Afghanistan Citizens Stripped of Freedoms Under New Terrorist Leadership…All Thanks to Biden

Alexandros Michailidis /

Joe Biden is responsible for the misery and hurt of the Taliban subject to the Afghanistan people. The Afghan people had a taste of freedom when the United States went to war against terrorism. For the first time in generations, they could make their own choices and remove the facial coverings that they were forced to wear. But that all changed when Biden gave the keys to the country back to the Taliban.

Newsbreak reported that the people stuck in Afghanistan are now forced to wear facial coverings. One young lady named Nafisa is speaking out against the new law that requires all women to cover their bodies before leaving the house altogether.

Newsbreak quoted Nafisa saying, “The Taliban has no plans for Afghanistan other than imposing restrictions on women. I do not accept the obligatory hijab and I will never wear a burqa.” Her refusal to wear the required clothing will bring hardship. Nafisa can be fined and jailed for failure to cover up her face. And their family members will be punished for their refusal to obey the law.

Newsbreak also noted that “For many women in Kabul, the decree comes on the back of a campaign of harassment and violence at the hands of the Taliban and their street enforcers that has been mounting in recent months. Young women in the capital who before last summer had never lived under Taliban rule say the religious police force has been emboldened, roaming the streets of the city looking for excuses to question, intimidate and beat women for wearing colourful clothes, jeans or travelling without a male companion.”

The Taliban’s actions are a potent reminder of what will happen to people once freedom is lost. The governing body will be able to force people to do whatever it wants them to do. And those that refuse to comply will be subjected to unspeakable horrors and even death.

His new masters beat one Afghan named Nazanin because she sat in the front of a taxi. She was taken out of the taxi and beaten several times so hard that it felt like her bones were shattered. Her actions not only affect her but the life of the taxi driver. He was taken into custody and placed in jail for not forcing the woman to sit in the back.

Another woman named Shabnam reported by Newsbreak saw her cousin taken by Taliban soldiers. The 12-year-old was thrown to the ground and cut her hair because she did not cover it with a cloth. The family had to flee the country because of the dangers they were forced to live around.

Women all over the country are finding out that their rights have been stripped away. Joe Biden handed them over to an oppressive regime with no problem beating women and placing them back into the shadows where they were once forced to live before freedom came to their borders.

The Taliban is a force that will not tolerate resistance or protests against their way of rule. Their Islamic beliefs dictate the way they rule. All those that speak out against the establishment are taken to jail and never seen again.

Biden’s reluctance to speak out against the way people are being treated in Afghanistan is a reminder that he favors the strict and oppressive rule of the Taliban. His support of their regime is seen in how he has tried to seize power in America by using the pandemic as an excuse to promote his socialist approach to ruling people.

The Taliban may say that they respect the rights of all people, but their words are not matching up with their actions. Joe Biden has claimed that he wants to unite the country, but his actions promote a divisive spirit.