Biden Voter Beats up Student in Front of Supreme Court and Crowd Cheers

A Students for Life Action team member was beaten up over the weekend and when you find out why you are going to be appalled. SFLAction Communications and Market Manager Autumn Schimmer is all of 23 years old. As a member of the SCOTUS Squad, she is a key member of the Students for Life movement.

So what was Schimmer’s terrible crime? She was beaten up for peacefully advocating for Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Police were summoned to the scene soon after and arrests were made. Photos of the woman who argued with Schimmer have been released. They were having a heated argument that turned physical.

Media members who were in the area were able to get footage of the vicious attack. Schimmer spoke with the officers on the scene and let them know about all of the threats that took place before this fight broke out. According to estimates, the crowd included a sizable contingent of abortion supporters. The crowd was 95% in favor of abortion.

Schimmer was beaten for holding a sign that read “I can’t believe these ‘feminists’ are protesting a woman” and we can’t blame her for that. The truth hurts sometimes, doesn’t it? The woman who hauled off and punched her wasn’t about to stay for a real fight, either. She fled into the crowd soon after, like the leftist coward that she is.

That’s what they live for these days. They show up to rallies that have absolutely nothing to do with them, pick fights, and then try their best to run away before the police arrive. Once you have had the chance to see the video, you will see exactly what we are talking about. Whenever anyone decides to stand up for what is right in this country, this is what happens.

The truly despicable folks out there waste no time revealing themselves. If these people were actually willing to stand up for their principles, we might have a little bit of respect for them. We wouldn’t agree with what they had to say but there would be a begrudging sort of respect. That is not what they do. They throw punches and then they run.

The left behaves in this way because they do not view conservatives as actual human beings who are worthy of a real conversation. They are merely a group of people who need to be beaten up (if they are lucky). According to the leftists, we are all that stands between them and the perfect utopia that we are somehow keeping them from being able to have.

The deep state is already mobilizing. Anyone who pays even a modicum of attention can see how ridiculous they are being. While the mainstream media might be willing to lie on their behalf, no one else is going to. The rest of America doesn’t mind being fooled but we are actually looking for the right information. The leftists, on the other hand?

They discard all of the news that they do not like. They also refer to anyone who does not share their point of view as a racist. In this instance, anyone who did not show up to this rally with the “right” idea of what feminism entails was considered the enemy. Would it really hurt the left to sit down and have real conservations with the people that they are treating like the dirt they scraped off the bottom of their shoe?

It’s a semi rhetorical question but we would actually like an answer. Maybe if these people actually gave anyone a fair chance, they would see that they are not so different after all. We are not about to hold our breath on that one, that is for sure. The election season has taught us one key lesson: nothing is ever going to change and everyone should probably give up on trying. The leftists are too far gone to reason with.