3 Most Ridiculous Items to be Included in $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill

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One of the most talked about things in the nation right now is the bill Democrats are trying to push through Congress. It’s a two-part one, including a $3.5 trillion spending or budget overhaul bill and another smaller $1 trillion infrastructure bill.

And like most bills passed by Congress, each has at least some small measure of governmental waste, better known as pork included. This one is a bit different, though, as it seems to contain nothing but pork. In fact, if you were to lay out the 2,465 pages of the bill and throw a dart, chances are, you’d hit some ridiculous policy that isn’t needed or other.

But for the sake of this article and sheer timeliness, let’s just focus on the most ridiculous three, and probably the most likely to be included in Kentucky’s Republican Senator Rand Paul’s annual “Festivus Report” that describes the most outrageous government waste of the year.

Coming in at number one on our list is what the spending bill refers to as “tree equity.”

If you haven’t figured out yet, “equity” has quickly become the Democratic term of the year, including everything from social justice and income, to now trees and such. Basically, if you see the word, it should be an immediate red flag that the Democrats are trying to pull off another sham of a policy right under our noses.

So what does ‘tree equity’ actually mean? Well, the bill itself is rather mum on that. However, thanks to a conservation group known as American Forests, the concept can be defined as one meant to identify certain areas in the nation, primarily inner cities, that “can gain the most significant health, economic and climate benefits by increasing tree canopy in place of high need.”

So basically, this part of the bill would earmark taxpayer dollars to plant trees in inner-city areas to improve both the environment and health. Oh, did I mention that the legislation proposes spending some $3 billion on ‘tree equity?’ $3 billion…

Now, I’m not saying this idea on its own is terrible. I mean, planting trees is always a good cause. However, is this really the time to be worried about such things? When our borders are being overrun with illegal migrants, our cities are full of crime, and mandates are causing the economy to tank even more?

Next on this list and not quite as expensive to taxpayers is the $25 million proposed for “anti-discrimination and bias training” in the healthcare industry.

According to the New York Post, this portion of the bill will pay nonprofits to “develop, disseminate, review, research, and evaluate training for health professional and all staff who interact with patients to reduce discrimination and bias in the provision of health care, with a focus on maternal health care.”

Yes, you read that right. It says maternal health care, as in giving birth and having babies. I can only imagine this has to do with Biden’s ever-present move to include transgender in all facets of life. Because, you know, according to the left, mothers aren’t always women…

Much like sensitivity training has taken over the military to the point that most are not fully equipped or skilled in the art of war, this seems a bit of a misstep.

I mean, if the Democrats are right in saying that COVID has made the medical industry severely short-staffed and short on time, why are millions about to be poured out to make sure that, above all else, those overworked individuals aren’t biased against boys having babies?

The last item on our list is one associated with Biden’s proposed tax hikes to pay for his Build Back Better plan, which, if I remember correctly, wasn’t supposed to cost us a dime. More specifically, it has to do with the enforcement of those taxes.

According to Fox Business, $78.94 billion will be given to the Internal Revenue Service to ensure Americans are pressured to pay their taxes. As is any American think the IRS needs to be more aggressive than they are already…

So not only are they going to raise taxes and keep inflation on the rise to pay for their leftist agenda, now they’re going to pay nearly $80 billion of our money just to sick the IRS on us when it all becomes too much…

Yep, that sounds like a government for the American people…