Biden Presidency Promises to Turn Nation “Into a Socialist Hellscape”

Joe Biden is living in a fairytale world where he believes that he is the President of the United States. His version of what the United States should look like is imagined as he stated that if he wins the nation “won’t just rebuild this nation — we’ll transform it.”

His statement has brought up some big issues and thoughts about what he wants to turn the country into. His alignment with the socialist movement is concerning since they have tried over the past several years to highjack politics and reform the country into their image.

Country leaders all over the world are very concerned about the state of American is liberal Biden wins in November. Biden has strong relations with corrupt and anti-American nations. Those leaders would love to see Biden at the helm of the country. But his version of what America looks like still frightens a lot of people.

He is cryptic to the point that no one can guess at what his agenda or vision is for the country. Sadly, people are going to vote for him simply because he is a Democrat. They rather should vote their convictions, but that is way too much to ask of a liberal.

They vote on their feelings and right now they all have feelings of hatred for everything that is great about America. It is like they want to live in poverty and not excel at being Americans.

Biden is a washed-up politician that has served for over 40 years and has nothing but corruption and criminal behavior to show for it. Republicans maintain that should Biden become president than his favorite woman in the House, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, will run the White House. She will be able to bully him into doing whatever she wants him to do. To determine which way mysterious Biden wants to go, all one has to do is look at the person he chooses to be his running mate. The reason why he has not chosen yet is that he does not want to give away the mystery of his political agenda for America.

Over 140,000 people have been brainwashed into thinking his mysterious agenda is great. His post received thousands of likes. And none of them have any idea what the old man is thinking. Scott Morefield is a media and politics reporter and he has stated that Biden will turn the country “into a socialist hellscape.”

Biden has leaked out that he would pay people not to report to work, give the African American people their agenda and he would severally change the way law enforcement would operate. Even his leaked thoughts are highly speculative as there are no specifics about how he would so any of it.

President Trump detailed out how he would make America great back in 2016. And for the past four years, he has lived up to his promise. Biden can offer no such promises, let alone detail them out.

He just does not have a clue about how to run a country or to lead in general. People like Obama and Ocasio-Cortez are secretly running the show and using Biden as a frontman to be their pretty face to the people.

Before November 3 arrives Biden will have to explain a lot of things to the American people. His scary take on politics has many voters going to the President’s side because they trust him. But they do not trust Biden. Some people are even wondering if the old man will even remember to show up at his presidential rally when it comes to time for the vote to take place.

Democrats have invented polls to that show Biden leading President Trump in many key states. Their paid-off media has reported that “Internally, Biden’s campaign is balancing how to best respond to the transformational demands of protesters while maintaining his commanding lead over Trump. Biden gained the lead by staying largely out of the spotlight as Trump has praised the ‘beautiful heritage’ of the Confederacy and called protesters ‘thugs.’”

Joe Biden is a danger to himself and the rest of the country. His version of the United States places a lot of people in harm’s way. He just does not have the best interests of the people in mind. President Trump is the only one that cannot be swayed by money or political gain. He is the best choice for the next four years.