current vaccination scheme that is sweeping the nation, stating that this could lead to mass depopulation. We’ve all noticed the incredible pressure that the government and many other organizations are applying to […]

Newly Leaked Memo Reveals Border Patrol Chief Rejected Ban On Term ‘Illegal Alien’

(Tea Party 247) – Immigration agencies in the United States were recently ordered by the Biden administration to stop using certain phrases and terms such as “illegal alien” and “assimilation,” but it seems there was some massive pushback on this little attempt at political correctness by Rodney Scott. Scott is the Border Patrol Chief. A […]

Biden Joint Session of Congress Ratings Are In: 34 Million Fewer People Tuned In To Watch Biden’s Speech Than Viewed Trump’s First SOTU Address

(Tea Party 247) – When it comes right down to it, President Joe Biden is not only a possibly senile big government leftist, he’s also extremely boring to watch on television. Which might explain, at least in part, why 34 million less people tuned in to watch him give a speech to Congress compared to […]

#3 Jiu-Jitsu Fighter In The World Craig Jones Unable To Fight After COVID Vaccine Causes Fluid Buildup Around His Stomach

(Tea Party 247) – It’s really time for Americans to wake up already. The COVID vaccines are dangerous experimental drugs that are not suitable to be used on humans. We don’t even know if they are safe for animals since there were never any animal trials done. What’s worse is that there is no proof […]

President Biden’s DOJ Would Have Arrested Chauvin If He Had Been Acquitted Of George Floyd’s Death

(Tea Party 247) – Sources have come out and revealed that if Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin had been acquitted of the charges he faced in connection with the death of George Floyd, President Biden’s DOJ would have arrested him at the courthouse. In other words, whether this man was found guilty or not by […]

BREAKING: Biden DOJ Considering Domestic Terrorism Law To Target ‘Right-Wing’ Attacks

(Tea Party 247) – Just one day after President Joe Biden made a declaration that the “most lethal” terrorist threat to the United States is white supremacy, a senior official who works at the Justice Department has revealed that the agency is “actively considering” whether or not to seek a brand new law that would […]

Stunning: Over $85K In Donations Raised For Cop Suspended For Viral TikTok Video Mocking NBA Star LeBron James

(Tea Party 247) – A fundraiser was held for an Idaho law enforcement officer who was suspended from the force after a TikTok video he made mocking NBA superstar LeBron James went viral. They ended up raising $85,000 for the man. According to a report from Infowars, the viral TikTok sketch ended up bringing in […]

“F**k The Police!” – Black Woman Drinks Shots, Bashes Police On Facebook Before Killing Police Officer In Hit-And-Run

(Tea Party 247) – The establishment Democrats and their media sycophants have deliberately misled black communities into thinking that the police are the enemy. The reality is, leftist elites pushing the narrative are the enemy. The left is purposefully working to divide and conquer and what better way to do that then convince black Americans […]

Veteran Pollster Says Biden’s Approval Numbers Are Horrific, Republicans On Track To Dominate 2022

(Tea Party 247) – Despite what the mainstream media outlets and pollsters try to tell the American people, the truth is, Joe Biden is doing an abysmal job and the American people do not approve. While establishment networks claim that Biden is polling fairly well, a noted veteran pollster says that Biden’s low poll numbers […]

Judge Crushes Democrat Hopes Of Attempting To Stop The 2020 Election Vote Audit In Arizona

(Tea Party 247) – A judge in the state of Arizona has officially crushed all the hopes and dreams the Democratic Party within the state held about possibly stopping the forensic audit that is happening in Maricopa County, despite the hard work that the left is putting in a campaign designed to suppress the work […]

Biden’s DOJ Just Raided Giuliani’s Manhattan Office And Apartment

(Tea Party 247) – Federal investigators working in Biden’s Justice Department executed a search warrant on former President Trump’s former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan apartment and office building on Wednesday. The employees from the DOJ went to these locations and seized Giuliani’s electronic devices, hoping that this would provide them with information about the […]

