Biden Is Letting Communism Seep In Via the Southern Border…Beware…His Master Plan Is Working

America was designed as a capitalist nation where nothing but a lack of self-motivation could hold a person back, and those with enough determination could easily flourish. Right from the onset, its citizens were given a choice. The ones who took a chance by seizing the opportunity soon became the employers of the ones who didn’t.

It only stands to reason that as these new companies grew, so did the wealth of the owners, or, the risk-takers if you will, while the worker bees took home a regular weekly paycheck. Life was pretty good all the way around. In this respect, not much has changed. Yet.

These days liberals are crying foul. Why should the wealthy be allowed to keep getting wealthier when it’s their employees who are doing all the work? And why shouldn’t those who are dripping in dollars use some of their riches for the betterment of humanity instead of squandering it on luxuries?

Roughly translated they want to sit back and reap the same rewards as those who risked it all to get to the top, and who more than likely still work behind the scenes twice as hard as they do. Sure thing. Makes perfect sense. To them only.

The opposites of capitalism are socialism, communism, and fascism, none of which should offer appeal to any free-thinking American. They’re all forms of control and the best vessel for delivering any of them is fear. Fear is similar to strapping a shock collar on a dog. If the peasants begin to stir in their discontent, just zap ’em with more scary stuff. Make it sting a little.

This is exactly what the Biden administration is doing. At current, especially with the Delta variant making its appearance, the pandemic is working in Biden’s favor. It only stands to reason why, in reality, he wants to keep it going. For appearance’s sake only, Biden has pleaded with people to get vaccinated. But he knows, just as we know, the more Biden pushes the vaccine, the faster his conservative non-supporters are going to keep running from it, much to his delight.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg. It’s more transparent than what’s going on below the surface. And in this case, below the surface is our southern border. It’s a huge part of the master plan. While new and unique crises are presented to us almost daily for our express terror, the southern border has been purposely sidelined. Out of sight. Out of mind.

In June, US Customs and Border Patrol reported that 190,000 illegal immigrants entered the U.S. Since Biden took control the numbers have been steadily increasing to the highest point they’ve ever been. This runs contrary to his campaign lies.

On day one Biden reversed every immigration policy Trump had enacted and since that time he’s ignored every immigration law on the books. But don’t be fooled by his apparent lack of interest. For selfish reasons, the southern border is a top priority.

If Joe Biden were to serve two terms, based on current statistics, the U.S. economy will be supporting an additional 30-million immigrants. This number equals one-third of the entire U.S. population, and that’s a helluva lot of voters who will be viewing Joe Biden as their lord and savior. For them and their liberal co-hearts, two terms might not be enough.

This is when the red drapes get hung in the White House and huge portraits of Biden get painted on outside walls. This is when America as we now know it comes crashing down around the ankles of every patriot who has ever fought and died for the freedoms we now enjoy.

But wait. There’s more. Those massive amounts of illegals who are strolling in? Yeah. They aren’t vaccinated, nor do they require vaccination prior to entry. And these numbers don’t even include the thousands upon thousands who are coming in undetected. Also, unvaccinated.

Thus, the fear factor continues to be of use to Biden as he secretly encourages the pandemic to roar on. Also based on statistics is the fact that only a small percentage of the immigrants will die from COVID-19 as a result of not receiving the vaccine, so more than enough of them will be leftover to help him out.

So while Biden attempts to keep America trembling in fear, he’s silently building an avid army of diehard supporters who have sworn their total and unyielding loyalty to their soon-to-be ruling dictator, and ours. Forever and ever, amen.

Can you see what’s happening?