Melania Trump Breaks Silence On Capitol Hill Riot, Obliterates Malicious Rumors And Gossip

(Tea Party 247) – Melania Trump has been the most neglected First Lady of all of history. Not only has the mainstream media blatantly ignored her and all the good things she was involved in but they disparaged her whenever they could.

The incident that took place last Wednesday at the Capitol gave the media one last reason to go after Melania and they wasted no time at all in doing so.

In the face of the vicious and unfounded attacks, Melania Trump decided to finally put out a statement in regards to the storming of the Capitol and it’s full of the grace and love we have come to know her for.

Her statement titled “Our Path Forward” was posted Monday morning to the official White House website. In it, she gave condolences to those who died as a result of last week’s violence and said that her “heart goes out to” those who died and their families.

While denouncing the violence of last Wednesday as well as the violence that has plagued the US over the course of 2020, Melania called for Americans to “rise above what divides us.”

She went on to say that she was “disappointed and disheartened” by the riotous event at the Capitol last week but she also said that the event opened the door for “salacious gossip, unwarranted personal attacks, and false, misleading accusations on me – from people who are looking to be relevant and have an agenda.”

She is entirely spot on.

The event gave the left a reason to pretend to be indignant over political violence despite the fact that they have been complacent on calling out and condemning political violence that comes from the left.

As a matter of fact, several Democrats have not only been fine with the leftist violence, they have encouraged and applauded it. Kamala Harris herself said that the violent rioters “shouldn’t stop.”

The left is holding President Trump personally responsible for the riot at the Capitol saying that he “incited the violence” with the speech he gave earlier that day at the Ellipse.

Anyone who watched his speech knows that this is, in fact, a “salacious rumor” and that President Trump actually told his supporters to go to the Capitol “peacefully.”

Because First Lady Melania didn’t immediately speak out and call for her own husband’s head in the wake of the Capitol incident, many Democrats and RINOs slammed her for it.

In her statement she went on to say that she is proud of America’s “freedom to express our viewpoints without persecution,” though sadly that no longer seems to be the reality. She said she has been inspired that so many “found a passion and enthusiasm in participating in an election” but went on to urge people to stop the violence.

She further said that she “absolutely” condemns the violence that took place at the Capitol but made a point to equally condemn the violence that has taken place across the country in the wake of the George Floyd incident in May.

She concluded by saying it has been the “honor of my lifetime to serve as your First Lady” before going on to thank all of the millions that supported her and her husband, President Trump.

Melania Trump has always been a picture of grace and class and her statement in regards to the violence in America was no exception. She will be as missed as her husband.

Copyright 2020.

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