Biden Attacks Elderly Population Dependent on Insulin by Allowing Big Pharma to Jack Up Prices

Before we get started on this one, the good folks over at 100% Fed Up have a pretty solid synopsis of what is taking place right now.

“After decades of politicians saying they would reduce medical costs, none of them ever did.  None of them, that is, until President Donald Trump signed into law orders near the end of his first term to lower prescription drug costs and costs of procedures. The Trump policy lowered the costs of Insulin and EpiPens and insulin by requiring community health centers to pass on all their insulin and epinephrine discount savings to patients.

Biden is in the pocket of globalist big business, including Big Pharma as well as China. Big Pharma gets almost 100% of their prescriptions from China, which Trump sees as a huge threat to our nation. He is right since China could (and did during Covid) shut us off from vital medical supplies on a whim.

America would be unable to support itself during a real pandemic disaster if China decided to behave this way, again, because we no longer have multiple sources for so many medical products. President Trump was the first president to actually understand Big Pharma and produce some kind of actions that lowered costs, simplified, and made transparent payment structures for Americans,” they reported.

This goes against all of the claims that are typically made by Democrats. They act like the Republicans are the ones who are solely responsible for price increases when it comes to the medications that are provided by Big Pharma. When framed through this prism, the moves that are being made by Biden look even nuttier.

If Biden loved America as much as he claims, why would he essentially declare war against the older population like this? The people who need medications most should always be looked out for at times like these. Instead, he is taking away one of the many benefits that Trump provided to the older population.

He looked after these vulnerable citizens and did everything he could to make sure that their medications were not too costly. Ever since Biden was sworn into office, it’s like he has been on a rampage. All he wants to do is reverse any Trump policy that he can get his hands on and he does not care who gets hurt in the process.

This is why so many voters stood in solidarity with Trump. People may have believed that they had nothing to lose by choosing Biden instead and now they are learning the hard way. These are the people that we were trying to save from themselves but they did not want to listen. They foolishly believed that Biden would keep their best interests at heart at all times.

The last election reminded us a lot of a high school class president race. You had two candidates, one of whom has already had the position and provided the necessary benefits to their classmates. From there, one of the quote-unquote cool kids showed up and decided to start promising a bunch of nonsense that they could never, ever deliver on.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Biden was actively taking away benefits from older Americans, just so he can fulfill the promises that he made to the far left. These are the people who voted him into power and for all intents and purposes? They are his boss now. It’s terrifying to think about, isn’t it? He’s at the mercy of the woke crowd and these are not the most reasonable people in the world.

This is the “cozy” bed that he has made and he is going to have to lie in it now. It would just be nice if he was able to leave the rest of us out of his insane deals with the devil. The phrase “by hook or by crook” has never seemed more appropriate here.