Biden Handlers Prepare To Go to DEFCON 4 As His Mental Health Begins To Decrease

L By lev radin/
L By lev radin/

Man the battle stations!! Get that report qued up!! Where are with that hologram??’ While not quite the situation inside the Biden handler room, this could certainly become the case soon, and they are getting ready for it as his health is showing further signs of degradation with every public appearance he makes.

From made-up stories to gross commentary, to inappropriate time checking, to forgetting what he needs to say, to forgetting the names of world leaders, he has become a walking embarrassment. Each ‘misstep’ as they like to call them is just yet another indication that the cheese has in fact slipped off this man’s cracker. It’s pitiful to watch these handlers slide him off the stage and away from cameras so they can take over for him and do damage control. The idea being here is that the less we see weakness in the President the fewer things are actually wrong.

In turn, all it does is raise more questions. Especially as they continue to seek out ways to control the narrative on how when and why they communicate with the press. These are coming largely in the form of ‘press sprays’. Meaning small groups of clustered and shouted questions that the President can easily walk away from and his ‘not hearing them’ is now acceptable.

As the NY Times recently said on the topic “Justin Sink, a reporter for Bloomberg News, pressed Meagher on the reason for the change of plans. Pool sprays sometimes — but not always — feature questions from reporters…“If Jen said that this is going to happen and there’s a long-standing precedent of this happening and the most recent data point is yesterday where you guys had to clean up not only this Olympic comment, but his comment on the timing for the Fed and his Taiwan comment, is the worry that you don’t want the president taking questions? And if not, I think the best way to satisfy that would be to have the president out there tomorrow.” This is certainly a scary time for this country.

When the leader of the free world cannot answer a simple question without handlers either taking over or guiding his every move it is a very scary scene to behold. This is a man American’s have elected to lead the country, but he is more than that. He is supposed to be someone Americans can look to for inspiration, for hope, for guidance, for an example of having a backbone. All things people have been unable to do with Biden. We could with Trump, we even could at times with Obama. Yet Biden and his group of leftist puppets in the office has become a mockery.

As recent polls have shown 48% of the American people question how mentally sound he is to serve the office, and even his people are showing signs that they hold the same concerns. As the 2022 midterm elections are starting to come up, the move to DEFCON 4 is not unsurprising. They need to put on a strong game face if they want to hold out any hope of even retaining what power they have left. The people know how horribly they have been running things, and how weak Biden has become. There hasn’t been a President removed for mental instability in the history of this country, and they damn sure don’t want to be the test case of how to do it.