Another Biden Pick is Left Sitting Out in the Rain

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President Joe Biden has not done so well as president. We could spend the next few paragraphs listing off his failures, but you already know what they are. This means that we’re going to focus on just one – his picks for various offices.

Every time he nominates someone for an office, it raises more than a few eyebrows. Generally, he chooses the least qualified person. They have a history of corruption, a love for socialism, or were chosen based solely on their gender or skin color.

Is Biden really this stupid when he reaches into his pool of candidates or is there someone from the progressive left shoving candidates in his general direction? Either way, many of the nominees have had to sit out in the rain while Congress discusses the validity of a person’s claim to a particular office.

Even Democrats have been less than supportive of many of Biden’s candidates. It’s proof that the Democrats can’t seem to agree on anything anymore. The infighting has gotten so extreme that they can’t even bother to agree with a president from their own party.

The latest candidate to sit out in the rain and decide whether he’s going to get the necessary support of Congress is Biden’s pick to lead the FDA: Robert Califf.

The Senate is filled with enough Dems that confirming Robert Califf should be easy. Yet, the senators aren’t stupid. They know that Califf is not the right man for the FDA commissioner job. Even Bernie Sanders is opposing the nomination.

There’s a lot of skepticism of the cardiologist turned would-be nominee. He’s served as the Commissioner before under the Obama administration. As a result, this should be an easy nomination.

Since it’s not, we have to wonder what’s really going on. Perhaps there are simply too many Dems who are tired of seeing the same old thing. Califf had his chance as FDA Commissioner. Maybe it’s time for someone new. It’s as if Biden just wants to play it safe by choosing people who served during the Obama administration.

That’s what we don’t need – and everyone knows it.

There’s also something to be said about Califf. He’s a 71-year-old white male. Do we need another person who is already passed the average age of retirement to head up the FDA? Surely, we can do better than that. There have to be dozens of qualified individuals who are younger, equally qualified, and who didn’t serve under the Obama administration.

There have been a few Republicans to show support for Califf, including Mitt Romney of Utah and Richard Burr of North Carolina. Yet, as one person said, “If the vote were held today, he would not have the votes.” That means that it’s actually Democrats standing in the way of confirming him.

White House spokesperson Chris Meagher chose to remain hopeful, commenting “We are confident Dr. Califf will be confirmed with bipartisan support.”

Particularly when we’re still dealing with the COVID pandemic, we can’t afford to choose an FDA commissioner who doesn’t have bipartisan support.

Califf has a few dangerous ties to the pharmaceutical industry. It means that we could be seeing an even bigger push for vaccines so that Califf can make plenty of money under the table. After all, this is the same guy who finished leading the health strategy and policy at Alphabet, where he had a salary of over $2.7 million when you count salary and bonuses. The White House won’t pay him that much, so he’ll have to make up the difference somehow – and taxpayers will, ultimately, pay for it.