Biden Blamed America’s Crankiness Towards Him on COVID…and Republicans…Yeah…Really…This One’ll Getcha


No one has or ever will accuse Donald Trump of not having an immensely domineering ego. It’s who he is, it’s how he gets things done, and if anyone alive has ever earned the right to be a now and again obnoxiously excessive braggart, it’s him. Ironically, where this personality trait is generally frowned upon with great disdain, it’s what makes Trump so popular. As a president, it was that very ego that prevented him from ever backing down from a good scrap. He’s a bring-it-on kinda guy. Then came Joe. 

In his own feeble mind, Joe Biden believes he’s doing a wonderful job. Since no one will offer to help the old man out, he’s reaching his own arthritic arm behind himself for a well-undeserved pat on the back. It’s Biden’s contention that the nation is still weak and acting all crotchety-like towards him because of COVID.

Biden believes his crash from glory is due to the nation still being in recovery mode from lockdowns, losing jobs, and watching their friends and family members die. How quickly Joe’s forgotten that it was him who pinky swore to have this pesky virus and all its bastard offspring in the archives by now. Instead, the mama virus is procreating faster than a hare in heat, and people are still taking their final breath.

Marking his first full year in office at a press conference, Biden was asked how he felt he has done to eliminate or at least curb the pandemic. Without batting an eye or stuttering, he gloated how he has “outperformed” all expectations.

In light of stalled agendas, ongoing pandemic issues, inflation, and such, Biden more or less admitted defeat by saying he probably needs to cut back on his “Build Back Better” jargon since no one seems to share his fetish for asphalt. He’ll work on something else in his economic plan as soon as he remembers what’s in it.

Biden blamed his failures on Republicans for their unwillingness to cooperate with him. He said that instead of presenting their own thoughts and ideas on pertinent issues, they spent their time batting his ideas down without even knowing what they consist of. He went as far as to blame their united opposition against him for the ongoing pandemic.

Biden told the reporters he isn’t concerned with the polls. He insisted that, in time, he and his beleaguered administration will witness the return of their lost flock. He’s got some traveling on his agenda to get better acquainted with the peasants he’s lost touch with so he’s gonna do some handshaking and baby holding to try and mend their shattered hearts. 

When asked about the brew-ha-ha at the Russian/Ukraine border, aside from sliding Ukraine a cool $200 million, Biden nonchalantly said he’s waiting things out to see how Putin wants to dance. “He has to do something,” he said. Duh…

More or less comparing Putin to a young adult seeking their purpose in life, Biden said in an eloquent and fatherly tone, “He is trying to find his place in the world between China and the West.” 

The only thing that Biden made quite evident is that the U.S. economy isn’t the only thing that’s falling off the deep edge…