Biden Spends $3 Million a Day to Not Build the Border Wall

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Senator Joni Ernst, a Republican from Iowa, gave an exclusive interview with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Daily. She was there to talk about the latest legislation that is titled the “BUILD IT Act.” This bill would turn over the unused materials that were intended to build the border wall and was paid for by American taxpayers to states that would actually use it for constructing a border barrier.

Ernst said, “My legislation turns over those unused materials, that were purchased to construct the southern border barrier, to any state that wishes to finish the job. What we have done — we have purchased these materials. Joe Biden canceled the construction of a border wall along the southern border, calling it a waste of money.”

She went on to describe that Biden canceled the contract, but his administration is continuing to pay contractors close to $3 million every day to simply keep a watch on the materials that are not being used.

The senator from Iowa asked the big question of why the president would use taxpayer money to watch over material that his administration doesn’t plan on using. Why wouldn’t the administration turn over the materials to state governments that want to build a border wall?

Breitbart News spotlighted video footage of how far the Biden administration is going to leave massive openings in the 30-foot-tall border wall at the California border with Mexico.

Ernst wants to know why those materials are just sitting on the desert floor being stolen. The criminal acts that have been done now warrant the federal government protecting material it doesn’t plan on using. She stressed the wastefulness of money spent every day over the 18 months that have passed since the project was stopped by Biden. Its money spends for nothing, no benefit.

In Biden’s first year in office, he presided over more than two million border crossings at the southern border of the United States. This was the highest rate of illegal immigration in the history of our country. Even worse, from February 2021 to April 2022, Biden’s team released close to 1 million border crossers and illegal immigrants into communities in America.

According to Ernst, the record immigration under the Biden administration is outpacing the population of the major cities and states in America. She said that we have 10 states in the country that don’t have 2 million in population, and that’s how many people crossed the border last year.

Ernst wonders how much this will affect the country due to the number of children who will fill our schools but do not have parents who will be paying taxes. She is focusing on the implications of a high number of undocumented immigrants coming into the United States. The number of illegal aliens living in the United States today is anywhere from 11 to 22 million, Ernst indicated. That costs the American taxpayer close to $143 billion each year.

Ernst is not alone – her fellow Republican senator from Iowa, Chuck Grassley, has joined her in creating new legislation, the BUILD IT Act, to deal with this critical issue.

Grassley said, “President Biden has made a laundry list of irresponsible policy decisions that have led to complete chaos at our southern border, including his decision to halt construction of the border wall. This has not only cost taxpayers safety and security, but it’s also costing them nearly $3 million per day.”

He went further adding that America is a welcoming nation, but a country that does not have a border is not a country. He believes this new bill will enable states to make the changes that will fix the unprecedented border crisis by continuing to construct the border wall.

Ernst and Grassley are bringing common sense to the crazy, wasteful spending by Biden.