America Has Been Through This Before…Young Ignorant Lefties are Fighting a Battle We’ve Already Won

Facts are facts and there is no debating them. Well…There should not be a debate…But there is.

New radical left-wing voices have taken center stage as they blast their misleading and downright false claims through bullhorns, microphones, and of course, social media, with no other intent than to stir the pot of anarchy and discourse.

The tragedy lies with the ignorant and uninformed liberals who fall right in step with the rhetoric they are being constantly bombarded with. If a radicals message conveys even the slightest disdain for our President or our government as a whole, it is accepted as the truth with no further research needed.

Exactly what theses radicals actual intent remains in question. With all of them spouting different information, there is a clear lack of cohesiveness.

But this doesn’t seem to matter to young uneducated lefties who swallow every conspiracy-laden word because it’s simply the cool thing to do. And what young person doesn’t want to be considered cool and hip?

Right or wrong no longer matters. Distorted history? Who cares. Creative fairy tales? Big deal.

Since 1960, or thereabout, America has dramatically changed for the better. Civil rights have been afforded to every American citizen regardless of ethnicity. Poverty has been drastically reduced.

Almost every area where mindless protesters are demanding change has already taken place. And these changes continue to progress in a positive way.

Voting rights, expanded educational opportunities, minority economic advancement, our government instituted programs, and an array of other important advancements have escalated our nation into a thriving and racially coherent society where equality abounds.

In certain ways, the distortion of proper historical facts can be blamed on the way it is being taught in school. History lesson books are crammed full of niceties so as not to burden students with the truth in its ugliest form.

But what our lame schools do not realize, is if they were to teach American history in its rawest form, inclusive of the good, the bad, and the ugly, these eager protesters would realize, they’re demanding things that have already been solved.

As an example. History books speak lightly about slavery rather than portray images of how many Americans gave their lives to abolish it via a bloody civil war. The decades-long struggle for equality is briefly skimmed over. After all, students are delicate flowers who might wither at the truth.

Because of the lack of proper historical content being taught, radicals thrive on deviously twisting every current event into things that transpired 150 years ago.

Police brutality involving any person of color is cleverly manipulated into, not the brutality itself, but into conservative America’s continuation of hatred, and the ongoing suppression of minorities.

Dr. Martin Luther King, as a leader of the civil rights movement, fought long and hard for equality among races. His, and others like him, are responsible for an incredibly positive change.

Even former President Obama once stated, “If it were not for people like this, I wouldn’t be here today.” And for once, he spoke the truth.

A significant number of government legislators now consists of blacks and minorities. This also applies to city council members, school board officials, cal decision-makers, and every other branch of government. Once again. Positive change.

But there’s more. Literally millions of black Americans have escalated themselves to the upper-income bracket, which at one time would never have been possible.

Over the past 50 years, the median black household income has risen by 45%. Barack Obama was elected to office by a whopping 42 million votes, courtesy of white America.

And, it was black voters who ultimately determined who the Democrat candidate would be for the 2020 election. Lest we forget, at one time in our history blacks were not allowed to vote at all. Progress.

This is a serious issue, but it can only get worse. These young ignorant and improperly educated protesters and radicals are now out to destroy a history they have never taken the time to understand, and they are being fueled by radicals who know exactly what they are doing.

Sure part of the solution lies with better educating our youth, but it also lies with all of us to help them better understand.

America has been through all of this before, and in the end, we won the battle. How will young Americans ever realize the truth if we don’t teach our children well? It’s up to us.