America…the New Chinese Frontier

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An election year is a fantastic opportunity for things to change in America. The nasty liberals have made such a mess that the general population is drooling at the chance to get rid of the Democratic problem. And the major issues that the liberals have messed up on are the significant points of discussion going into the debate period. The liberals have a lot to answer for. But this time around, they cannot lie about their intentions since everything has been documented well.

Many of the issues being brought to a Senate race in Missouri seem to be ignored by the candidates. Instead of focusing on crime or inflation, the candidates want to focus on the Chinese and what needs to be done to keep them under control and from advancing against the United States.

Roy Blunt is a Republican seeking to retire once his term runs out. And that has prompted many candidates to want to discuss the growth coming from the Chinese government. The candidates see the red giant as a military threat to world peace. And each one of them wants to do something about it.

China is responsible for the development of COVID-19, supply chain issues, and threatening Taiwan’s people. They secretly smuggle research and technology out of America and play around with it like they know what they are doing. And when they make a mess of things, they blame others and hide their errors. China is like a young kid trying to play with fire. It is a matter of time before someone gets burned.

Anna Crosslin is the retired president and CEO of the International Institute. She stated that “Republican candidates have really latched on to the issues that create the greatest fear among that potential constituency and one of them clearly is fear of China, whether it is because of the pandemic, economic issues, or fear of war. [China is now] the wedge issue to ‘out-conservative’ the next candidate.”

Each of the heavy favorites accuses the other of having a track record of dealing with China that has not been favorable. It has given them the power to make up stories and attack each other without causing too much damage. But such attacks can only hurt the overall Republican Party and need to end.

It is no secret that Donald Trump hated China and sought to bring them under control before Biden cheated and reversed all of the measures bringing China to its knees. The people living in Missouri love Trump and would vote for him without question. Many of the candidates are taking a page out of Trump’s book and making it seem like they are Trump supporters.

The month of August is when voters will head to the polls to pick the next Republican Senator. The state of Missouri has drawn attention to itself by how the candidates are speaking out. Lie Pnegyu is a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Washington. She stated that “These remarks cannot fully represent the American people’s attitude toward China [and] we hope these politicians can have a correct stance and a rational view of China’s development and China-U.S. relations.” Of course, the words do not represent every American since the liberals want to jump into bed with the communists. But at the end of the day, most Americans want the Chinese to be held accountable for their actions.

One of the big points regarding China is how many businesses have moved their workforce over to the Chinese shores. They can make things at less cost, but Americans are, then, jobless and must resort to getting other work instead of building things for their home country.

The Chinese control Joe Biden and his Democratic lovers. Biden owes them millions, which puts him in a very delicate situation since he is the president. He cannot take firm action against a country that he owes money to. They have to mess around with his loans to get him to back down. And that is something that they have already done.