Biden Just Swung the Gate Wide for Tens of Thousands of Asylum Seekers…”Good to See ‘Ya–Come on In”

Some of the over 6,700 asylum seekers at the U.S southern border who didn’t make the cut were returned to Mexico through no fault of their own. Fake court appearance dates were handed out by U.S. authorities to make certain they didn’t show up for their actual assigned dates. Others say they were kidnapped just prior to their court date and then later released.

Hoping for some good news, Estela Lazo and her two children stood before Immigration Judge Lee O’Connor in Mar 2020. Her hopes vanished when O’Connor said he wasn’t ready to consider her case. But under then-President Donald Trump’s policy, O’Conner also could not send the trio back to Honduras from whence they came, nor could he send them to Mexico to await their new trial date.

Ultimately the judge broke Trump’s policy, as was the case in many instances, and the family was sent to Mexico to await their next court date which was to be 30 days later, but their tale doesn’t end here.

Lazo and her children, a 10-year-old boy and a 6-year-old daughter, patiently waited the 30 days but when they tried to cross the border to once again face the judge, they were denied entry and told their case had been closed.

It’s important to note how the Trump administration’s policies were consistently ignored by frontline Border Patrol guards up to and including judges. They were making their own sets of rules and getting away with it, and those who were none-the-wiser were falsely blaming the former president.

Now it’s Joe Biden’s turn to take a swing at the issue. He claims he is going to fix the inhumane atrocities of the former administration but he’s barking up the wrong tree. The problem has never been with them.

Trump’s policy of “Remain in Mexico” applied to those who had submitted the proper paperwork from the other side of the border and were awaiting court dates. They did things the proper way. But, if they had already crossed the border illegally, they were to wait things out in one of the various refugee facilities.

The question now is just how far Biden will go. Rather than fix the problem with the violators he’s blaming Trump. Doing so puts him in a better position to win the confidence of the American public, or at least to win back the confidence of his liberal base who are embarrassingly dropping their support. Flashing those shiny dentures can only get a guy so far. Sooner or later they still gotta spit some results.

If what Biden did on his first day in Oval Office is any indication of what’s to come, we’re in trouble folks. He swung freedom’s gate a little too wide by abruptly ending the “Remain in Mexico” policy to the gleeful satisfaction of his easily manipulated base. The gates were held open for the 26,000 asylum seekers who met this guideline.

Since that time, 10,000 more have waltzed in. It’s easy. Drop the documents in a mailbox and head north. Or, just tell the Border Guards that’s what you did. How are they going to prove otherwise? Stupid Americans. *Special Note: Go check your blood pressure real quick ’cause it’s about to worse.

Well over 30,000 asylum seekers whose entrances were permanently denied, may get another shot of tequila at this. They were denied under the Trump administration’s “Migrant Protection Protocol.” While criticized by misinformed liberals, the policy was designed to protect those migrants who were already in the U.S. These were the “bad people” Trump warned us to be wary of.

Immigration advocates, competing to make names for themselves, are singing the song of their people. Those thugs, convicted criminals, known rapists, and heroin exporters should be given another chance at turning their lives around in America. They’re getting a bad rap where they are. They need some new turf to conquer and destroy.

Oddly, and a bit farfetched, an overwhelming number of migrants who never showed up in court are blaming their failures to appear on being kidnapped in Mexico while awaiting their date. That’s a lot of kidnapping and of course, they were later released unharmed. Every day, more and more undesirable rejects are coming out of the banana trees. Some say they were sick and had no way of calling in.

Of the roughly 6,700 migrants who did show up for their court dates only to be denied, some permanently, it’s been determined that in almost all of the cases it was either the fault of the judges for veering from Donald Trump’s firm policy, or from being handed fake court dates by vindictive U.S. authorities.

Someone needs to wake sleepy Joe up. His quest to appease his base is going to quickly come back to haunt each and every one of us law-abiding patriots.

While there’s still steam pouring out of your ears, let’s hear your take on this.