Biden and His Secret Vans Brought Fake Ballots to Polling Places

Clark County, Nevada continues to be the focus of voter fraud as more information is revealed. There is now personal first-hand testimony that Joe Biden and the dirty Democrats secretly worked at or near voting locations to beef up their voter totals.

The person in question remains anonymous for her safety because people who reveal the corruption within the Democratic party have been known to come up missing.

The poll workers’ testimony is a clear picture of what took place the night of the election. In what seems like a good mystery novel, the Democrats worked out unmarked vans creating ballots that their people could secretly use to flood the election with fake ballots.

The woman stated that she went for a walk to get some fresh air, and it was then that she noticed a van with Biden marked on the side. She stated that “I went out to go for a walk on my break and I probably had a 150, 175-foot stretch where I was walking, the Biden van was parked along this stretch. I was walking to it, so about 150 feet, I was walking, and I could see these people hand over what appeared to be white envelopes, just hand over to this table.”

Two men were seen opening and dropping the outer envelopes. Each ballot that they took out was marked in such a way as to cause another vote for Biden to be counted. She mentioned that there “were four total people, two were marking and opening the envelopes and the paper. It took about a six-minute walk to walk this parking lot and I just walked my entire lunch hour. So, I came around a second time and they’re still opening and marking the ballots.”

These four men in total were working all night and day marking harvested ballots for Biden. Over the course of passing them multiple times, the woman stated that she saw them put the ballots back into their envelopes.

The Democrats have been deceiving the American people for the past four years. They lied about President Trump working with Russia to rig the election. They lied about Joe Biden’s corruption and his involvement in Burisma. They indeed lied during the impeachment trial. And the list goes on for eternity.

The socialist left has gone out on a big limb to get their dementia patient in the White House. Biden may talk about peace and unity, but behind his words lie more deception and lies. He has an agenda to destroy America and put in place a wide range of policies that will hurt people for years to come.

The poll worker got a glimpse of the evil within the liberal’s heart. She claims that the four men would stand together so that no one could see what they were doing. It was at this moment that she realized she was in danger. Their actions scared her enough to cause her to flee the area.

When the time was right, she did the right thing and reported the problem to the right people. She submitted an affidavit to President Trump about what she saw and witnessed.

It was reported by Fox News, reporting that “The affidavit, which has been submitted to the Justice Department, also claims voters were allowed to cast ballots without valid identification.” This is where Fox News gets squirmy because they are also in on the fraud that was taking place that night.

Joe Biden purposely had his people working out of their vans, creating ballots to push his vote count. In some counties, he did it so much that the total vote count exceeds the number of registered voters. They were indicating that there was fraud happening all over the place.

President Trump warned for months that the Democrats wanted to use the mail service to stuff their fake ballots into the system. He has filed several lawsuits in the states where the corruption is shining bright. The entire issue stems from the belief that the election process needs to be fair. And the only way that it can happen is if the Democrats are found and prosecuted for their actions.