Biden’s Budget Shows He Thinks Money Grows on Trees

BiksuTong /

Joe Biden may have already lost his mind. In case we had any doubt in our own minds about his sanity, we have received full confirmation that there’s nothing left in his now that we’ve seen his latest budget.

He has proven that he’s just like the progressive liberals within his Party. They believe that money grows on trees – and so does the POTUS.

Biden’s budget proposal adds up to $5.8 trillion. Yes, trillion. We’ll give you a moment to pick yourself up off the ground.

There’s a lot wrong with the budget, including how much it is worth. However, there are also a few good things.

We’ll break it down for you.

First, there’s a significant amount of money being dedicated to the Department of Defense. This is actually a good thing. It’s usually the first place that a Democratic president likes to cut. However, with the invasion of Russia into Ukraine, along with both China and Iran showing that they are a threat to the U.S., it’s one area where we can’t afford to make any cuts.

A few new investments into the defense budget may also help to make some upgrades to Navy shipyards and Air Force jet fleets.

Next up is a request for $287 million for the Antitrust Division of the Justice Department. These are identified as “historic increases” – and it’s questionable as to whether this is really necessary or not. It all comes down to looking at how monopolies and “corporate power” have become problematic – yet the Biden administration continues to bail these monopolies and corporations out rather than prioritizing small businesses.

Another expense is $18 billion to commit to climate change – again. It’s as if Biden hasn’t figured out that no one wants to make this a priority. With so much else to spend money on, it’s hard to throw money at a problem that cannot be effectively addressed, especially when other countries (cough, India, cough, China) aren’t willing to do their part.

Oh, but wait – another $11 billion would be used to help other countries with their clean energy transitions. It’s typical of the Biden administration – spend money in other nations instead of helping our own. The idea of America first is so far in the rearview mirror that it’s not even funny anymore.

There’s another expense line of $127 billion for the Department of Health and Human Services. This would be an estimated 15 percent increase over the prior year. Why so much, you might ask? Well, the administration wants to prepare for the next pandemic. And yet, according to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, that doesn’t even cover what the Department needs to cover basic purchasing needs to stay on top of COVID-19. He explains, “What we need to continue to finish the job on COVID, we need immediately. What we’re asking for in this budget for long-term preparedness is very separate.” Great. More money.

The spending just goes on and on. Biden wants to make medical marijuana available to the masses. He wants to help low-income students pay for college. And, he wants to spend more money on research to address climate and equity concerns.

Unless Dr. Jill Biden has started a garden somewhere on the White House grounds where money is growing wild, it’s highly unlikely that everything on Biden’s budget will get passed. He does have a plan to tax the uber-rich a bit more, but that concept has never been wildly successful – especially when there are so many uber-rich members of Congress who don’t want to be taxed like the average American.

The fiscal year 2023 budget will be just like every other budget pushed by a Democrat – it will take forever to get approved because they don’t understand the concept of negotiating.