Biden’s Losing More Friends Than He’s Making…His Own Party Just Threw In the Towel

Joe Biden is losing more friends than he’s making these days. His political support groups are tired of waiting on his campaign promises to visualize and they’re fearful of how the midterms will play out. They’re afraid Democrat voters have lost confidence in the old guy they were so excited to elect and may not turn out to vote in the record numbers needed to keep the country blue in the 2024 primary election.

Capitol Hill slapped Biden’s face just last week over his suggested plan of offering citizenship to immigrants who were illegally smuggled into the country as small children. Next came his handling of the Haitian immigration crisis which didn’t help his case either. Biden lied to America with a straight face about sending the Haitians home when they all the while being flown to large U.S. cities such as Tucson and Dallas.

Photos of immigrants being harshly treated at the southern border were splashed everywhere in direct contradiction of Biden’s solemn pledge to treat illegal immigrants more humanely. What we saw was far worse than Donald Trump is even capable of imagining. Far. Far. Worse.

Biden’s core base of supporters includes a large majority of African Americans, Independents, Latinos, and younger voters with pipe dreams of overhauling the nation on their behalf. These voters had everything to do with handing Pelosi and her lie-spitting co-hearts over to the Congress and they have yet to receive any bang for their votes. Word on the street says they’re getting kinda edgy.

This is also why the Democrats who remain in Biden’s losing corner are pushing so hard for the $3.5 trillion infrastructure deal. All of their goose eggs are sitting in this one basket. Problem is. The same basket is also littered with lots of non-infrastructure rigamarole they’re underhandedly attempting to play hide the sausage with.

The Biden administration thinks the approval of the package will be their saving grace as it radically reshapes and improves the landscape of America, as well as the social programs listed in the fine print. These include drastic Medicare changes and the sort. Things no one will suspect are coming. 

If the package gets sunk, Biden’ll go down with it in the 2022 midterms and nobody will be jumping in to save him. Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville put it all in perspective by saying, “Quoting Benjamin Franklin, if they don’t hang together, they’ll hang separately.” He added, “They’ve got to get something done to have a chance.” Something. Anything.

Biden still has time to redeem himself but it’ll require an intravenous Geritol drip. On top of his other failures, he now has pissed off activist groups screaming at him about the new strict conservative abortion laws passed in Texas, and the state’s revision of voting rights. Biden’s been fairly tongue-tied on both issues.

When recently quizzed by reporters asking when he plans to do something about anything, Biden sidestepped by saying, “I said it’s going to take me a year to deliver everything I’m looking at here.” It might help his cause if we could just see something at this point.

Then, and not to anyone’s surprise, he laid the blame on his predecessor. “No. 2, take a look at what I inherited when I came into office. We had no plan. We had…I mean, I can go down the list.”

“So, you know, part of it is dealing with the panoply of things that were landed on my plate. I’m not complaining; it’s just a reality.”

Roughly interpreted, what he said was, “Since invading the Oval Office I’ve spent every waking moment trying to undo anything and everything accomplished by Donald Trump, be it good, bad, or indifferent. Time permitting, I’ll get around to leading the nation when, and if, I ever decide to.”

Thank God for our representatives in the White House and around the country, be they Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Veteran’s Party, or whatever, for wising up. It’s only a matter of time. Hang in there.