Trump Expects “Startling Results” As Arizona Legislators Take Possession Of All Ballots, Voting Machines From Maricopa County

(Tea Party 247) – It’s been almost six months since the 2020 presidential election when former President Donald Trump was defeated by Joe Biden to take the White House and send our nation back on a downward spiral of destruction. However, a lot of folks feel this election was rigged and victory stolen from Trump. […]

Another Leaked Audio: John Kerry Tells Syrian “Revolutionaries” He Was Pushing For US Bomb Attacks On Syria In 2016

(Tea Party 247) – John Kerry is easily one of the most unlikable, corrupt politicians in the Washington DC swamp. Democrats, however, know they can trust Kerry to take care of their dirty work. That’s why Joe Biden appointed him as the man to travel around the world and give lectures on climate change propaganda […]

Joe Rogan Sparks Massive Liberal Tantrum For Daring To Say “Young, Healthy” People Don’t Need COVID Vaccines

(Tea Party 247) – In 2021, expressing your personal opinion is a dangerous business even if you’re the host of the #1 rated podcast in America. Joe Rogan has come under fire for daring to suggest that young, healthy people do not need to get vaccinated during an episode of his wildly popular podcast. He […]

New Report Says Trump MAGA Rallies Could Make A Comeback Next Month

(Tea Party 247) – If the radical left in this country thought that by ousting former President Donald Trump from the presidency in their rigged 2020 election they would no longer have to worry about him fouling up their plans for radical transformation of America, we’ve got some major bad news for them. According to […]

Report Reveals New Judge In Election Case In Arizona Was Picked By Judge And Wife Of Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates

(Tea Party 247) – We are living in some very strange times, folks. We are watching the American way of life be destroyed by radical leftists who have been planning to radically transform our nation for decades. This is currently being put into motion thanks in large part to the efforts expended by the Democratic […]

Woman Paralyzed From Neck Down After Receiving Second Dose Of Pfizer Vaccine

(Tea Party 247) – So many Americans have been brainwashed into believing that COVID-19 is akin to the black plague. All ability to think reasonably and rationally have been wiped out by overly sensationalized establishment media propaganda. Is COVID-19 real? Yes. No one is denying that the virus exists and that it can kill people […]

New Judge In Maricopa County Ballot Audit Case Appointed By Democrat Janet Napolitano; Also Has Deep Ties To Perkins Coie Firm

(Tea Party 247) – A new judge was appointed in the Democrats’ case trying to stop an audit of the ballots in the 2020 election in Maricopa County, Arizona, and as it turns out, he leans pretty far to the left. According to the Gateway Pundit, the judge’s name is Daniel (Dan) Martin. On Sunday, […]

Biden Border Crisis: “Cartels Having A Field Day” As Eighteen-Wheelers Deliver Migrants & Drugs

(Tea Party 247) – Upon usurping the presidency, Joe Biden immediately opened up our southern border and promised all the would-be migrants of the world that if they made it here, they would, essentially, be welcome. This, naturally, caused a massive, unprecedented surge in illegal immigration. When Biden got tired of taking the heat for […]

Democrat Auditor And Supporter Of Bernie Sanders Says ‘Arizona Audit First Real Audit Since Election — They Built A Computer They Knew Would Cheat’

(Tea Party 247) – A Democratic progressive and big time fan of Sen. Bernie Sanders, John Brakey, recently made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” program on Tuesday where he chatted about the current audit happening in the state of Arizona. According to a report from Gateway Pundit, Brakey is the co-founder and director […]

Yet Another Democrat ‘Non-Profit’ Is Sticking Its Nose Into The Arizona Audit; It’s Connected To George Soros And Only Gets Involved In Big Time Democrat Efforts

(Tea Party 247) – Yet another Democratic non-profit organization connected to billionaire George Soros has stuck its nose into the Maricopa County, Arizona election results audit. According to Gateway Pundit, the other group that has inserted themselves into the audit is the “Project Democracy Project” joined with three legal teams to try and threaten and […]

Triggered: CNN Launches Attack On Tucker Carlson After He Encourages Viewers To Shame Mask Wearers

