Biden Jumps in Bed with Terrorists as He Lifts Iranian Sanctions

Joe Biden’s mission is to hurt the country as much as possible before he is drummed out of office. Every Democrat is blind to the truth that Biden hates America, and every single thing he has done has been for the other guy.

America is last on his list, and he likes it that way. He does not understand that as president of America, he has to put them first.

His State Department came out and stated that he intends to remove all of the sanctions and blockades that Donald Trump put on Iran. He wants them to resume their nuclear research as he leads America back into the dangerous Iran Nuclear Deal.

The reason that he is taking this action remains in question.

Ned Price is the State Departments’ spokesperson. He stated that “We are prepared to take the steps necessary to return to compliance with the JCPOA, including by lifting sanctions that are inconsistent with the JCPOA. I am not in a position here to give you chapter and verse on what those might be.”

Price just admitted that no one knows what kind of deal Biden is dragging the United States into. For all, he knows the deal gives support to Iran to build bombs of their own to launch against anyone they feel deserves to be killed. Biden’s foolish move is putting Americans in a harmful position that could lead to many people being killed.

Iran was hoping for Biden to win last year. They needed him to bring the west back into the fold of a treaty that favors Iran building weapons of mass destruction.

Biden only thinks of himself and how much of Donald Trump he can erase when he makes decisions. The southern border is the perfect picture of how his actions end up hurting people. He removed all of Trump’s policies and deliberately let the illegals flow on into the country.

The southern states have to deal with the issues themselves and testify of the hurt that has come to American citizens. But Biden does not care. All he cares about is doing what makes him feel good.

He feels good about letting Iran off the hook over their blatant treaty violations. A strong Iran means trouble for the entire world. Their nuclear desires and terrorism thrust just puts a whole new meaning to worldwide threats.

With nuclear power, they could let terrorists worldwide carry their bombs to countries they do not like and set them ablaze with nuclear fallout.

Biden gives the Iranians the power they seek and the means to accomplish what they want to do. Barack insane Obama did the same thing, and here is copycat Biden mirroring what his previous boss has done.

Trump’s economic sanctions were the only things keeping Iran from developing its stockpile. At one point, it came out that the ordinary people in Iran were hopeful that the terrorist regime was losing strength – that at some point, a more freedom-based system of government would soon arise.

But now that Biden is giving those tyrannical leaders what they want, that dream is fading again.

Over 300 Iranian Americans urged Biden not to give Iran what they wanted most. But it is clear that his hearing no longer works because he failed to listen to a strong American group.

In a letter obtained by Fox News, these 300 people stated that “Your administration’s impactful actions must be directed towards blocking the Iranian regime’s violation of human rights, and their export of terrorism in the region and beyond. As you craft your policy, defending human rights and democracy in Iran should be the central and enduring element of your policy on Iran.”

Iranians that have come to America are telling him not to give them what their evil leaders want. They know the pain and hurt that it will cause ordinary people.

Biden’s party is supposed to be looking out for the racially hurt people. At every turn, he has thrown them under the bus and made decisions that would give power to America’s enemies. He is a man that does not give a rip about protecting human rights or freedom in general.