A Shady Road to American Citizenship…It’s a Legal Scam…This will Boil Your Blood

There are ways to become a legal citizen of the U.S.A. The steps have been in process for many years and thousands upon thousands of immigrants have raised their right hands and sworn allegiance to their new country.

The immigrant’s study for a test they must pass, not only in order to become more educated about the land in which they have chosen as their new home, but also to assure their commitment to our values and ways of life. This road to citizenship has stood the test of time.

But there are other legal ways which have fallen under much scrutiny. They are scam operations designed to bypass the government system, and as of now anyway, they unfortunately work. This unethical method is called “birth tourism.”

Birth tourism adds as many as 26,000 new American citizens annually, and it creates a chain reaction allowing an even higher number of unworthy transplants to also claim the citizenship they are not deserving of.

What is birth tourism? Let’s use Russia as an example since they are by far the worst offender. Once a Russian woman is far enough along in her pregnancy, she applies for a visa saying she wishes to vacation in the U.S. Once she is in the U.S., she goes into labor, and the newborn child is delivered as an American citizen with all the benefits of birthright citizenship.

Once the new American citizen has sprung from its mother’s womb, chain citizenship begins. The mother claims she cannot possibly abandon her child by returning to Russia, and boom, she becomes an American.

It doesn’t happen free gratis though. Overseas companies manipulate the process, assuring no red-tape glitches are met. They arrange accommodations, flights, make sure the timing is just right, and take care of all other details that may present a snag. For the services they provide, the expectant mother shells out upwards of $100,000.

But, it doesn’t end here. Once the mother and child are settled in and reaping their newfound benefits, by utilizing flimsy and loophole-ridden chain migration laws, they start hauling in other family members whom they deem as essential, as the rolling stone gathers more moss. But it still doesn’t end here. The process continues for years to follow.

In a report title “Stopping the Practice of Citizenship for Sale,” the process is described as follows, “As American citizens, birth tourism babies go on to possess one of the world’s most powerful passports, are eligible for federal education scholarships, and are guaranteed access to the U.S. job market. After turning 21, they are eligible to sponsor their foreign parents to become American citizens through chain migration. Through birth tourism, any foreigner with enough resources to travel to the United States can deliver an American baby. This is nothing more than citizenship for sale.”

When compared to birth tourism though, the figures pale in comparison to the 300,000 annual births in America, compliments of illegals. This practice costs American taxpayers billions of dollars per year since it is we who must assume the burden of service and healthcare bills. Many of these children grow up to become what is referred to as “dreamers.”

Fortunately, the U.S. government is cracking down on both of these practices. President Trump has taken the bull by the horns by no longer allowing tourist visas to be issued to pregnant women. It hasn’t been done yet, but it has been further suggested that those women applying for visitor visas should be given a pregnancy test prior to the visa being issued.

The report referenced above went on to state, “Birth tourism undermines the value of American citizenship; the government can enact several concrete measures to mitigate this abusive practice. Revising the nature of birthright citizenship is a complex constitutional issue that could take years to implement. In the meantime, pursuing clear shorter-term objectives to directly address birth tourism offers a more pragmatic approach to curtailing the phenomenon of citizenship for sale.”

As far as curbing the epidemic of births to illegals, it’s uncertain what measures will be taken. But one thing we can assure you of is that Donald J. Trump is fully aware of the issue, and he’s not taking it lightly.

If even for no other reason, of which there are many, we cannot stress enough: Trump 2020.