(Tea Party 247) – It’s really time for sane, rational Americans to take back America. The unhinged liberals have done enough damage. A pandemic should never be a political issue yet the Democrats made it into one proving just how trivial the entire thing has been all along. They’ve been manufacturing the entire thing from […]

WTH? As Arizona Audit Continues, New Judge In Court Is ‘Concerned’ With The ‘Constitutional Rights’ Of Voters In Maricopa County

(Tea Party 247) – The audit of election ballots in the state of Arizona is marching forward, but so too is the court case in Maricopa County where a new judge is now hearing arguments from desperate Democrats who want to shut down the audit in order to prevent anyone from finding out the truth […]

Who Killed Seth Rich? FBI Releases Documents On Investigation Into Death Of DNC Staffer Seth Rich

(Tea Party 247) – The FBI has reportedly produced 68 pages of documents relating to Democrat National Committee (DNC) worker Seth Rich who was shot dead in 2016 in Washington DC near his home. Included in the documents is an investigative summary that appears to indicate that his death may have been paid for. Rich […]

YES! Arizona Election Workers Are Now Running Ultra-Violet Testing On Maricopa Ballots. Here’s The Video…

(Tea Party 247) – The Arizona forensic audit taking place at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum located in downtown Phoenix is continuing on today, which is proof that if we just keep fighting against the corruption in the Democratic Party, we actually can win some battles and expose the truth. According to reports from Gateway Pundit, […]

Ex-Team USA Women’s Soccer Player Says Laws Protecting Female Sports “Uphold White Supremacy”

(Tea Party 247) – Just when you thought you’ve heard all the idiotic and “woke” talking points, someone comes along and proves that progressive liberals still have so much more to give. Former US national women’s team soccer player Lori Lindsey just took first place for the most disconnected, nonsensical argument against state laws protecting […]

Attorney Representing Family Of Ashli Babbitt Says Lawsuit To Be Filed Very Soon Against US Capitol Police

(Tea Party 247) – An attorney who represents the family of Ashli Babbitt has stated that they plan to file a lawsuit against the U.S. Capitol Police after one of their officers shot and killed her during the siege on the Capitol building that took place on January 6th of this year. A new report […]

Watch: Cartel Human Smugglers Dangerously Lower Baby, Adults Over 30-Foot Border Wall

(Tea Party 247) – Illegal aliens from all over the world are scrambling to reach America’s southern border. Motivated by the Biden regime’s promises of free healthcare, food, and income these migrants are willing to put their lives on the line to make the journey. It really is quite sad when you think about how […]

Hilarious Videos Of Cops Mocking NBA Star LeBron James Go Viral; These Are A Must See

(Tea Party 247) – A police officer from Idaho recently filmed a very funny skit mocking NBA legend LeBron James after he decided to shoot his mouth off by weighing in on a police involved shooting in Columbus, Ohio, where the officer prevented a young girl from being stabbed to death by another girl. According […]

Judge Calls It Quits On 2020 Presidential Recount Battle

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats have been attempting to throw anything and everything they can at the Arizona State Senate over the ballot recount and forensic audit, hoping they can stop the whole thing before their illegal tactics are revealed to the rest of the world. Unfortunately for them, their side of the fight […]

GOP Wins Big In US Census: TX Gains 2 House Seats, CA, NY Lose One As US Political Map Changes

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats were so distracted rigging the 2020 election that they completely forgot to rig the 2020 census. The first set of results from the census have been released and it’s good news for freedom-loving conservatives. No doubt, Democrats and unhinged liberals from sea to shining sea are having epic meltdowns […]

Nickelodeon Doesn’t Like The Backlash To Their Posts Teaching Kids About “Environmental Racism” So They Shut Down Comments

(Tea Party 247) – When are Americans going to realize it’s the left’s world now and our opinions and beliefs are irrelevant? When are we going to come to terms with the fact that the unhinged, deranged left is in charge of determining “facts” and “reality” and we can either get on board or become […]

