Biden Strutting Like a Rooster Looking for His Chick as He Tries to Place More Sanctions on North Korea

Anton Watman/

Joe Biden continues his circus performance even though it has left town. The president has already shown how weak he is at international conflict. His failures have led nations like Russia and China to challenge the status quo.

There is not a country on the planet that can take Biden seriously or rely on anything he might promise. The only reason he decided to get tough with North Korea is that it is an election year.

North Korea has been testing and messing around with its intercontinental ballistic missile program for over a year. The tiny dictator needs to feel powerful. And if he can develop a weapon that can target North America or even put a spy satellite in orbit, he will have achieved his goal.

Up until now, the president has not even addressed the issues with North Korea. Biden has looked blindly away, letting them work under the cloak of ignorance. But this year brings a midterm election in the United States, and Biden needs to look tough ahead of voting day.

The old man had the Treasury Department set up new sanctions on North Korea because of its recent missile tests. Several companies that deal with North Korea will also be sanctioned. At least three other companies based in Russia are also tied to North Korea’s nuclear program.

These companies will not be able to access any of the funds held in the United States. South Korea also announced that the wicked dictator seems to have started digging into and restoring some of the nuclear tunnels where it had been testing its previous bombs.

Sleepy Joe Biden may act like nothing is going on and only act when an election occurs, but it does not mean that North Korea’s neighbors are lying about the two recent tests. The communist dictator has also announced that it is testing spy cameras. They have a satellite that is capable of spying on other countries.

John Kirby is the Pentagon press secretary. He noted that “The purpose of these tests, which did not demonstrate ICBM range, was likely to evaluate this new system before conducting a test at full range in the future, potentially disguised as a space launch.”

The ability to launch a nuclear bomb at America would give the North Korean leader a new bargaining chip. He would be able to force Biden to come to the table and get anything he wants out of the old man. And knowing how vulnerable Biden has become would not take long for the insane demands to start flowing in.

Donald Trump was the one that was able to get the communist nation to table its nuclear and missile programs. The sanctions placed on North Korea were there to motivate them to talk. But the little dictator is stubborn like a Democrat and would not work with the United States to give up the need for power.

Joe Biden is under the gun to get a win for his party ahead of the mid-term elections. His administration has a long list of failures hurting the Democrats that support the old man.

Many House liberals have decided to call it quits instead of running for another two years because they know that they will lose their seats. And it is in their best interest to get out while they still can hold their head up.

Kwon Yong Soo was a Korea National Defense University professor located in South Korea.

He stated, “If you want to use long-range strikes on moving targets like aircraft carriers, you need to receive satellites’ movement data. The spy satellite is all they need to start being able to target American military targets and other sites around the world. If North Korea puts a spy satellite (in space), that will be an epoch-making development.”

Joe Biden has opened the door for America to be attacked with weapons of mass destruction because he is oblivious to the threats that communist nations are to the world.