Biden is Flipping Like a Pancake Over Defunding the Police

In a mind-boggling reversal of his previous stance concerning the police, one thing has become obvious, Joe Biden wants votes, and he’ll say or do anything to get them. In his attempts at appealing to his uber-liberal base, his mind will flip like a pancake on Sunday morning.

In 1994, Biden was ecstatic over the passage of a bill designed to put 100,000 more police officers on the streets of America. Akin to a Marvel comic character, he was a crime fighter who wanted to purge the country of the less than desirable crooks and thugs who lurked around every corner. “Law and order” was his battle cry. Sound familiar?

But now that it’s 2020 and he is vying for the top position in the nation, his entire stance on the matter has changed. It isn’t that he feels any differently about the matter, but in order to win the election, he’s pretending to have hopped on the snowflake express.

Or, perhaps, Biden can’t even remember as far back as 1994. After all, he appears to have a hard enough time remembering what happened the previous day. If it weren’t for using the words scripted for him via a teleprompter, we would all witness his train derailing every time he opens his mouth.

Biden ridiculously claimed credit for the 1994 crime bill, and even as recently as 2017 advocated for putting more cops on the beat. In a recent interview with him and Kamala Harris, Biden changed his mind by stating his favoritism of calls for defunding the police.

His change of heart even runs contrary to the official stance of his own party. The 2020 Democratic party platform is in direct opposition to “over-policed and under-served Black and Latino communities.”

In Joe Biden’s published book, “Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose,” he stated the following concerning his Republican colleagues. “And they argued that crime was uniquely local. I had to remind my colleagues that most local crime was caused by the drug epidemic, and drugs were a federal responsibility. It took some time, but I finally got real funding written into the crime bill I authored in 1994 that provided an additional one hundred thousand local cops. And it worked.”

But this was written prior to his becoming a presidential candidate. Just last month Biden caved in to the pressure he was receiving from left-wing activists when he blurted out how he absolutely was in full favor of redirecting funds from police departments. Anything for a vote…

Biden also went on to say how he was totally opposed to the purchase of military equipment by police departments, wildly stating how such action would turn the police into an enemy of the people. He said the use of military vehicles to quell violent rioting would be too similar to a full-fledged military invasion.

Now, here comes the part that confirms Biden’s retired brain cells. Obviously forgetting he had so recently reversed his stance, just a couple of weeks ago he flip-flopped again when he told Good Morning America, “I don’t want to defund police departments. I think they need more help, they need more assistance.” Huh???

Also in his book, Biden wrote that he “sometimes felt like a lonely voice” by advocating for additional federal funding for police. “There were fewer and fewer cops on the beat, with the predictable consequence of increasingly strained relations between the police and the black community.”

So. Are you confused yet? We sure are. One day Biden says police departments need more money to properly do their jobs, only to say the very next day how they should be defunded. So which is it? We doubt Biden even knows for certain.

This is certainly the reason why police unions around the country, who have been paying very close attention, have dumped Biden in favor of Trump. With Donald Trump, they know what to expect. With Joe Biden, it depends on which day of the week it is.