America is no Longer the Land of Traditional Family Values…The Rock of our Foundation has Crumbled

Let’s face facts. The days of June and Ward Cleaver raising Wally and Beaver in a traditional home setting have long since passed. In today’s world, June and Ward would be divorced, Wally would be hooked on drugs, and “the Beav” would be decked out in a Black Lives Matter t-shirt.

The family unit as it was once depicted is now considered an archaic remnant of the past. Barring the pandemic, of course, in many cases, both parents are forced to punch a time clock to make ends meet, and their children come home to an empty house after school.

Unless they are political in nature and being spouted from the mouths of liberal left-wingers, statistics don’t lie. The Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress has released its findings on just how much the once traditional family unit has changed over the years.

Here are the differences between the early 1960s and 2019.

For instance. In 2019, 42% of women between the ages of 15 and 44 wore a wedding ring. In 1962, this figure was 71%, or, 30% higher.

In 1962, only 5% of women between the ages of 30 and 34 could say they had never been married. But by 2019, the percentage rose dramatically to 34% as the single life gained more widespread appeal.

It was rare in 1962 to find couples living together out of wedlock. It was frowned upon so much, many landlords would not even rent to an unmarried couple. The percentage was only 1%. By the time 2019 rolled around, the figure rose to 12% as more couples deemed a piece of paper to be worthless. After all, who wants to commit to vows they more than likely won’t keep?

This next one may astound you, then again, it may not. In 1960, only 5% of unmarried women gave birth. By 2019 though, the figure rose by 37% to a whopping 42% of single mothers.

In the late 1960s and early ’70s, 85% of all children still resided with both of their biological parents, indicative of the “Leave it to Beaver” days. In 2019, as the divorce rate rose, the figure dropped to 70%.

Why should this bother anyone? Is there really any cause for concern? To both of these questions, the answer is an emphatical yes. Here is why.

It has to do with our morality as a nation. To those citizens who still adhere and believe in the biblical principles we as a nation have always held close to our hearts, the very rock our nation was founded upon is being smashed into tiny pebbles.

But it isn’t just the corrosion of Christian principles that’s of concern. Those among us who view life in a more secular fashion have also discovered how their chosen paths have a tendency to make their lives much more difficult than it needs to be.

They pay a social and economic cost. In a study done by Ron Haskins of the Brookings Institute, an astounding finding was discovered.

Haskins found that when people follow only three of the traditional values from yesteryear, these being to finish high school, work at a full-time job, and wait until the age 21 to marry, life generally works out pretty well.

It was noted how only 2% of people who follow the three rules, end up being poor, while 75% who do adhere to them, end up earning at least a decent middle-class income, or higher. Once again, statistics don’t lie.

James Heckman, a University of Chicago economist, and a Nobel-Prize winner expressed his observations. “The main barriers to developing effective policies for income and social mobility is fear of honest engagement in the changes in the American family and the consequences it has wrought. … The family is the source of life and growth. Families build values, encourage (or discourage) their children in school and out. Families — far more than schools — create or inhibit life opportunities.”

It’s also interesting to view how people responded to a 2002 Gallup poll when asked if having a child out of wedlock was acceptable. Of those polled, 45% said it was morally acceptable. In 2015 the number rose to 61%, and by 2019 it rose again to 64%.

Whether a person’s values are based on biblical principles, or on their secular thoughts, life as we know it today, and the values we at one time thought important, are rapidly being chipped away, and it’s causing immense damage to society.

You may or may not agree with these findings, and you may disagree with them being responsible for the decline of society as we once knew it, and that’s okay.

Either way though, we would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.