Abortion Helps Black Mothers? Um, No.

SeventyFour / shutterstock.com

Democrats make some of the most outlandish comments as a way to justify their backward thought processes. As more liberals scream to allow for abortions, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen claims that it is capable of helping black mothers.

Wait a second…

How is the killing of unborn children helping anyone? And realistically, why would it help black mothers more than mothers of any other color?

This is just another way for the Democrats to point and scream “racist!” when we try to do something that they don’t like.

Meanwhile, Yellen’s argument gets met with some serious opposition from, wait for it, a man of color.

Yellen, a white woman, can’t possibly know what a black mother goes through. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), a black man from the south, however, can – and he has quite a few things to say.

Scott recently authored an op-ed for The Washington Post where he pushed back on Yellen’s comments, calling them both “inhumane” and “callous.”

Why is Yellen even getting into the argument? After all, she’s the Treasury Secretary. She has nothing to do with Health and Human Services.

Well, during a Senate Banking Committee hearing this past week, she was concerned that the right to abort a child may have an effect on the U.S. economy. More specifically, she felt that giving people no access to abortions would deprive low-income and Black women of completing their education and joining the workforce.

Not everyone – just the low-income and Black women.

If your mouth is hanging open right about now, you’re not alone.

Scott wrote in his op-ed that “I thought I had misheard her. Was Yellen making the case for how abortion is good for America’s labor force?” When Yellen was questioned, she didn’t back down. She meant the words that she had said – and this is what is truly reprehensible.

Scott commented that his mother, a black woman, worked multiple jobs so that she could raise him and his brother. He added that they were taught that “there is dignity in all work and dignity in all life.”

The problem is that Yellen wants to perpetuate the lie that black people are lazy and incapable of working to get themselves out of financial problems.

Abortion is not a solution. You cannot simply choose to kill off a fetus that is growing inside of you because you don’t want to get a job – or get a better job than the one you already have.

This is the 21st century. This is America. Everyone has the ability to work for a living – even with little to no education. And for those who claim that childcare stands in their way, more jobs are available teleworking than ever before.

There has to be a burning drive and desire to want to provide for your children. Murder is not an acceptable solution, especially pushed down by the federal government as a way to stabilize the economy. Saying such things is only one step away from how China is aborting children for population control.

Every pregnancy can be prevented. It’s called abstinence. It’s called birth control. In extreme measures, it’s even called the morning-after pill.

Those who wait until AFTER there is a heartbeat are simply lying to themselves. They are committing murder, and it’s no longer just their bodies. It’s another body, whether they want to admit it or not.

Scott sums up his op-ed well by saying, “We live in a world where words are too often disconnected from the lived experiences of many Americas. Yellen’s cold and robotic reference to the issue of life is just the latest example of that.”