Exposed: Stanford Study Finds Facemasks Are Totally Ineffective At Blocking Transmission Of COVID-19 And May Lead To Serious Health Implications

(Tea Party 247) – America has been sold many lies by the left but perhaps none more damaging and dangerous than the lie that healthy people should be wearing face masks. While leftists claim to be “following the science” the reality is they’re only following their agenda and pushing fake, sensationalized propaganda on us all […]

Disturbing Report: Pfizer Vaccine Confirmed To Result In Neurodegenerative Diseases

(Tea Party 247) – One of the biggest concerns with vaccines in general but especially the untested, unproven, experimental COVID-19 vaccines are the long-term health effects that could develop in the test subjects who receive them. When deciding whether or not to get the vaccines it’s important to remember that they were released onto the […]

BREAKING: Shadowy DARPA-Linked Company Took Over ‘Chunk’ Of Pentagon’s Internet In Inauguration Day Mystery

(Tea Party 247) – So a shadowy company that was founded last September and that has links with both a DARPA and the FBI contractor that tried to peddle a “lawful intercept” Internet spy device about 10 years ago, apparently took over a very large chunk of the Pentagon’s idle internet addresses on the day […]

Democrats Once Illegally Blocked GOP Observers From Entering Vote Counting Areas, But The GOP In Arizona Is Letting The Whole World Watch Maricopa Audit

(Tea Party 247) – Back when the election was happening last November, Democrats in major cities in key battleground states like Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Las Vegas wouldn’t allow any of the Republican observers to enter areas where votes were being counted. It just so happened that these cities helped to determine the outcome […]

JUST IN: Biden Stops Fining Illegal Aliens Who Do Not Depart U.S., Cancels Their Debt

(Tea Party 247) – The usurper Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has announced that they are no longer fining illegal aliens who refuse to leave the US. Not only that but they also say they’re canceling all debt previously incurred by criminal aliens who have remained illegally in America. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made […]

Big Tech Billionaires Have Donated $7.5M To Marxist BLM Co-Founder In Exchange For Her Advocating Of Net Neutrality Policy

(Tea Party 247) – What is really going on between Big Tech and Marxist organization Black Lives Matter? Is it any wonder that Big Tech has been dumping millions of dollars into Black Lives Matter and then BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors then uses her platform to advocate for their policy goals? All of these leftist […]

BANNON’S WAR ROOM: Rachel Maddow Is Terrified About What AZ Election Audit Will Reveal Because She Knows Georgia Is Next

(Tea Party 247) – Rachel Maddow, host and “editor” over at the disgustingly liberal MSNBC network, took seven minutes of her program on Friday to warn her audience about the forensic audit that is taking place in the state of Arizona, seeming rather nervous about what might potentially be uncovered during the investigation. According to […]

Biden’s Marxist Climate Requirements May Include Cutting 90% Of Red Meat From Americans’ Diets And Mandatory Electric Cars

(Tea Party 247) – Ever notice how all of the Democrats’ plans, goals and agendas always come at the cost of Americans’ freedoms, liberties and rights? That’s not coincidence. The left’s bigger agenda is total and complete control of the American people. They want to turn the US into a Marxist dystopia where socialism is […]

Breaking: President Trump Slams Democrats For Using Mob Of 73 Lawyers In AZ In Attempt To Stop Audit – “They Know What They Did!”

(Tea Party 247) – The battle for truth and transparency in the 2020 election has been underway in Arizona for months now. State Senate Republicans have been fighting to get a legitimate independent audit performed on the ballots and election equipment from Maricopa County for months. Meanwhile, Democrats have been doing everything they can think […]

Arizona Judge Orders Pause Of Forensic Ballot Audit Until Monday After Democrats File Suit To Shut Down Process

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats are doing everything in their power to keep the truth about the 2020 presidential election concealed. The fight for election transparency in Arizona has been heated for months. State Senate Republicans have been working towards an independent forensic audit being performed on the ballots and election machines while Democrats […]

Joe Biden Humiliates Himself On The World Stage By Being The Only World Leader Wearing A Mask During Virtual Climate Change Summit

