Lying Media’s “Zip Tie Guy” Capitol Hill Narrative Officially Debunked In Court

(Tea Party 247) – Democrats have claimed that President Trump incited an insurrection attempt on the US government on Jan. 6 during his rally earlier in the day.

Of course, this narrative has more holes than Swiss cheese but that doesn’t matter. It’s what the media has reported and it’s what the Democrats say so we’re all supposed to blindly accept it as fact and turn on President Trump and forsake our conservative values and principles.

One of the more inflammatory allegations made by the crooked establishment media was that after the Jan. 6 riot there was a protester who got into the Capitol armed with zip ties.

First of all, if this were the case, that would indicate that there was a good amount of pre-planning involved in the attack and that it wasn’t randomly incited by President Trump just hours before it happened.

But also, the allegation is one big lie and not substantiated by any evidence whatsoever. There was no Trump supporter who was carrying zip ties at the Capitol riot on Jan. 6.

Neither of these facts stopped the lying leftists from using it as some kind of smoking gun that President Trump’s supporters had, in fact, attempted an insurrection that day.

This entire narrative has since been completely debunked but don’t expect the lying mainstream media to issue any kind of correction or update.

After weeks of lies, prosecutors were finally forced to admit in court that the man seen with the alleged zip ties had actually taken plastic handcuffs from police.

Even though this is not exactly legal, it still negates the entire hoax that there was a Trump supporter who showed up at the Capitol with zip ties ready to take hostages and possibly “execute” them.

In a new court filing, it’s explained that what actually happened was even less nefarious than previously thought. Eric Munchel, the US Capitol protester falsely dubbed as the “Zip Tie Guy” apparently snagged the plastic handcuffs off a table.

“At one point, MUNCHEL spots plastic handcuffs on a table inside a hallway in the Capitol. MUNCHEL exclaims, ‘zipties. I need to get me some of them motherf—ers,” and grabs several white plastic handcuffs from on top of a cabinet,” the filing states, adding: “As MUNCHEL and [his mother, Lisa Eisenhart,] are attempting to leave, Eisenhart says words to the effect of, ‘Don’t carry the zip ties, just get ’em out of their hand.’”

As court testimony seems to indicate, it appears Munchel and his mother, Lisa Eisenhart, were just trying to prevent police from detaining patriots at the scene. This case is still being heard in court, however, and more details will be forthcoming.

This just further proves how insidious the mainstream media has become and how desperate they are to make criminals out of Trump supporters.

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