Austin May Be Blue but They’re Not Radicals as They Vote on Homeless Tent Cities

Although the state of Texas is a giant red splotch on the U.S. map, there’s a large red splotch in the middle to represent the liberal city of Austin. The state’s capital is always trying to prove how liberal they are. However, the radical city council has pushed things too far – and now residents are pushing back.

In 2019, there was a vote to deal with the homeless situation taking over the city of Austin. Mayor Steve Adler along with Councilman Greg Casar led a unanimous city council vote to change the ordinance in the city that has to do with homeless camping.

Essentially, they turned on the green light to allow it. No one was prepared for what would happen next.

Tents and tent cities appeared almost overnight. It began to look a lot like areas of California where these “tent cities” could be constructed. After all, who needs permanent housing when tents can go up virtually anywhere?

It didn’t take long before citizens began opposing the tent cities.

Adler didn’t want to admit defeat. He didn’t want to learn from the cities that are handling homeless populations effectively. Instead, he traveled to the cities where they’re struggling with tent cities, too – such as Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland.

If the mayor won’t protect the city, who will?

A bipartisan group formed: Save Austin Now. They were determined to get the tent cities removed in order to get Austin back to the way it was. They worked to get the ordinance on a citywide vote. City machinations worked to keep it off the ballot. However, the group recently got it onto the May 1 ballot.

Known as Proposition B, the ordinance would go back to the way it was before – ensuring that tent cities were no longer allowed. Both Mayor Adler and Councilman Casar have publicly opposed the proposition. There’s no surprise there – their radical ways would love to have tent cities all over the place so that they can be compared to the cities they visited for the idea.

Adler and Casar decided that they wouldn’t go down without a fight. So, they added Proposition F that would change the city’s charter so that the mayor would have more rights – and that includes controlling functions of the city.

Casar is one of the biggest radicals that Austin has seen – and many have accused him of leading Adler down a considerably more radical path than he would have taken on his own.

If Casar thought that the residents of Austin would go along just because they’re all card-carrying Democrats, he thought wrong. Austin may be filled with liberals, but they’ve proven that they’re not going to go along with radical plans that will destroy all that’s good in the city.

As if Adler and Casar couldn’t be more corrupt already, they also decided to introduce Proposition H, providing “democracy dollars” that would come out of the city government’s budgets to give to Austin residents so that they could donate to political campaigns.

The two radicals are getting desperate – and it’s starting to get to the point that everyone is taking notice.

Adler has been tweeting to explain that Proposition B is going to hurt the homeless. Then, the most liberal ice cream brand in all the land got involved, saying that “Prop B would take Austin backward.”

Even Ben & Jerry’s couldn’t help them.

Adler and Casar got dealt a hard hand of truth. The city wasn’t as radical as they had hoped. The people voted in favor of Proposition B to a tune of 58% versus 42%. Additionally, Proposition F was rejected, which meant that the mayor doesn’t get the control that he wanted. Oh, and the people of Austin also told the radicals what they could do with their democracy dollars.

Let’s hear a round of applause for Austin. It’s good to know that the blue splotch in the middle of Texas still has a conscience.