After a Week Back on Lockdown, Shanghai Residents Start to Crack

Graeme Kennedy /

Lockdowns are never easy. For the residents of Shanghai, they have been incredibly difficult, and they never seem to end. Yet, they have been able to persevere and keep things going. The masks never seemed to be a bother as they were a daily accessory anyways pre-COVID due to the air quality from the high pollution. So, when they got told to stay home and that there was no way around it, many started to lose their minds.

This time, the lockdowns seem like they will last much longer than previous ones given that the cause for the lockdown was the discovery of 1,000 COVID infections and 24,000 asymptomatic cases. The authorities have claimed that the restrictions can be lifted when there are no new cases in two weeks. With testing authorities doing door-to-door checks, the city of 26 million needs to be ready to stay indoors for some time.

Back on March 30th, as one half of the population was already in lockdown, the other half was getting ready to start theirs. Eric Feigl-Ding tweeted about videos being released of the pandemonium it was causing. “Local residents in Shanghai seen fighting over groceries as half of its 26 million residents are in lockdown, and other half entering lockdown soon. The narrator cusses & complains there’s nothing even left to fight over (locals are notoriously cutthroat).” Needless to say, they have little reprise for the atrocities their communist leadership is imposing on them.

The one thing they have had some control over is their balconies. Residents poured out onto them to sing in unison in protest over the lockdowns that have struck a very negative nerve with the Chinese leadership. Even worse, others have been rampantly yelling out in the hopes of being freed. They are unable to leave their residences for any reason at all. Ultimately, these cries fall on deaf ears. The authorities can tune out their wails as they are still free. They can still move about and do their work. Meanwhile, the city’s residents are being forced to live in isolation.

What many see as retaliation, but others see as them controlling what little they have control of, residents have been seen throwing themselves out of windows and off balconies from their high-rise apartments to the ground below. With minimal warning of the lockdowns being given and already minimally stocked shelves, the Shanghai residents had minimal ability to get prepared for this to happen.

Losing your mind after two years of off-and-on lockdowns, restrictions, forced testing, masking, and failed vaccinations are enough to drive anyone over the edge. The people of Shanghai are a warning to the rest of the world. Not just about what communism does to your country, but also about how badly poor mental health can change people’s perceptions. The people who have been screaming all night, jumping off high-rise balconies, or in one man’s case, putting his empty fridge on the porch as a sign of quiet protest, would never have done these things pre-COVID.

This pandemic has given the globe lots of warnings. Warnings about the government and the control the left is trying to steal from the American people every day. Warnings about how people misinterpret the idea of what science is and how to trust it. Warnings about how quickly loved ones will turn their backs on you. Now, Shanghai is serving as a warning for what could easily happen anywhere if the government wants to push strict lockdowns. Considering their 26 million compared to what most cities in America have for population, doing this in America would be a cakewalk by comparison.