Biden Voters in Louisville Shoot 2 Police Officers During Riots

Once the Breonna Taylor decision was handed down it was clear to see where things would head. That’s why the city officials had as much of Louisville boarded up as possible. They also declared a state of emergency ahead of time. Despite all of these preparations, rioters still took to the streets in full force.

The protests turned violent almost immediately. The rioters opened fire on the police and things only got uglier from there. According to a tweet from Vice News reporter Roberto Aram Ferdman, at least two officers have been shot. At the moment, the LMPD is not willing to confirm multiple shootings but they did offer a public confirmation about the status of one of the wounded officers.

There is no shortage of tweets about the matter and there is no mistaking what has taken place here. Louisville was always going to rest at the epicenter of the current civil rights conversation. The nation was waiting to see what happened next. They wanted to know if the officers were going to face any charges.

When only one of the officers was charged with wanton endangerment, the city officials knew what they were going to be in for. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron made the announcement yesterday. To make matters worse for the city, the charges were only related to bullets that traveled into another resident’s apartment.

Within moments of the announcement, the riot formed. Both sides of the city were ready for what was going to happen. These types of stories are not fun to report but this is the reality that we live in. Once the sun went down, things escalated even further. Officers’ lives were in danger and they did the best that they could to protect the city streets.

This story is ongoing and we will more than happy to provide any information that we receive as it becomes available. These protests essentially turned into a Harris and Biden rally right in front of our very eyes. These poor, misguided souls seem to believe that the Democrats are going to be their salvation. That’s why the mainstream media is pushing the “go vote!” narrative.

They may say all of the right things to the leftists about Breonna Taylor and some may be inclined to believe them. The reality is much grimmer. People are rioting in the streets, under the false assumption that things are going to change once Joe Biden is president. There are some who have bought into the idea that he is now a radical leftist but we know the truth.

Tigers do not change their stripes this late in the game. He’s a moderate at heart who is saying anything he can to get elected. Harris is in the same exact boat. She can tell her stories about smoking marijuana and listening to Snoop Dogg all she wants. Everyone knows her heart, too. She’s an Attorney General and locking people away is her life’s work.

Anyone who thinks that these two are going to change now is deluding themselves. Now, the rest of the country is forced to reckon with the carnage that they are encouraging. Democrats do not actually hate law enforcement, though. They are performative in nature because they do not know how to handle themselves otherwise. We’re surprised they didn’t show up in Louisville, wearing their kente cloth that is supposed to prove just how woke they are.

It’s time for some major changes in this country. President Trump is trying his best to uphold the principles that allow us to maintain law and order. He’s not being given the tools that he needs to succeed, though. It’s awfully difficult to make the right choices when one political party is doing everything in its power to kneecap the other. Until we have some form of unity, we are not going to have anything. Food for thought…..