Biden So Confused He Forgets Who He’s Appointing! (Watch)

Mental Joe Biden has once again acted like a crazy fool on national television. Every time he steps in front of the camera, he makes statements and motions that make America the laughing stock of the international community. He mixes up his words and makes statements that are not even remotely related to the subject he is speaking about.

His captors kept him in hiding to minimize the number of times he can show how unfit he is to lead as president. He is kept in his basement until he is needed. Biden was just used to take the White House, and now that it may happen, he will be disposed of so Harris and Pelosi can take over.

The senile old man has lost most of his mental state. He cannot lead the country, let alone making decisions on how best to serve the people. He has changed his mind several times as to whether or not to mandate masks or to let people decide for themselves how to protect their own health.

The speech that he gave earlier this week proved the stupidity that is flooding his head. During the speech, he made mention that Xavier Becerra was going to be heading the Health and Human Services Department. The problem with his speech is that announcement was not part of what he was to say.

Becerra’s position was announced earlier in the day. And what is really embarrassing for him is that he could not even pronounce the name that he was trying to pronounce. He could not even remember what department the person was to serve in. He could not even get through the most fundamental parts of giving a speech.

These insane screwups are not something that the country needs to deal with regarding the leaders. They should be sound of mind and interact intellectually without forgetting the person they are speaking to. The basic concept of thought and speech has become extremely challenging for the old man.

Any other person with dementia would have already been committed to a nursing home’s memory care ward. It stands to reason that with Biden being a puppet that his lords and masters are choosing the people he is picking for cabinet members.

Some of the people that he has chosen are known, socialists. And the only one he serves with now is Harris, who is a known socialist. She is recommending people to him, and he is taking the bait. Once the devious Democrats are done using Biden, they are going to get rid of him. All they have to do is remove him from office on the grounds of mental instability, and Harris and Pelosi would rule the White House.

Joe Biden is the bait, and they are about to switch him out. Biden was chosen explicitly because the lousy liberals could control him. Before he won the nomination, Michael Blomberg was way ahead in the polls, but he suddenly was taken out of the way because the socialist party needed someone that they could rid of when they were no longer needed.

The media did their part by covering up the truth and not pressing him with questions that would have revealed his mental health’s sad truth. The liberals do not care how all the issues will hurt the country. All they care about is what they get out of it all.

If any other party would have tried to do what the Democrats are pulling off, there would be such an outcry and a push to stop it from happening. People would have been put into prison and fired from Washington for their selfish intentions.

President Trump has pointed out that Biden is mentally unfit. And it seems very unlikely that a crazy man would have won the election. There are so much fraud and rigging being covered up that someone will have to spend eternity in prison to pay for the crimes that have been committed. The Democratic Party is no longer an American Party that represents any part of American society.