Abbott Vowed No More Troop Deployment for Biden From Texas

The liberals are on the move now that they have successfully weaseled their way into power. Joe Biden is so fearful of Americans that he has called on the military to protect him during his inauguration. He believes that there are radical, freedom-loving people seeking to harm him and the demonic league he has created somewhere in the dark of night.

And yet Biden and his socialist cabinet are people that once cried for the military to be weakened by closing bases and not funding it the way that it needs to be. They call for defunding the police, but when their lives are on the line, they are quick to call up the very people that they hate and make their jobs miserable.

The liberals went after President Trump for years, and now that he is out of office, they are turning their attention to other people and entities. Their cruel gaze finally fell on the military. And now that they are targeting the very people that make it possible for liberalism to exist, they are content to bash and destroy their target.

Joe Biden is angering veterans and people serving in the military today. His party bashes them hard, and then they call up the troops to protect them. The hypocrisy of their actions screams in the face of those that would protect every law-abiding American.

The military to a liberal is a culmination of everything they hate about the country. They hate the fact that the military is involved in regions around the world where terror would grow and fester. They hate the men and women that would give their lives to protect the very freedoms that the liberals take for granted.

Every chance that they get to attack and put down the military they take. The fearful and childish liberals feared for their very lives when a few freedom-loving people went on a job through the American capital building. The media would have everyone believe that terrorists had plant bombs all around and tried to blow up the complex. But that is far from the truth.

The actions of a few people hardly define every other conservative. And it certainly does not define the military. But they were called up to service to come and surround the Biden inauguration because no one else was planning on attending.

Biden has gone out of his way to shut down all the entryways to the capital area. Metro stations are out of business for the day, and all trucks are subject to bomb-related searches. And with all of the protection that Biden is getting from the very people he hates, the media sees fit to push fake stories that secret attackers are being discovered planting bombs with Biden’s name on them.

The Pentagon has come out and stated that there is no such intelligence of any “insider threat.” The Department of Defense echoes the same sentiments. And yet, the liberals ignore the experts and turn to the liars for their intelligence reports.

Liberals such as Chris Cuomo continues to make comments that no one can trust the military. As if they are some rogue operation trying to usurp power from the puppet Joe Biden. Cuomo and his media allies invent these stories hoping that people will buy into their lies.

After Cuomo barfed up his lies, Nicholas Fondacaro would come out of the closet and say, “we must be suspicious” of the military that is brought in to protect Biden during the inauguration. The whacked-out liberals see conspiracy and threats at every turn. There is no trust in their hearts for any American. They would rather trust true terrorists than the very people that voted for them.

But their actions are getting the attention of state governors. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is angry over the abuse that troops he sent to D.C.. are receiving. He has already threatened that if the abuse continues, he will no longer send troops to the capital to protect people who hate what the military stands for.

Abbott stated that “This is the most offensive thing I’ve ever heard. No one should ever question the loyalty or professionalism of the Texas Nation Guard. I authorized more than 1,000 to go toD.CC. I’ll never do it again if they are disrespected like this.”