AOC Takes a Break from Twitter’s Anxiety and Negativity

lev radin /

In this day and age, with all the social media sites and society telling us we need to be connected to everybody and their mother, it’s becoming rather common to see people “unplug” from electronics or just social media for a time. Some say they need to get back to their roots or the basic necessities of life. Others, such as socialist and New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, claim they need to take a break from the “negativity” that platforms like Twitter seem all too full of.

Recently, it was noticed that the usually all too talkative and lime light-seeking congresswoman wasn’t posting much on Twitter. From January 13 to the 31st, in fact, AOC failed to create a single original tweet.

Naturally, she was questioned about it by one of her Instagram followers, of which she has hundreds of thousands.

She responded, “That’s so funny that you bring that up. Yeah, when I got COVID I turned off all my devices, which means I wasn’t really on social media that much or anything like that.”

Ok, that makes sense to some degree. I mean, when I don’t feel good, the last thing I want to do is be attached to people who want to hear and see something of me all the time… All I want is an electric blanket, my bed, and Netflix, right?

But, then, AOC changed her story a bit. Instead of saying that she was unplugged from everything, she explained that it was really just Twitter. Why? Well, apparently, it was bringing her too much stress and anxiety…

She said, “So I mean, literally, I would go to open the app, and I almost felt like, anxious. People like kind of fight and gossip, and all this other stuff so much. And there’s a lot of negativity on there.”

And so, she just stopped using it for a bit…

Again, I do get this to some degree. There can indeed be a lot of negativity on the platform. But I don’t think it’s limited to just Twitter.

Nor do I think that she just wanted to avoid all negativity.

Instead, it’s far more likely that she didn’t want to continue hearing about her COVID hypocrisy, and so the negativity pointed directly at her.

If you’ll remember, AOC has been a strong and constant advocate for mandates, whether they be for masks or vaccines. And as such, she can usually be seen wearing a mask and talking about the supposed effectiveness of the all-saving vaccines.

But, then, she decided to head to Florida, where neither masks nor vaccines are required, for a quick vacation. And apparently, she forgot all about her need for a mask. She was caught on camera living it up in the Sunshine State without a mask on at the beginning of January.

And a week later, she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Naturally, social media blew up on her. People from all walks of life began criticizing her and her poor choices, whether that be not wearing a mask or claiming that the vaccines are effective.

Rather than try to ignore the criticism as most of us would have done in her position, she tried to answer it. But that only made things worse, especially when she suggested that Republicans who were hating on her for her hypocrisy were really just experiencing “sexual frustration” with her.

Please, as if any of us would even be remotely attracted to a woman as idiotic and self-indulged as her…

But I digress.

This, of course, led to even more outrage, particularly from the political right. And the next thing we know is that AOC is suddenly taking a break from social media…

Could it be that she just didn’t want to hear about her idiocy any longer?

But now that most of that has blown over, for the most part, she’s back at it. On Tuesday, the day after responding on Instagram about her Twitter disappearance, she was back to making original posts on the platform. And, of course, her very first one included all of the very same negativity she complained about, this time aimed at basically any Democrat who wasn’t willing to agree with her.

So much for being worried about too much negativity, huh?