Biden Supporters Launch Doxing Site to out Trump Voters Across the Country With Funding From China

The far left is no longer content to harass people from afar in 2020. Now, they are emboldened and they are taking further steps to cause harm to their fellow Americans.

These operatives have now created a website that is fully dedicated to doxing anyone who decides to support President Trump. If you would like to find out more about the Trump supporters in your community, the site will provide their info.

Does this sound okay to anyone? Punch in the location and a map shows you their address. This is the sort of thing that encourages people to be violent but no one wants to deal with that aspect. FEC data is being used to place a huge bullseye on the backs of Trump voters. “Americans who Give Money to Support a Racist” is the caption and it’s an insane one.

According to the people who run this website, it is not actually affiliated with any sort of government agency. So why isn’t it being shut down already?

Dynadot LLC is the name of the company that is supposedly responsible for the site. We decided to take a closer look at their operations, in hopes of figuring out what is really going on.

This smaller company is located in San Mateo, California. They also have two Chinese offices. There is only one reason for this behavior. The website operators want the world to know where all of the Trump supporters live so that they are attacked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters. The names, donations, and addresses are clearly visible.

There’s no possible service that is being offered here. This is a threat, pure and simple. Trump supporters are being told that they are not safe in their own homes. Any geographic area could be in danger.

What happens if someone uses these addresses to launch a widespread attack? There’s no one who can guarantee the safety of MAGA supporters and it’s terrifying to anyone who is looking to stay safe.

The Chinese are trying their best to interfere in the election. This should be easy enough for anyone to see at this point. They would much rather have Biden as a president because he is easy for them to walk all over. Trump has been giving them a hard time ever since he took office. Biden provides them with a chance to enjoy a clean slate.

That’s why they are participating in these clear bullying tactics right now. The Chinese know that they can get away with this behavior with ease because the mainstream media is too scared to check them on anything.

It’s a story as old as time. This is a development that should be shared with a much wider audience so that Trump supporters have the ability to prepare themselves.

At the moment, no major outlets seem willing to share this. That leaves Trump supporters feeling like sitting ducks. Are they going to have to wait for someone to arrive at their homes before they are made aware of the danger that they are in? The election is right around the corner. What happens if people are barricaded at home, unable to vote?

People may also start to get nervous about the prospect of voting because all of their information is out there. Someone could decide to hurt them on their way to the polls.

There are always going to be Trump supporters who are not nervous, though. Many are going to be providing their first donations, to let the attackers know they are not scared.

This is all set up for one insane election day and we cannot wait until it is over. While we are not going to go back to “normal” any time soon, it would be nice to see a little bit of decorum going forward. If the Democrats get the White House back, we can probably kiss any idea of that goodbye.