Barclays Center Stormed by Anti-Mandate Protesters

By Steve Sanchez Photos/
By Steve Sanchez Photos/

Vaccine mandates have been messing with everyday American lives for months now. As the mandates are becoming more constrictive, they are also spreading even deeper in NYC. For players in any local indoor sports a required to be vaccinated to play with the teams or even practice.

This in turn means players like Brooklyn Nets’ own Kyrie Irving have not been able to play all season due to his refusal to get the vaccine. In response, protesters took to the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn to voice their displeasure at the city for their refusal to allow one of the NBA’s biggest stars to take the court.

While the ruling would technically only apply to road games, the Nets have taken a stand and not allowed him to be a ‘part-time’ player, so he cannot even join the team for road games. This has angered many fans, as this is not an NBA mandate, but a mandate by New York City, and the Nets front office respectively.

With a crowd of over 100 people storming the Barclays Center, officials were forced to barricade the doors and restricted any access past the security barricades to ticket holders only. With Printed ‘Stand with Kyrie’ signs, and other homemade posters, these protesters let the team and the city know their level of displeasure with these mandates. At times pushing their way to and through the barricades, security did their job and kept the protesters from making their way inside and did it without injury.

The glowing sign of just how tired people are of the liberal left’s mandates came from the mixture of protesters. Made up of a pro-Trump crowd as well as the Black Lives Matter New York crowd, this was one of the most diverse protests in NYC in recent months. People who normally would have nothing to do with one another found common ground in the freedom of medical autonomy for this young man.

Even if NYC and the Nets refuse to change their course or trade Irving, he has done something many have been unable to do; get the BLM section of the left and the pro-Trump people on the same side of the fight. That is nothing short of heroic in and of itself. Chanting “No Vaccine mandate” and “Stand with Kyrie” in unison, the sign-carrying, and flag-waving protesters were very loud in their message.

While BLM New York has no affiliation with the National level BLM, the fact that the two have stood together on this should tell everyone that this is wrong. The people are tired of Government officials telling us what to do, of forcing their medical views on our bodies and making decisions for us. Hank Newsom of BLM NY let it be known “We Have a Message to give and it’s our got given right to give that message” and he could not be more right.

The freedom of medical choice is just as important as our other freedoms such as speech, voting, to bear arms, or to protest. As NYC and other areas of the country seek to destroy these rights, they need to look carefully at what they are doing. They are starting to unite us for a common good. The age-old adage of ‘the enemy of thy enemy is thy friend’ is being proven true right before our very eyes. Could we start seeing more of these two very different and often at odds groups teaming up more in the weeks to come?