Biden On Russian Bounties: Trump Isn’t “Cognitively Aware” Of What’s Happening

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been mostly silent on just about everything for the last few months, thanks in large part to the novel coronavirus pandemic that put most of the country on lockdown.

Keeping himself sequestered in his Delaware basement has other benefits as well, namely that the public doesn’t see his continuous gaffes.

But now, as the country is beginning to reopen somewhat, Biden appears to be going on the offense, even claiming that he can’t wait to take on President Trump’s “cognitive ability.”

Yes, he actually said that.

On Tuesday, Biden held his first press conference in three months, and during it, he was asked about his preparation for the inevitable and upcoming presidential debates. He told the press, “I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive ability with the cognitive ability of the man I am running against.” Later, Biden was asked if he would participate in all three of the debates, and he said he was “looking forward to them.”

President Trump had recently pushed to change how the debates were handled, wanting more of them with less strict rules. According to Trump, the debates should be more relaxed and with less reliance on moderators, giving each candidate more time to speak on some issues.

However, Biden’s team made it apparent right off the bat that this would not be acceptable to them. Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon sent the commission a letter, letting them know their disapproval. After confirming that Biden would be attending the three scheduled debates, she accused Trump of trying to “change the subject” and “create a distracting ‘debate about debates.’”

She said, “The Trump campaign proposal for elaborate negotiations is merely an effort to dodge fair even-handed debates.”

Now, I’m not sure how wanting more time to speak and without moderators would equal an unfair debate. After all, that is precisely what was suggested at the end of the Democratic primaries due to the restrictions being put in place by COVID-19. And Biden went for it then.

But at the time, his campaign likely didn’t have quite the same fears as they do today.

Could it be that they know if Biden is not kept to short and rehearsed answers, he will entirely fall off the wagon and for all of national television to see? During the primaries, with so many other candidates, this was easy enough to fake. But now, one on one with Trump, every eye will be on him.

Luckily for Biden, the commission is sticking to their typical three debates and keeping the moderators.

But it still may not help him much.

His most recent press conference should be proof enough of that. And yes, I mean the very same where he said he couldn’t wait to debate Trump.

During his time at the podium, Biden made the usual gaffes he has become all too well-known for. He forgot the name of his local hometown newspaper, confused the Jefferson Memorial with the Lincoln Memorial, and then even admitted that he had been given a list of “approved” reporters to call on by his campaign staff.

When a reporter asked if he had been tested for cognitive decline, Biden said that he was “constantly tested” for such.

Hmmm, I wonder why.

In addition, Biden announced that he would no longer be holding any campaign rallies. Of course, he said this was done on his doctor’s orders due to fears of him contracting coronavirus. But we all know the truth: the more he makes public appearances, the less likely he is to look mentally capable of the job he is essentially applying for.

I mean, right now, he is given notes, teleprompters, and all sorts of help to get his minimal interviews and speeches done. And he is “still fumbling all over the place,” as one RedState writer noted.

So while Joe Biden may be excited about the debates, or at least say as much, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that his campaign is dreading them.