America’s Newest Weapon Could Restore a Little Faith and Fear in our Enemies


As you well know, Democratic President Joe Biden has pretty much transformed the U.S. in a matter of a few months, well, at least in the world’s eyes. Before he stepped into the Oval Office, America was the undisputed champion of the world, a superpower that pretty much no one dared to go up against.

However, in the span of a few short months, the respect and fear once held for the United States have all but evaporated in the wake of Biden’s inept decision-making skills and the blatant unconcern for the American people.

His ridiculous open borders have encouraged millions to storm into the U.S. with no concern for what laws they break or how they get here. His war on “climate change” has turned the country into an energy-dependent on our foreign competitors. And his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan told both our allies and our enemies that he cares nothing of the promises he made nor for the lives of those who fly our colors.

He’s only out to serve himself. And our enemies have noticed.

In recent months, both China and Russia, as well as North Korea, have seen a massive uptick in hypersonic missile production and testing, as if they are readying for war, according to Reuters.

Of course, we can’t forget that Iran now has nuclear capabilities, too, according to the U.N., and seems to be more intent on terror than ever before.

Thankfully, some in Washington have had the foresight to prepare for a future not reliant on climate change regulations, vaccine mandates or else, or transgender and inclusivity training that have basically turned our military troops into a laughing stock of pansies.

Enter the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known as DARPA.

As you well know, DARPA is basically a research arm of the Department of Defense, tasked with developing and testing high-tech military advancements. And their latest innovation is expected to blow the socks off our enemies.

It’s called the Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept or HAWC. And unlike most current missiles used by our military forces, it doesn’t even require the use of high explosives. Instead, it simply uses sheer speed to take out its targets.

According to a statement made by DARPA on Monday, after the U.S. Air Force successfully tested the wonder weapon, “It could strike targets much more quickly than subsonic missiles and has significant kinetic energy even without high explosives.”

As the Daily Mail reported, HAWC can reach a top speed of about 3,853 miles per hour, making it capable of taking out aircraft carriers, shooting down ballistic missiles, and even intercepting satellites.

As DARPA project manager Andrew Knoedler notes, the HAWC cruise missile will “make hypersonic cruise missiles a highly effective tool for our warfighting.” In addition, it “brings us one step closer to transitioning HAWC to a program of record that offers next-generation capability to the U.S. military.”

To say the weapon should strike fear into the hearts of our enemies is a grave understatement.

Of course, that all depends on just how the Biden administration chooses to use it. As we’ve seen from his past decisions, choices that were supposed to bring Americans home and into safety resulted in the tragic deaths of now hundreds of innocents. Oh, and who could forget about the massive arsenal Biden knowing left in the deserts of Afghanistan for the Taliban to pick up and use against us?

Hopefully, Biden doesn’t get any more hair-brained ideas and somehow enable weapons like these, with technologies far more advanced than most of our foreign adversaries, to be put into the wrong hands.

As it stands now, the lack of actual military training and war readiness skills seen in our troops due to an increase in sensitivity training and such could leave America desperately unprepared for what could take place should our frail and demented Commander in chief accidentally insults the wrong world leader.

We can only hope that those in Washington behind this weapons innovation and others like them, as well as our military leaders, have some more ideas to keep America free and safe, should the need ever arise.