Biden Blames Slow Oil Contracts on the Stupidity of His Team

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The president is up to his old tricks again by claiming that the high gas prices are not his fault. He tried to blame the high prices on Vladimir Putin and the war. He also tried to blame them on former President Donald Trump. The old man has even tried to claim one thing while doing the exact opposite. But his latest excuse is hilarious and self-destructive.

Joe Biden has stated that the gas and oil contracts are not being approved because one federal agency cannot perform simple math. He passed the blame again to another source, pointing to his liberal ignorance.

Biden claims that a simple math error has kept the permits from being approved. And yet, it has taken months to realize the error. This is nothing more than the old man trying to cover up his true intent of ruining the United States economy with socialist ideas.

The midterm elections also play a part in his effort to move forward with the drilling permits. High prices are just causing the country to hate the Democratic Party. It adds to the pile of bad policies and actions his party has placed on the American people.

The Daily Wire found out and reported that the president’s office was using the story as a cover to protect Biden’s true intent. His past actions prove that he does not care about the country. He is more concerned with helping illegals across the border than serving the nation he swore to protect.

Richard Spinrad is the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Spinrad claims that the National Marine Fisheries Service was the agency that used a flawed model to measure the environmental impact that drilling would have on the region.

Spinrad stated that “NMFS understands the concerns of industry and is working with [the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)] to expeditiously develop … revised regulations.”

The Democrats love to red tape everything to delay things from happening. Joe Biden is having every agency under the sun get involved in measuring the effects drilling will have on the region. All he needs is for one issue to come up, and he would have his reason to kill all the deals.

Biden has already proven that he is against modern energy usage and development. He has indicated that he plans to replace all current energy production methods with new technology. But he has yet to reveal the plan and get all parties on board.

The White House tells one story after another to divert attention away from the president regarding the high gas prices. His people claim that the president is approving new leases while at the same time, the facts tell a different story as to what the old man is doing.

The Daily Wire also found and reported that Jan Kulmann, an industry expert, stated that “In defending the Biden administration’s refusal to issue new oil and gas leases on federal land, Psaki said that there are over 9,000 unused leases already. So, why issue new ones? You might be fooled into thinking this is a valid point, but only if you know nothing about the energy industry, in which I have worked for 23 years.”

Biden may approve the new leases, but they will be worthless if no oil is drilled. Kulmann also noted that any new oil drilled will have to be transported to the refineries before drivers consume it.

Joe Biden has done a great job of killing off the transportation methods needed to move oil around the country. Drillers need the ability to move the oil to the refinery to make a difference.

But the president silently hurt the transportation methods enough that any new oil drilling will not be able to be moved quickly enough to lower prices.

The Democrats want people to believe that the higher prices are everyone else’s fault. But the truth is that Biden has singlehandedly destroyed the energy industry just enough to cause massive price hikes around the country. And he has no plans to deal with the problem. It’s just a blame game, even if it means blaming those within his own administration.