Bernie Concedes That His Plan Stinks and is Expensive

Bernie Sanders is the nation’s best socialist that just won’t quit. His health has never been the best and yet after several setbacks, he continues to try to push an agenda that America has rejected.

Sanders has a young socialist base that follows him, but they also follow some other younger socialist terrorist mainly the AOC. Their environmental package is set the bankrupt the nation and destroy the lives that so many people have fought hard to build for themselves.

Each time a socialist pushing an agenda on climate control is asked about the cost they could never really give a straight answer. Ocasio-Cortez bumbles around the questions and tries to use big words that she does not understand.

She hopes that she can confuse people in a merry-go-round of words hoping to lose them in the process. When the public gets tired of her agenda she renames it to something else hoping to pass it off as something new.

But recently, Bernie Sanders slipped up and gave the figure of what his new criminal deal would cost the country. His plan to address and control the climate comes in at a heavy price tag of $16 trillion.

The staggering number would be paid for in several ways. But when it all comes down to where the money comes from is the American people. The country could be looking at extremely high taxes just to pay for what Sanders believes an attempt to control something that mankind has never been able to do.

Many of the socialist regimes were in attendance at their last pep-rally. They have these rallies often hoping to encourage themselves to keep trying to screw over the American people. But no one is falling for their stupid plan.

It will bankrupt the country in a short amount of time. Reducing climate pollution amounts is one thing but trying to control the environment is another. Sander’s plan takes the world back to the dark ages when campfires and walking around was the normal way of life.

Sanders admitted that his plan was expensive when he said “Building on the Green New Deal, we have brought forth a rather detailed proposal, and I have been criticized by some who say it is expensive. Well, they’re right, it is. It’s $16 trillion.”

And of course, all the loony liberals at the pep-rally would have cheered the number. Of course, a loony would cheer and would believe anything stupid thing or idea. If Sanders were to tell everyone that the world was a cube and not round, they would believe him and cheer for him. Even though he is delirious and stupid with what he is trying to push.

What the socialist terrorist group wants to do is make America dependent on 100 percent renewable resources. This may sound good and all but it robs Americans of the choice to decide what they want for their nation.

The plan weakens the nation as it would cut military spending. The plan increases taxes on the fossil fuel industry which is nothing more than a way to push them all out of business. The stupid Democrats believe that by killing the country it would create 20 million jobs. Most of which would be taken up by people put out of work by this stupid plan.

Sander’s plan reads the following “The scope of the challenge ahead of us shares similarities with the crisis faced by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1940s. Battling a world war on two fronts — both in the East and the West — the United States came together, and within three short years restructured the entire economy to win the war and defeat fascism.”

The war that he is talking about is nothing more than the war really against freedom and economic prosperity. He wants to restructure the nation into a socialist nation and control the people through fear and intimidation. His plan is nothing more than economic terrorism. And his little band of socialist is doing his bidding. Is it possible that the Antichrist has arrived?