Biden Admin Tells Illegals: ‘Now is Not the Time’ to Come to US

Joe Biden is finding out before he ever gets to sit down that being a president is a lot tougher than he ever will be. The caravan of illegals that have marched to the north was just waiting for the tough President Trump to leave before they made their presence known. And instead of Biden telling the illegals to come to America the legal way, he told them to be patient, so he can remove the legal laws that keep Americans safe.

He has told the illegals that they should wait a little while longer so he can allow them to start oozing into the country through the loopholes that President Trump plugged. Biden is so arrogant to think that every illegal pressing at the border is seeking asylum for some injustice in their own land.

Asylum laws dictate that the people must request asylum in the first country they come across. And in this case, it would be Mexico. But not one so-called migrant ever requested it because they want to come to America where things are so great. They want to mooch off the hard-working legal resident.

Biden has made commitments to the illegals around the world to let them without coming in a legal way. Instead of committing to Americans’ safety and welfare, Biden has sold his soul to the illegal devils. He has made them promises. Joe Biden is the illegals president and not the Americans voted for.

He desires to eradicate the laws that have made America a safe place to live. He wants to open the borders and let the illegals flow in like water. Biden might as well cut down the 400 miles of border wall installed to protect Americans from the crime and drugs moving up from the south.

A silly spokesperson from the Biden basement stated that the illegals really “need to understand they’re not going to be able to come into the United States immediately.” They are going to have to wait until it is the right time for them to come. They will have to sit down and wait it out.

Thousands of migrants are moving up from the south and pressing against the southern border. And it looks like there are thousands more on their way up. They are coming from a region that is heavily destroyed under the weight of tyranny and socialism. The very form of government that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing in Congress now.

The traitorous media is hoping that Biden will just let them in without much of an effort. But Biden must first play politics and appear that he is concerned with true citizens before letting the enemy in to ravage the countryside.

And for some strange reason, these migrants think they have rights as they come to the border. Pueblo Sin Fronteras is a group that speaks for the migrants. And they are making demands of Biden that are getting him to act suspiciously like a socialist. They want him to let them in without any effort.

Biden’s official stated that “We have to provide a message that health and hope is on the way, but coming right now does not make sense for their own safety…while we put into place processes that they may be able to access in the future.”

Biden wants to do away with the protections that President Trump has put in place. He wants to remove the Migrant Protection Protocols that keep migrants from making a dangerous journey. But Biden worshippers quickly say that such rules put people at risk. They forget that the journey itself is the most significant risk of all.

Biden is a president for the migrant and not American’s. He is more interested in catering to the world than making America a better place to live. So far, his actions are harming America and not making it better.

President Trump has vocalized that removing the protective laws and letting migrants make the journey with the hopes of becoming citizens is way too dangerous. He stated that it would lead to “a tidal wave of illegal immigration, a wave like you’ve never seen before.” And this caravan of people just proves his point.