Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad Offers Stern Economic Warning As Well as Great Forecast for Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and, for years now, has been seen as one of the premier finance authorities on the planet. His books and web series are always in high demand and help people navigate the muddy financial waters that comprise the U.S. economy. One of the biggest weak points is the inability of many people to flex with the market. They blindly listen to one person, and Kiyosaki is someone who even advocates against this.

While he knows his information and knowledge are sound, he is smart enough to know diverse advice is key. The same is true when it comes to investments as he illustrated in his latest projections. “The biggest losers are people who have never lost. Those are the people sitting on their 401ks right now. My generation…The baby boomers will be the biggest losers because they’ve been taught not to make mistakes and they haven’t lost yet. They’ve had it so easy. When they came into the market in the ’70s, the stock market was taking off, the housing market was taking off. The US came off the gold standard in ’71. So the baby boomers are gonna get the biggest shellacking of all generations. It’s really sad. I can see it coming.”

He’s seeing the writing on the wall for what it is, and his warning is something that far too many are heeding too late. This isn’t some new revelation from Kiyosaki, it’s something many have said for ages. They know just how bad it can get, and they want to see the American people getting the most out of their investments given the losses 401ks have taken over the years, it’s wise to not just rely on that as your only source of retirement funding.

This is where things like cryptocurrency come into play. Bitcoin is not only the gold standard for cryptocurrency but also something that should excite every conservative. This investment tool is a great way to diversify and looking at it from Kiyosaki’s perspective, there is enormous long-term potential to invest and to be ready for the massive losses many are either already facing or just about to face. It’s funny to say this as Bitcoin recently went below a 52-week low of $26,700. Yet, he is incredibly optimistic about this.

“BITCOIN CRASHING. Great news. As stated in previous tweets, I am waiting for Bitcoin to crash to $20,000. Will then wait for test of bottom which might be $17,000. Once I know bottom is in, I back up the truck. Crashes are best times to get rich. Take care.”

Given the current all-time high is $69,000 which was reached in November 2021, that means ample room to grow before hitting record-breaking territory again. Kiyosaki believes the incompetence at the top levels of the U.S. government is what will propel this sky-high.

However, he is open about his diversification into Ethereum and believes it has tremendous potential as well. Unlike Bitcoin, though, he is more reserved in his investment levels and projections for Ethereum in the near future. He sees the price point as a bit too high for further investment at the moment, much as he explained with Bitcoin. Looking at the trading models and various projections based on trading volume it becomes rather evident that he knows exactly what he is talking about.

These kinds of forecasts don’t come out very often. While people have been forecasting days of doom and gloom for ages, this kind of forecast with steps to avoid the landmines coming for the financial sector is rarely seen. Especially when being given away freely, they are best served when paired with his other lessons.

Hopefully, Americans are waking up and starting to listen, if not they will have a long and poor existence waiting for them.