AOC Studied Like Lab Rat and Found to Extremely Worthless

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is living in a self-made state of delusion where she thinks that she is the most influential person in Washington. She sees herself as the nuclear force that cannot be reckoned with. She has a big mouth that is not afraid to attack Republicans, and she thinks her opinion trumps every other one in the House.

As much as she speaks and squeaks about things, the only proof of her self-proclaimed dangerous position will be seen through her track record in the House. Her track record lacks the proof that she is the most dangerous person in Washington. She has a big mouth that pushes pointless bills, with none of them actually taking root.

In a recent study, it was determined that she is the weakest person in all of Washington. She may think she carries a big stick, but all she has is a dart gun with foam darts. She is worthless since she has not done one thing to make her district better in any form.

The report that was released about Ocasio-Cortez was put out by Vanderbilt University and the University of Virginia. They noted that the AOC has brought up 21 bills, which is as far as they got. She spoke about them but never could get any of them to take. Alan Wiseman is a political scientist, and he noted that “She introduced a lot of bills, but she was not successful at having them receive any sort of action in committee or beyond committee and if they can’t get through committee they cannot pass the House.”

It was also proven that “It’s clear that she was trying to get her legislative agenda moving and engage with the lawmaking process. But she wasn’t as successful as some other members were — even among [other] freshmen — at getting people to pay attention to her legislation.”

Her mouth runs so much that no one wants to listen to her. Members of her own party do not listen to her or align themselves with her because she is a weight that will lead to their defeat in future elections.

She attempted to see that public housing got a makeover, but she failed in overhauling the program. She wanted to see illegals receive socialist benefits, and she failed at that attempt. It is clear that she failed American government class in school.

The way she approaches people pushes them away. The report noted that several of her coworkers noted that “Tweeting is easy, governing is hard. You need to have friends. You need to understand the committee process, you need to be willing to make sacrifices. Her first day in Congress … she decided to protest outside of Nancy Pelosi’s office.”

She is not willing to work with anyone that does not accept her as a leader. Her false image sees other people as speedbumps that have to be destroyed so she can get her way. Her leadership version is a dictatorship where she sits as a monarch, and the subjects obey her words.

The AOC promised to do things such as defund the police and get rid of ICE. But those ideas proved to be disastrous. States that listened to her nonsense are making moves to refund the police and let ICE do their job. The AOC represents a district of people that love to be pampered. They represent a section of liberals that believe they should have everything given to them on a gold platter.

The AOC is part of a group of Democrats that believes they are above everyone else. She ranks right up there with Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo. Both men are being found as enemies of the people. Newsom plays favorites, and Cuomo likes to kill people and sexually harass them.

The media is as much to blame as the AOC is for how she views herself. The media puts her on a pedestal and makes her believe that she is a barbie that girls just love to idolize. But the truth is that she is a nobody that is not a household name.