(Tea Party 247) – The COVID-19 charade has gone on long enough and it’s about time state and federal government officials stop treading on Americans’ freedoms and liberties. Everyone has been under the impression that the vaccines were the means to end this entire ordeal yet with millions of Americans getting theirs, the show only […]

Insurrection: Mob Of BLM Protesters Storm Oklahoma Capitol Over GOP Bills Aimed At Protecting Drivers Fleeing Riots And Police From “Doxxing”

(Tea Party 247) – America has devolved into lunacy and chaos. So many Americans have seemingly traded in rational thinking and common sense for emotional knee-jerk reactions and the lie that America is a hateful, racist country. While the FBI and DOJ have come down hard on all Trump supporters connected with the “insurrection” at […]

Washington State Department Of Health Allows Vaccination Sites To Deny White People Access To Vaccines To “Address Inequities”

(Tea Party 247) – Apparently the solution to end supposed “systemic” and “institutional” racism in America is to implement policies and rules that are racist against white people. Makes total sense. Since white people are evil, all we have to do is promote policies that discriminate against white people simply because of the color of […]

Shameful: Windham, New Hampshire Official Receives Death Threats Over Upcoming Election Audit

(Tea Party 247) – We’re all familiar with the voter and election fraud that took place in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona but the fraud and corrupt chicanery was not exclusive to these states. It turns out fraudulent results from all around the country are being investigated. The election corruption seems to […]

Watch: Georgia Mom Says It’s Time To Take Masks Off Our Children In Powerful Viral Video

(Tea Party 247) – Courtney Ann Taylor, a mom from the state of Georgia got a rousing round of applause in a new video that’s gone viral featuring her making a demand for the schools in her area to end the ridiculous mask mandate for young children who have gone back to in-classroom learning. According […]

Breaking: Elections Integrity Org Identifies Over 12,000 Illegal Votes Included In Georgia’s Fraudulent 2020 Election Results

(Tea Party 247) – It’s been almost six months since the 2020 presidential election and while elected officials in many of the contested states are moving forward, independent organizations have been doing the people’s work. In Georgia, voter advocacy and elections integrity group Look Ahead America (LAA) performed an investigation into the validity of ballots […]

IT’S HAPPENING: Maricopa County Moving Voting Machines For Audit

(Tea Party 247) – Folks, it’s finally happening. Voting machines located in Maricopa County are being moved to the location where auditors that were selected by the Arizona Senate are going to perform their audit of the results from the 2020 election. If you listen real close, you can almost hear the liberals dropping to […]

Must-See: Author Heather MacDonald Breaks Down The Myth Of Systemic Racism In America With Actual Facts

(Tea Party 247) – The media has been fueling racial tensions in the US for the last several years but their efforts have really ramped up since the death of George Floyd. Large segments of people within black communities across the US have been convinced that there is an actual “genocide” going on in which […]

Biden Administration Footing The Bill For COVID Funerals For Illegals

(Tea Party 247) – Illegal aliens who have passed away due to the coronavirus here in the United States are having their funeral costs paid for by the American taxpayer’s hard earned money, thanks to the Biden administration. According to Newswars, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, otherwise known as FEMA, has created a new assistance […]

Minneapolis’ “George Floyd Autonomous Zone” Issues Rules For White People While Violence And Crime Skyrocket

(Tea Party 247) – Black Lives Matter activists in Minneapolis have established an autonomous zone in honor of George Floyd. The zone is being called the “George Floyd Autonomous Zone” and is based off of other successful autonomous zones established in cities around the US. Note the sarcasm as there have been no successful autonomous […]

The Radical Left “Squad” Hired Private Armed Security While Demanding Defunding And Abolition Of Police

(Tea Party 247) – Hypocrisy is the trademark of any good Democrat. What’s OK for them is not OK for regular, working Americans. This has been displayed over and over again throughout the COVID-19 scam but their hypocrisy is far from limited to breaking the COVID rules they’ve put in place. The entire “defund the […]

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