Back and Forth, Back and Forth, Back and Forth Matchup Between Fauci and Himself Has People Dizzy From Watching

Flip flop Fauci strikes again because people are thinking when his little mouse-looking grin appears on national television. He constantly tells people to keep the diapers over their mouths to keep a virus that is long gone from ever coming back. His lustful adherence to power has set him to be an untrustworthy source of information. He says one thing about the virus, and when the winds of popularity change, he moves right along with it.

The vaccine was supposed to be the end of the pandemic-style lockdowns and regulations that liberals love to push on people. Their puppet of choice is Anthony Fauci. His loyalties quickly changed when the Democrats stole the White House. He loved them so much that they saw to it to give him his own kid’s book.

The CDC is coming out and removing their recommendations of staying masked up once vaccinated. But Fauci and his liberal lovers want to ignore the science and keep pushing the need to place human facial diapers on people.

His words of “you must stay masked even after you get vaccinated” are what is flooding through the airways. He believes that he is preaching some kind of salvation message. But the worst thing about Fauci is that he flip flops with each wind of change.

Mask pushers dominate in liberal states. When the CDC tells people that they do not need to wear a mask in public because of the vaccine, the liberals come back swinging stories of fear and paranoia.

Fauci’s new claim that kids who are too young for the vaccine need to continue to wear masks not to get the virus or run the risk of passing it onto other people. But the science points out that small kids have large, in part, been immune to the virus.

Instead of giving hope and finding a way to get people back to normal. Fauci looks for ways to keep people locked under his tight grip.

Science dictates that the older a person gets, the higher the chances of them catching the virus. Naughty Fauci would know these facts given the position that he holds and his background. But when one hangs out with lunacy within the Democratic Party, it is highly possible that he forgets what honesty all is about.

Children in liberal-run states are being abused by the insanity coming out of Fauci’s mouth. Fauci stated to CNN that “Children too young to be vaccinated will still have to wear masks when they are indoors and around others, even if older kids and adults are free to take off face protection once they are fully vaccinated.” Even if they are not readily able to catch it because of their age.

Fauci and his band of scoundrels once stated that masks were to protect people. Then they told people that everyone needed to wear them to protect themselves and others from the spit they spew all over each other. Fauci was quick to tell Biden that he needs to wear two or three masks at a time to protect himself better. And this is the kind of lunacy that is governing kids in liberal states.

The tiny tyrant is the man that loves power. He feels the need to continue to bully kids into making himself feel bigger and better about himself. He spouts off out the mouth to follow science, and then he ignores it himself.

Anthony Fauci and his liberal master Joe Biden have no clue what makes up reality as it relates to national health issues. Kids do not need to wear a mask because they are the one part of the population that is nearly immune to the threat of the virus. Science has proven that part of the story over the past year.

The Democratic Party needs to keep pushing the pandemic nonsense, and they need Fauci to keep lying through his teeth in order to maintain control over their subjects. The Center for Disease Control is more of an authority than Fauci ever could be.  He is nothing more than a liberal liar seeking more money at the expense of everyone else’s freedoms.