Bail Funds of $30 Million Raised…What Happened to the Money?

Remember that huge bail fund that was set up in Minnesota to pay the bail for all of the supposedly “peaceful protesters” that were being arrested? The same one that was funded by those in the Biden campaign as well as countless Democratic celebrities? Yeah, so about that bail fund…

“We are no longer the same organization we were one week ago.”

This is what the Minnesota Freedom Fund said after being repeatedly questioned about not using the money to bail people out. Out of over $30 million being raised, they only spent about $200,000 bailing people out. Meanwhile, over 10,000 people were arrested during the riots.

So, if the money isn’t being used on bail, what is it going to be used on?

The fund says that they’re flooded with resources and “have some big plays in mind.” Big plays? What in the world does that mean? Not surprisingly, they chose not to go into any real detail.

Three das after talking about their big plays, they also announced that donations “may be used” to cover legal support for those who were either arrested or incarcerated because of protesting George Floyd’s murder.

Here’s where the Biden campaign and the celebrities didn’t read the fine print of who they were donating to. The Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) has been around since 2016. They weren’t suddenly created to deal with the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Prior to his death, they were focused on fighting back against the unjust bail system and paying immigrant bonds.

It seems they’re getting confused about their mission. Are they paying immigrant bonds or those who are fighting against racial injustice? Are they helping immigrants or are they helping criminals who are going to commit arson in the name of justice? Apparently, they’ll do whatever as long as it means that people keep donating money to them.

MFF has shared on Twitter that “where the money went” includes emptying Hennepin jail for those who can’t afford the bail. They’re focused on the people who didn’t take the plea deals and who are in jail waiting for their pre-trials.

Great, so they’re releasing everyone who committed acts of arson and destruction of property. Because, of the 10,000 arrested, not everyone actually got booked. Some were released because they were actually protesting peacefully. The only ones who actually need bail are the ones who actually did something that broke the law.

But, let’s continue.

On June 16, they tweeted about having money and volunteer interest so they can take it to the next stage – mass liberation.

Later that day, they posted that they want to spend the money to “get people out of cages,” referring to ICE. Whoa, there. That wasn’t part of the original deal…or was it?

Did the Biden campaign know that they were actually helping to abolish ICE?

According to, he plans to ensure that ICE personnel “abide by professional standards.” He doesn’t say anything about getting rid of them.

Uh oh. What did his campaign do, then, by donating to MFF?

It’s because too many Democrats got caught with their bleeding hearts. They had money to spend and didn’t bother to look at MFF and what their true beliefs were. They didn’t look past what the money could be spent on other than bailing out those who broke laws.

Right now, the Minnesota Freedom Fund says, “Love now, peace later.” Why can’t there be love and peace? They don’t want to do anything peacefully – and that means that Biden and countless celebrities have condoned this kind of activity by being privy to fueling the organization with their donations.

The MFF organization duped a lot of people. Look, we’ll pay bails! Only, less than one percent of what they brought in over the past month has actually gone to cover bails. Now, they want to focus not just on getting people out of the county jails but also ICE detention centers.