Attention, Biden is Not the President-Elect Despite What the Corrupt Media Says

Let’s just calm down for one minute. Although the liberal media is blasting across the world that Joe Biden is the president-elect, he is not. Just because they say it is so does not make it so. In fact, he’s a long way away from becoming the president-elect.

We need to look at the facts. There are still states counting ballots. There are also legal battles happening in several of the battleground states where Trump and his team of lawyers are contesting the results. This means that it’s still not decided who has won some of those key states.

Trump hasn’t conceded. While it’s not a necessary requirement to the process, concession would show that Trump isn’t going to dispute the results any further – and we already know that he’s disputing.

The Electoral College is the only one who can identify the president-elect. Not the media. Although the corrupt media outlets across the country would love to say that they have that power, the only thing that they can do is identify that Biden is the “projected” winner.

Why is it that the media wants to announce the winner already? They would rather show that Biden is the president-elect as a way to put the past four years behind them. They want to forget all about Trump. They want to prove to Democrats that things are going to get better.

The problem with that is that they’re jumping the gun. The only thing that they’re doing is lying to Americans.

We can’t have a president-elect at this time because the results are being contested. It’s entirely possible that votes are thrown out for being fraudulent. The closeness in which Biden won in several key states are simply too close – and Trump would be insane not to dispute the results. He’s less than 15,000 away in Arizona and less than 50,000 away in Pennsylvania – and the votes still aren’t 100 percent in.

Since not all Americans’ votes have been counted, it’s hard to say who the winner is. Every liberal wants to make a big deal that Trump hasn’t conceded yet. It hasn’t even been a full week yet considering that mail-in ballots are still being counted. And, it took Gore several weeks to concede to Bush because of contesting the votes, too.

The Electoral College won’t meet to choose its electors by state until the first Monday following December 12. Only then is the president-elect chosen. Once that happens, Congress will certify the results and that person starts their term on Inauguration Day.

Just because the media wills Biden to be the president-elect doesn’t mean that he is. Congratulations to Biden have been pouring in from all over the globe. Clearly, many either don’t realize how our political system works or they don’t understand that the election results are being contested. One of the few world leaders who hasn’t congratulated Biden is Putin of Russia. Why? He’s waiting for the legal battles to play out.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have already given victory speeches. It’s quite an egotistical move considering that there is the very real possibility that the legal battles will prove to rule in Trump’s favor. If the numbers weren’t so close in so many states, it would be easy to say that Trump was overreacting – but he’s not.

Biden is ready to say that the election is over. He’s talking about the executive orders he’s preparing. It’s a very anti-democratic move, especially considering that he doesn’t have such authority. Even if he does become president-elect, he’d have to hold onto those orders until after Inauguration Day.

As Breitbart reported, “What Biden is doing is un-American, anti-democratic, fascist, and fooling no one.”

The media needs to inform people that Biden isn’t the president-elect so that they’re prepared for the very real possibility of Trump winning his legal battles. Where’s social media, now, when it comes to calling out disinformation? Oh, wait, they’re the ones helping to spread the lies.