Atlanta Drug Bust Found Enough to Have Killed Thousands…

The Biden administration and the rest of the liberals are laser-focused on guns. Guns are killing people! What they forget is that there’s another problem – and it’s much bigger than the AR-15s and handguns that can be used to kill dozens of people at one time.

Drugs are being brought into the U.S. in massive amounts – and a drug bust in Atlanta should be an eye-opener for every liberal who thinks that guns are where Congress needs to focus its energy.

A task force in Hall County made a bust that involved enough fentanyl to kill 50,000 people.

The home was along Lake Lanier in Gainesville, just outside of Atlanta. Officers found not only fentanyl but also weapons, bundles of money, and marijuana.

The drugs alone were valued at $27,000.

Fentanyl has become one of the fastest-growing drugs in the U.S. A single usage can lead to addiction – and it’s not uncommon for a first-time user to overdose.

Thousands of Americans are dying due to fentanyl overdoses every year. And the synthetic opioid is approximately 50 times stronger than heroin and up to 100 times stronger than morphine, according to the CDC.

The majority of fentanyl is coming from China and is being smuggled in through the southern border. We know where it’s coming from. There are things that we can do to reduce the amount of drugs in the U.S. and reduce the number of overdoses.

Yet, the Democrats insist that it’s okay to let illegal immigrants into the southern border. They don’t believe that there’s a crisis going on.

Imagine what could have happened if a task force didn’t find those drugs. It could have led to 50,000 being killed. That’s more than every mass shooting over the past several years.

What’s truly unfortunate is that the Biden administration wants to turn a blind eye to it.

The two people responsible for the drug in Lake Lanier are facing felony charges that range from illegal possession of firearms to drug trafficking. They’ll likely face a relatively light sentence because there are too many Democrats who believe that criminals shouldn’t be punished.

It’s not like they killed anyone…right? We have no idea how much fentanyl they had already trafficked. They could have easily supplied fentanyl to hundreds who are just days away from a lethal overdose.

But hey, the Democrats want to focus all of their energy on guns. It’s the guns that are killing more people in America – or at least that’s what they want everyone to believe.

It takes a mentally unstable person to pull the trigger to kill someone. It’s not the gun’s fault.

With drugs, the person taking the drug is responsible. They do it to themselves. Yet, it’s also the fault of the person trafficking the drug – and most of the time, that’s an illegal alien who entered the U.S. illegally and is looking to make some fast money.

Georgia’s been having quite a few problems with fentanyl. The overdoses are surging throughout the state and the task forces can’t keep up with all of the drugs being fed through the streets.

In April, three men were arrested with enough fentanyl to kill every resident of Georgia.

In March, three were arrested with over 500 pounds of drugs.

Mind you, this is just one state. All of these reports are from only one state. Clearly, something has to be done. But try telling that to the Democrats…