Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Then, You, Too, Can Get an ID

Getting an ID is a necessity for so many components of today’s living. It’s needed to open a bank account, buy a bottle of alcohol, visit the doctor, buy allergy medication at the store, enroll your children in school, and so much more.

Without an ID, a person isn’t able to survive in society.

Asking people to present an ID to vote isn’t a large request. Yet, the Democrats are identifying that it creates a class system because there are black and poor people who cannot afford to obtain an ID.

Candace Owens, a Conservative commentator, went onto “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News to discuss the voter identification law concerns that Democrats are having.

Democrats are in a panic that ID is going to limit the number of voters who can participate in elections around the nation. Many, including Joe Biden, have referred to laws such as those established in Georgia as the “new Jim Crow.”

HR1 is a House-passed act identified as “For the People Act.” It would eliminate voter ID requirements across the country. Of course, HR1 is Democratic-sponsored. Republicans believe that a voter ID maintains election credibility.

Owens sarcastically told Carlson that she was excited to announce that she was able to secure a government-issued ID card.

She went on to say that “because I am smarter than a fifth-grader, and this is such the bigotry of low expectations.” She claims that Democrats believe that black Americans are wandering around the country like Neanderthals because they don’t have a government-issued ID.

It’s not as if states are asking people to jump through extraordinary hoops to be able to vote. They simply have to show an ID card – a card that they should already have in their possession.

Owens explains that it shouldn’t be an extraordinary request. People who don’t have ID cards can’t stay at a hotel, they can’t rent a car, and they can’t buy a car.

She goes on to say that some of the simplest things require a form of ID. She asks Tucker, “Can you imagine? That means black Americans don’t even have a bank account.”

It’s insulting, and she says as much.

Democrats argue that there are a lot of people living off the grid. They’re too far from a DMV. They’re too poor to get a state ID. They’ve lost their birth certificate and, therefore, they’d have to pay for that before they can get an ID – and it adds up to too much money.

But, it’s not just for voting. A person needs an ID for so much. And there are plenty of programs that will provide these services at no cost. It ensures that people are able to get an ID since it is such a critical component of society.

Carlson even added that IDs are given to illegal aliens. They’re told they need it because they can’t live here without one.

Why is it that the Democrats aren’t trying to serve the underserved? For those who want to vote but who don’t have an ID, why is this so difficult? Get an ID. Raise your hand to identify that you need help obtaining an ID. State representatives should be actively assisting Americans who have lost their government-issued ID or to obtain an ID for the first time.

With an ID, an entire world opens up. Suddenly, you can get a job, open a bank account, and travel. And…you can vote. Until then, you’re out of luck. It’s not taking away your right as an American. It’s asking you to step up and obtain an important document that you need to survive in today’s society.

The supposed black and poor communities that would be impacted by having to show proof of ID when voting seems to be silent. They’re not complaining about not having an ID for any other aspect of life. This is all a ploy for the Democrats to blame it on the black and the poor while creating a loophole to allow millions of migrants the opportunity to vote later on.