Biden Is, In Fact, Coming for Your Guns


President Biden has been forming his plan to erode the Constitution for decades, but it never fully got underway until he started running for President. As the new person representing the blind leading the blind party, his fellow liberals would be looking to him to guide them down the path of ignorance and self-absorbed causes that most people are not affected by. This gave him a legion of followers who would blindly follow him.

Ultimately, they wanted someone who would be a spineless puppet. They certainly got that with Biden. The campaign promises from his time on the trail fell flat once he got elected. Instead, the progressives stuck their hand up to his backside, and he is just going along with it without a care in the world. Now, as the ATF needs a new director, Biden must adjust his focus.

Simply instituting new laws won’t pacify these criminals anymore. Now, they want to see changes that are outside of his scope and wheelhouse. They think Biden should be fixing every problem they can think of, even if nothing is making it a problem. Their latest target is gun parts. They believe that being able to make or modify your own weapons is a huge crime that is causing the bodies to stack up everywhere.

Steve Dettleback is the person Biden is trusting to do that job. A former U.S. Attorney from Ohio back in 2009 to 2016, he is being sent to chase the carrot on a treadmill. Since former US Attorney B. Todd Jones took the post back in 2013 (while already acting director) nobody else has gotten through the confirmations since they were mandated back in 2006. Making the position difficult to fill is something. Both sides of the aisle seem to pride themselves on.

Yet, the gun rights activists are happy to fight nominations on either side of the aisle. They want someone fair, and someone who won’t go after their second amendment rights. This shouldn’t be so difficult, but as liberals are pushing their ghost gun agenda, the Justice Department has been dragging its feet without an ATF director.

Gun Owners of America is happy to see the delay but has openly claimed that they will fight this ruling at all costs. Aidan Johnston serves as the group director of federal affairs and issued a statement about the potential new laws. “Just as we opposed the Trump Administration’s arbitrary ban on bump stocks, GOA will also sue Biden’s ATF to halt the implementation of this rule.”

Reactions to both developments have been alarming people across the country. Those wanting more change and regulation are in huge favor of this motion getting through the Justice Department. Yet, even more, are blissfully unaware of this new candidate for director, or that the ATF has been lacking real leadership.

Advocates for gun safety like “Everytown for Gun Safety” are up in arms for changes to these ghost guns. Everytown President John Feinblatt stated, “Ghost guns look like a gun, they shoot like a gun, and they kill like a gun, but up until now they haven’t been regulated like a gun.” However, there is a massive problem with their ideals here. The term “ghost gun” is like “assault rifle.” It’s a made-up term liberals decided to use to make things sound scarier than they are.

Behind this tactic is the push to make parts for firearms registered and subject to the same laws that full firearms today need to go through. That means if you’re waiting three days now for a new pistol, and paying an expensive price for the background check, get ready to pay that again for a new trigger, a guide rod string, or even a magazine. If this new director gets through, too, the second amendment could all be abolished.